Rep. Katie Porter Crushes An Ill-Prepared CEO In Hearing | MSNBC

Congresswoman Katie Porter dismantles the argument that high drug prices help fund research and development for new and better drugs. “It’s true that pharmaceutical companies spend money on research and development, but it is not correct that that is the primary reason that they double, and triple and quadruple raising the prices of these drugs – it’s to profit their shareholders,” she says.
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    1. This is how you defeat right wingers. You anticipate they are going to lie and dissemble. If the Congress and Senate had leaders like this, the Republican party would be destroyed as they need to be.

  1. I never tire of watching and listening to Rep. Katie Porter on House Committees asking questions of witnesses.

    1. @Ash Roskell LOL …. they all need to quit getting in her way ! She’ll tear them all to shreds!

    2. I have a feeling some of these questions the CEOs know the answers to, but they know it looks terrible either way. I get if someone doesn’t know how much a 1 bedroom apartment costs in a area, or not knowing the lowest wage you pay an employee. But you don’t know how much money you’re doling out in stock buybacks or dividends? What – that makes zero sense that a CEO wouldn’t know that

    1. “Dear GOD! The white board! She’s got the WHITE BOARD! Call my lawyers! Everybody duck!” 🤣👍

    2. @Nancy Ross : We had better do our jobs, now that she’s done hers? She’s just slam-dunk EXPOSED that they LIED to Congress, took billions of Tax Payer dollars, meant for RND, and handed them over to their shareholders instead! But, there will only be consequences if we, the people, show an appetite for them. Get on to your local and National representatives about this, to demand action! Most of America’s drugs are 90% cheaper in the rest of the developed world! Now we know WHY! Irrefutably! Because they LIE to Congress about what they do with our MONEY! We can’t let them get away with that!? . . . Again! . . . Can we?! . . . ✌️

    3. Literally though.
      Pro-tip: Don’t live a life that’ll see you end up on the other side of that whiteboard—just be a good person, take care of your fellow human beings when they need it, and stand up and speak out against injustice whenever, and wherever you see it. That’s it.

    1. @mtronix hopefully, it’s not only her that will help to make an amazing Change…she Is wonderful to listen to!

    2. Yes she is, but you also touch with a needle what’s so utterly terrifying and tragic about all this. “That’s not the first time.” And, sadly, unlikely to be the last. She can expose corruption, lies to Congress and abject incompetence, which (if this were a Hollywood movie) should be the final scene, right? The big reveal and the victory for truth; with everything exposed and in the public domain. Why wasn’t the first time, the last time? How do they get to continue? She did her job. Will we do ours? Will we demand from our representatives that they DO SOMETHING about this slam-dunk EXPOSÉ of corruption and the fact that they CLEARLY LIED to Congress to get fat stacks of Tax Payer Money, which they handed over to their share holders, instead of spending it on the RND that it was given to them for? . . . Consequences only happen, when there’s a public appetite for them. ✌️

    3. She is what we need, she’s not a Pelosi or Schumer making tepid remarks, slurring their speech and unable to focus.

    1. – “She should be on the 1/6 investigative committee.”
      I think she should be everywhere 😀

  2. Wish we had a lot more politicians like Katie Porter to hold the corporations and other politicians accountable.

    1. @Catherine Mushaw Democrats have a large load of issues, we need a balance of conservatives or we will be taxed to death. The current freaks on the Red team are not serving the citizens that elect them. That doesn’t mean Blue gets 5 stars.

    2. We need to vote better on both sides of the aisle. We need to hold our representation accountable, insist on transparency, and make it clear we are watching and have bothered to get educated on the issues.

    3. @Graphically Deb I’ve yet to encounter a Magat capable of having an original thought. Nothing but false talking points and Whataboutism.

    4. Showing them up is NOT a holding then to account. Anyway, USA Does NOT care for its other citizens. It’s far too self absorbed and selfish to care about others — save a few exceptions like this lady.

    5. @Graphically Deb I take it you’re not a fan of Rep KP. Too bad because she does her job and does not worry about her political future unlike EVERY republikkkan.

  3. She does her homework, more than the CEO’s, who get paid millions/billions of dollars, to know what she knows.

    1. not just them, they pay lobbyists and otherpeople to “prep” them for these hearings and this is the result..

    2. Just goes to show the level of dismissiveness and contempt they have for the public, that they can’t be bothered to prepare for accountability.

  4. One of if not the smartest Human in Politics! She is so truthful and prepared and the Whiteboard! Like She’s doing an Exorcism on these CEO’s on Camera!!! Well Done!!

    1. Katie is the yardstick ALL politcial candidates should be measured by. We need a 100 of her in the Senate and 434 more in the house. This is how you represent your constituents.

  5. I love Katie Porter, the most polite lady ever, will take you down and make you look stupid, and smile at the end of it. Lovely jubbly.

  6. When Katie Porter wields the “+5 Magical Whiteboard of Pummeling”, CEOs beware!
    She knows more about the company financially than the CEOs would admit, in terms of greed.

  7. Applauding Ms. Porter from my home in Melbourne, Australia!! We are all affected by these pharmaceutical money-grubbers. Top job.

  8. Great Job. We need more people like her in Congress/Senate. She does her homework and JOB. Bravo 🙌🏻 👏🏻 !!!

  9. I love this woman! She’s brilliant, always prepared and classy on top of that. She never resorts to the vile and crass behavior we see from other members of congress; most of them never even bother to prepare, they’re just all show and no substance. Massive respect and admiration for this woman!

  10. We love Katie in Australia also. Much respect for any public servant that works for the public.

  11. Katie Porter’s tactic is to never ask a question that she doesn’t already know the answer to.

  12. I am so attracted to Katie Porter’s intelligence that it’s disgusting. Katie you are the absolute bees knees. Keep up the awesome work. You are an inspiration.

    1. It’s not disgusting. Relax, I agree with you though, her intelligence is very attractive. And did you see the mask she wore last year at pandemic’s beginning? Lace on flower print. Perfect for her.

    2. Glad I’m not the only one that finds her intelligence an attractive feature. I like Big Brains.😁

  13. She is one incredible woman who raises the bar by doing the hard work necessary to be incredibly prepared to ask and answer serious questions intended to benefit all of us. She does deserve a standing ovation for her serious ‘performance’. But, that type of performance is not about entertaining us. It is about helping us. My sincere thanks to Ms. Porter. She is a role model and a force to be reckoned with.

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