Rep. Katie Porter On Child Tax Credit Penalizing Single-Parent Families

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA), a single mother of young children, talks to Lawrence O’Donnell about the need to fix the tax code to “lift up all American children” by making it easier for single parents and their children to get the same tax credit married families enjoy. Rep. Porter tells Lawrence, “Trust me, there is no discount for single parents. I’ve been looking.”
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  1. republicans: “I’m pro-life! We need to save the babies!”
    Also republicans: “Tax credit for single moms? Over our dead bodies!”

    1. @Romeo S Btw, I also forgot about accidental death as well as terminal diseases. Apparently, someone’s spouse dying is a legitimate reason to penalize someone.

    2. i hate kids there should not be tax credit for them you cant afford kids dont have them

    3. @KATHY MC allister Thank you. Finally, someone from the opposition speaks honestly. If you’re against the tax credit, you hate children.

    1. Those parents weren’t at risk of covid. It’s the OLDER people AT RISK REMEMBER???

      No it’s about how dads skip out on POC. That’s the issue with the culture of the single parent. Handouts from the government.

    1. Yes!
      & also, did you see the interview on BTC?
      Brian was wondering why the lobbyists weren’t catching on because Katie is so consistently well prepared.
      And Katie said something to the effect of …
      Yeah, I know.
      They can see me coming down the hall with my whiteboard,
      wtf do they think is gonna happen?
      Seriously, try doing some research btchs.

  2. Anyone else notice that Rep Porter used the term single parent while Mr. O’Donnell used single mother?

    1. O’Donnell’s reference was as a result of the interview with VP Harris being about her single mother and Rep.Porter being a single mother herself.

  3. 💕 Love this woman! She is living the life of a typical American family and speaking the truth about it.

  4. Being a single parent is exhausting! Mind you it’s a satisfying exhaustion, if you must be exhausted that is the way you would want to do it. You know it was worth it too when you watch them sleeping comfortably after reading to them.

  5. We need every Congress member to be like her, let’s cast our votes for those who work for us!! Not corporate greed!! What a better life we would all have!

  6. We need many, many more ‘Katie Porter’s’ in congress fighting for us and many fewer who act as corporate shills enriching themselves at our expense. We have a chance again during the 2022 midterms to elect Senators and Representatives who will legislate for us.

  7. Lawrence: We have never had a vice president with that kind of sensibility about the life of single mothers.
    Me: No, but we have had a president with that sensibility.

  8. I like the fact that she humiliate them they can’t do simple add up they keep blinking and say i don’t have the number right now they never did had any numbers what a tools

  9. Being a single parent is hard. And the number of resources available to single dads is absurdly low.

  10. I love Katie !!! Talk about an intelligent, common sense and strong woman !!! So proud of Katie in our government !!!!

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