NY Prosecutors Zero In On Trump Accountant | MSNBC

Andrew Weissmann, former FBI General Counsel, tells Lawrence O'Donnell that New York prosecutors in the criminal investigations of the Trump Organization could be examining whether Donald Trump's long-time accountant Allen Weisselberg falsified business records.
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  1. I hope they get at least three of them so then they can go after racketeering and that would cover Trump


    1. @R Inzaghi It’s not my only vice (I wish) but schadenfreude is permitted under international law for certain special circumstances, circumstances just like these.

  2. I hope Weiselberg knows that the Stable Genius would flip on him faster than pancakes on a hot griddle, if the tables were turned. 🤔 🥞

    1. @Google User There is no shame in seeking help. Depending on where you live, there should be toll free numbers and free services you can reach out to.

    2. Google user is a russian troll.
      Russian trolls have been helping the Orange tubby throughout his term

  3. Take this EVIL, so called family down! Money has made them so powerful!! LMFAO 😆🤑👺🤮

  4. You’ll need to prove he not only directed you but also approved of the fraudulent documents before he signed them Allen. Considering he would be aware of the various values of the properties since he purchased them and collected from them that should be fairly simple.

    1. $29 million one year, $229 million the next, back to $29 million again. Ooo, let’s claim environmental BS and pay even less. What a crock.

    1. Will be funny when he has to wear those shoes without shoelaces LMFAO. He can slide around in the prison kitchen.

    2. Everyone, download tinytask, make multiple accounts on YouTube, set multiple users on your chrome browser, open all users, and do the following steps:

      Click search box
      Type in a keyword
      Scroll down
      Click “reply”
      Press “Ctrl alt + KEY”
      Press alt tab
      Press alt tab tab for the next
      Press alt tab tab tab for the next
      Repeat for about 50 iterations.

      Instead of disinformation, let’s destroy EVERYONE, with REAL information.

    3. @Activate Fiasco But his hair is yellow and his skin is sometimes 🍊. When he is locked away his grooming will deteriorate as will his bragging.

  5. Can we speed this up 😑 at this point I feel like they are playing with our emotions. We thought Mueller was going to get him…annnnnnd yea 🥺😩

    1. @Activate Fiasco Not a chance, imho. Biden’s got a hands-off stance to DOJ (unlike his predecessor) and there’s never been a president who denied an election result and tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power, almost bringing U.S. democracy to an end. Biden’s got zero tolerance for that.

    1. Trump always wants to be noticed. Orange is such a bright colour that the jumpsuit is sure to draw attention to him, his hair and spray tan.

  6. One of the things that people need to remember about the Trump Organization is that they are a very small operation, basically run by a tiny handful of people.”
    “They outsourced everything. That was a boon to us with the Trump University case, because it meant that we were able to go get the documents we needed from third parties,
    even after the Trump team stonewalled us.,” said Tristan Snell, assistant attorney general in N.Y’s Bureau of Consumer Frauds, who prosecuted the Trump University fraud.

  7. Amazing insights. Andrew Weissmann really knows his stuff. Thank you ODonnel and The Last Word!

  8. I clearly remember one of my accounting lecturers gave advice: “as an accountant, find yourself a lot of friends…to accompany you in the prison.” Lol

    1. I heard some wild talk about the Rudy raid and this stuff meant the ring was tightening around Trump. I thought they meant legally, turns out they were talking about Ms Lindsey going a courtin’ to Mor a Lardo.

  9. That’s okay, Merrick has him on the January 6th affair. Hard to say he didn’t know anything about THAT.

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