Rep. Jason Crow: GOP Leadership Has ‘Vested Interest With Donald Trump’

Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss why most House Republicans voted against the formation of a January 6th Commission and why Democrats will not let Republicans sweep the attack on the Capitol “under the rug.”
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  1. New York attorney general is going to put teflon Con Donald Trump in prison.

    1. @Matthew Chick
      Yes but you have to remember that trump is not president anymore and bill Barr is not there to protect him from the crimes that he committed

    2. This guy has been rolling dice all his life.
      Total a arrogance, I watch once when he push aside a foreign leader to get in front of the leader so rude. I could go on with so much but it’s just not worthwhile to waste my time

    3. @Matthew Chick
      Trump had a liar/ defender Attorney General Barr. He has No one to
      Cover his As now!
      As sorry a Corrupt Crook as there has Ever been!!!
      What happens to him now has All been brought on by Trump’s Own
      Criminal actions and behavior!
      Lock him Up! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  2. A desperate GQP afraid of losing their power…hoping that the guy who cost them the House, Senate and Oval in just 4 years will be their “savior” is just too funny! 😅😂🤣

    1. They actually are captive to to their base.. because that base is OK with storming the Capitol to put ‘their president’ into power, because for them the election was rigged and Biden is not legitimate.
      That is what is going on here.

      You have fascism in your midst and you need to get rid of it, because if you don’t fascism will usurp you.

    2. The GOP catch phrases like “socialism, higher taxes, job losses” have indoctrinated the GOP voters so effectively, that even when several administrations show that the GOP trickle down economics is a sham, they are too scared to vote for anyone but a Republican and will even tolerate a president that 99% would not want to have as a neighbor or co-worker.

    3. T K, those people think of politics as a football game, root for your team regardless. They’re bad, we’re good. They vote without knowing a single candidate, or policy. They voted, they did their “civic duty” without knowing anything. The worst part is explain the benefits, show them the argument, they will even agree, ad see the point, then go back and vote for their “team” again.

    4. @T. K. You missed mentioning some other Republican myths/lies:
      > Tax Cuts pay for themselves.
      > Tax Cuts create jobs.
      Anyone paying attention may have noticed that after both of the last two Republican administrations, Bush and Trump, we were in a recession and millions of jobs had been lost.
      As Tim Ryan said yesterday we need a Republican party that is living in REALITY!

      If all these Republican tax cuts have been good for everyone why have they so decimated the bottom half of the economy?
      Here is some information for you from a report published in May 2019:
      > the richest 20% of households own 90% of all wealth in the USA
      > the richest 10% of households own 70% of all wealth in the USA
      > the richest 1% of households own 50% of all wealth in the USA
      > the lower 50% of households own 1.3% of all wealth in the USA

      And this was before COVID-19 !

      Note: If anyone are saying to themselves “so what”, here is some more information – – – > in the 1950’s and 1960’s the bottom 20% owned 4.5% of the wealth!

    5. LOL! THATS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT. THE SUCKERED gop grasping for straws an hoping a SCAMMER 🤡will come through. NOPE he’s playing them an still playing ⛳.

  3. Yes to doing away with the filibuster . Mccarthy couldn’t stop 35 republicans from voting for it . McConnell isn’t speaker of the house anymore , maybe just maybe , at least 10 republicans will find the conscience they swallowed & do the right thing .

  4. “If you dance with the devil, then you haven’t got a clue, for you think you’ll change the devil, but the devil changes you.”- Signed the GQP

  5. IF the totally spineless Republican senators somehow reject the idea of a commission to find out how the insurrection really happened – just create a commission established from outside the capitol. With the same mandate as the proposed bi-partisan commission is set up to.

    1. Oh, it is ‘believable’… we (decent Americans) are just uncomfortable with what we’re witnessing.

      VOTE for the true ‘lesser’ of evils. Those who are not about “…justice for all…”, need to be SHUNNED (yes… socially ‘cancelled’, and certainly not holding public office).

    2. @Ian Home well don’t let Republicans take all the credit for racism. Not while Lightfoot is in Chicago openly stating that she will only give interviews to people of color.

    3. @Cefshah including Lightfoot in Chicago. Racism should not hold office period. You don’t stomp out racism by having more racism.

  6. Congressman Ryan is right on. When we have one political party dedicated to undermining the United States, it leaves us vulnerable to the rest of the world.

  7. The GQP republicans are putting their faith in a madman loser thinking that the madman loser is going to help them to retake the Senate and The House. Are they forgetting about the people that love this Country specially the Suburban Women that are sick and tired of the Republican Leadership. Dems are going to keep both, The Senate and the House and they will win seats. Bet on it.

  8. The GQP is treating politics like a game of roulette and they’re putting all their money on orange.

  9. They know what happen & even confess to it the next day. A little time went by & have been injected again, they do not want to see the whole picture, right sweep it under the rug no one will know. The whole world is watching these guys live.

  10. “GOP has vested interest with Donald Trump.” Organised crime also has vested interest with Donald Trump.

  11. Oh my..the crooks and criminals don’t want an investigation?!? Cuz then they can’t do it again!

  12. They know what they’re talking about: LIES, LIES, LIES! And they are afraid of truth!

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