GOP More Worried About Election Day Than Insurrection Day 1

GOP More Worried About Election Day Than Insurrection Day


175 House Republicans voted against creating a bipartisan commission to investigation the Trump-incited Capitol insurrection. Now a prominent GOP senator admitted his colleagues are worried about the political implications the probe could have. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Ashley Parker, Lisa Lerer, and Katie Benner.

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    1. Democrats didn’t care when mostly black and brown cities burned to the ground killing 50+ people over the summer and causing Billions in Damage! They only cared when it came to THIER DOOR! No National Guard for the hood!

    2. @Twigg you don’t pay attention to politics do you? Being the democrats are no better and have done more to divide then any party in history. Crt alone is dividing more then its brought together. Everything the left has done has hurt more then help by far. The difference between the previous party and this one is that the previous did more for the people while the sitting party only cares about thier agenda that benefits them most and trains people like you to think how your told without question.

    3. Biden has NEVER had a mind of his own…. it’s about lining his pockets with CASH.!!!

  1. i think its funny they saying ‘new video’ when us are saying “seen it live” 5 months later

    1. @That Guy

      Well… basically the easiest way to explain is,
      The point of the Electoral College is to make demands on people who are competing for the presidency to take the country as a whole seriously.
      It forces the candidates to run as the President of the United States, not as President of certain areas and ignore other areas.”.

      Why was the Electoral College created?
      The Electoral College was created by the framers of the U.S.Constitution as an alternative to electing the president by” Popular vote “or by Congress.
      Several weeks after the general election, electors from each state meet in their state capitals and cast their official vote for President and Vice President.

      Who selects the electors?
      Choosing each State’s electors is a two-part process.
      First, the political parties in each State choose slates of potential electors sometime before the general election.
      Second, during the general election, the “Voters” in each State select their State’s electors by casting their ballots.

      While yes their are flaws in the sytem I can understand people frustration ,
      The people truly do have a voice in determining the political power don’t worry

    2. @schievelbein schievelbein When is the last time a president or a presidential candidate gone through the majority of states? Like, we see a growing number of elections where the power is concentrated in a select few states. Tell me, how is that fair and how does that represent the people of the United States?

    3. @schievelbein schievelbein whether or not the system works depends on who you ask. Also, feel free to wax intellectual, but stop insisting you know what the “majority” of people think. It makes you look arrogant when you base your argument on a presumption of others thought processes.

    4. @That Guy you only hear about battleground states because those are the ones that are interesting from a news perspective. Its not rare for a president hopeful to make a presence in all the mainland states throughout the 1-2 year campaign.
      What you should be asking is why does a vote in California mean less than a vote in Iowa

    5. @HartInCMajor I’m not telling you what other people think other than the fact that people are not properly represented in the country.

    1. @kp 123 Why are several violent and deadly riots around the country ok with you people, but one riot by the right is the end of the world? The left set the standard that riots are ok all of 2020, but they cry when others try to play by the same rules. Violent riots aren’t good for your cause end of story.

    2. So you confess that the INSURRECTION (not riot) was conducted by the white…I mean right? Difference is the tRumpsters that stormed the capitol (ie. Racists) are the very people who are in positions of authoratay and abuse their power by killing blacks…as many as possible and the riots were a response to the injustices suffered by blacks since they arrived here 400 years ago as slaves and have been savagely abused since then. Are ya stupid enough to think they’d forget that?? How can they when the abuse continues to this day? Most believe in the ideal America…all men created equal.
      ..etc., but the reality for most blacks is that the ideal america has not been realized yet. The right on the other hand, wants to destroy the democracy this country fought so hard to get by suppressing votes and attacking the free press just to name a few. You are enemies of the people, but your time is short…you are now the minority and the republican party is all but dead…so many of the right have realized their party was highjacked by a nut named tRump and they are now fighting on the left’s side. You’re dismissed.

    3. @Bonnie Lassie The economy collapsed under your daddy tRump’s rein of terror, but we are under good leadership now and I hope to get another stimulus check soon…take from the rich and give to those who deserve it.

    4. @Bonnie Lassie Learn some history. Most, if not all. of the economic collapses and stock market drops occurred during republican administrations.

  2. “If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed. If you do, you’re misinformed.”
    -Mark Twain

    1. @TruthSeeker08 Malcolm lived a much whiter world than we do now. Now we have interracial media and now the truth comes out by those who expose the republikkkan party for what they have become…evil racists that are the minority now!

    2. @Boss Anova do you get your news from trump? You should get your news from Biden. I can’t because I don’t understand Bidenese

    3. @trainwreck told ya i get my news from a variety of sources because I dont live in a right wing echo-chamber.

    1. She also controls the Capitol Police…you know the guys that were caught on camera letting people in the barricades.

    2. @Marcg210
      The Capitol rioters carried back packs, while Trump supporters carried the American flags . The rioters were breaking windows—just like the ANTIFA, while Trump supporters stood in awe wondering what was going on.

    1. @DEMIxGODxSHADOW Shiza! OBIDEN Will support anyone and anything as long as it’s anti American

    2. @Larry Tierce if people knew blm was run but marxists?

      Not sure where your going with that, in 2015 one of the founders came out as a “trained marxist” but public support for BLM only increased……

    3. @Larry Tierce not true, biden doesnt support trump nor her cultists and they’re anti american….

    4. @Larry Tierce there needs to be a real public execution of some of these proud boys, oath keepers and the rest of trumps terrorist insurrectionists

  3. “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” — Malcolm X.

    1. @Herbie Husker your waisting your time trying to educate the contra education. They don’t want help.

    2. @Do I Know You ? if the difference between attacking our nations Capitol and attacking a Walmart has to be explained to you then you should seriously re evaluate your definition of patriotism.

    3. @phillup space Where do get ur history!? Lol. A conservative would have been the Republican party. They switched North and south, to a degree. Abe Lincoln along with many blks were Republicans. They were hung with the consevative wht repubs in the south. TOGETHER! Watch something or do some homework there bud.

    1. They would not be able to stop themselves from laughing if they thought about the “audits”. It is really-really funny at this point.

    2. @Ken Smith I’ve been losing it at the county board’s panicked scrambling for explanations as to why they’re defying a state subpoena and court order. Even better has been the auditors calmly explaining why their excuses aren’t even internally consistent with the board’s other statements, let alone reasonable, logical, or sufficient to refuse a legal order from a higher political body.

    3. @Zansi I knew it was gonna be another mess, a fight. If there is nothing to hide, then why is it another fight for transparency and openness.

  4. Rep. Tim Ryan, good on you. Your words will end up falling on deaf ears unfortunately. Our Gov’t is fkd

    1. yeah, i never heard of a group of “insurrectionists” armed with nothing but camera phones so they could take selfies.

    2. Jill tells Camala to F—K OFF !!..This must be the “bringing back the soul and decency to the White House” that the left was always raving about…

    3. @DrumWild The Audits are uncovering massive irregularities that will effect not just the old racist guy in the white house but senate and house seats as well.

    4. @DrumWild spoken like a true mind control subject. Q is not right wing. He is state misinformation … thus if he is anything he is establishment. You haven’t had a right wing govt in well over a hundred years. You have to have a republic 100% in place to have a true republic. This one went broke to the bankers in your great grandfathers day. For someone saying what you say …as if someone was trying to rewrite history… your way to late … it was rewritten long ago. Your attempt to grasp the reality of it all …. your not very good at it.

  5. Brian Williams was on the scene during the insurrection and stopped the rebel alliance with the force.

    1. And when the Democrat with Antlers and animal skins was inside the capital. AOC was laying on her bathroom floor peeking through the hinges in a building down the street. Good Grief. But then she is terrified of her own garbage disposal as well.

  6. Here are 8 strategies for dealing with manipulative people.

    8 Ways To Deal With Manipulators. Ignore everything they do and say. …

    Ignore everything they do and say. …

    Hit their center of gravity. …

    Trust your judgment. …

    Try not to fit in. …

    Stop compromising. …

    Never ask for permission. …

    Create a greater sense of purpose.

    More items…

    Mar 15, 2015

    1. @Depressed Tiger Shark Fu
      I already have a shark bite… . @Depressed Tiger Shark ( a land shark )
      Pinned between two cars/ after being hit by a drunk driver….
      What reason you got to say walk away ? To me  @Depressed Tiger Shark

  7. Thank you Representative Ryan. Your fellow members on the other side of the aisle are lost in their own insanity. They fear one man more than they fear their constituents.

    1. That sounds like a perfect description of Democrats. They’re so terrified of the effigy of Trump they’ve created by themselves that they can’t bring themselves to do their jobs.

  8. “We need two political parties in this country that are living in reality and you ain’t one of them”. Perfect.

  9. Last July I saw a bunch if teenagers cycling their bikes around Times Square on a Saturday evening. I was able to stay in the street and take photos of them.
    It was an amazing sight that may never be repeated.

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