Video Of Deadly Arrest Of Ronald Greene Obtained By AP 1

Video Of Deadly Arrest Of Ronald Greene Obtained By AP


Rachel Maddow shares newly public details on the brutal beating and tasering by police of Ronald Greene, who ultimately died in police custody. After police repeatedly resisted releasing body camera footage of the of the deadly arrest, the AP was able to obtain one such video, shedding new light on the circumstances surrounding Greene's death. 

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  1. People be like “yeah but think about the good cops.” it was a year and a half and not one good cop stepped up.

    1. @Tony D. Wow. They’ve helped me plenty, had some bad ones but for the most part I show them respect and they show it back.

    2. What’s scary is they kept silent through all the George Floyd protests. How many good cops are witnesses to their partners crime and still keeping quiet?

    1. @The Great Pumpkin Thank You ,but …..I said WHAT I SAID….P.S. what I meant by group is that whites are group into Sub!?!?groups like women,or Christians ,as blacks we are group mostly together mainly when something bad happenes. .If one of us is a thrift we all are looked at as a thief. Big difference.

    2. @cs e paid vacation for a racial beating and torture killing and falsifying police report.

  2. There should be a warrant request for the arrest of the 2nd officer, his superiors involved & the district attorney that was assigned to this case & not allow the acceptance of anyone’s resignation or retirement, so they can collect their benefits and/or apply for another legal & law enforcement position until the courts say otherwise..

    1. A few days ago I saw a report on GMA about how over 200 officers have retired or left the force because of the defund movement. I would say they are retiring in droves before they are investigated so they can get their pension and benefits and pass them on to their families in case any of their dirty laundry comes back to haunt them

    2. @Dede Derp If they get investigated after retiring they should make it a policy to revoke their retirement & any other benefits they could get. I am not sure if you know about the Stephanie Lazarus case but she committed murder when she was a rookie cop by killing her ex-boyfriend’s new wife & got away with it for 23 years until they finally & miraculously arrested her … all the evidence including several DNA samples mysteriously disappeared over the years & she just happened to be a detective on the same floor the evidence was kept for that case. Somehow by accident, a DNA sample was lost in the coroner’s freezer & found by a newly conceived cold case unit & it still took almost 5 years for them to look at this detective seriously as a suspect after finding this & knowing it was a female who killed this woman & not a “fake burglary” as they had listed it. Once she was arrested & they had DNA the bail was set at 10 MILLION DOLLARS due to the overwhelming evidence against her … so what does the LAPD do? They GAVE HER FULL RETIREMENT BENEFITS!!!! SHe killed a woman in cold blood in a violent attack & stage a fake crime scene when she had only been on the force 2-3 years & the woman she killed had reported to others that her husband’s ex-girlfriend cop was stalking & threatening her. The police refused to look at her as a suspect when she should have been the 2nd suspect after the Husband who had nothing to do with the murder & if anything he was guilty of being too nice to an insane woman he considered a friend who happened to become a cop after they left college. She got full retirement benefits that the taxpayers pay for which is sickening. She probably has a jail cell full of candy bars & whatever else she can buy in prison. They can buy books among other things and have them mailed in from Amazon, etc… She should NOT be getting any retirement benefits! She was convicted & was sentenced to 27 years to life. Sorry for the off-topic rant about a different case it just infuriates me that she can get her full retirement & that many others cops under similar circumstances do as well. If you do not know of this case you should check it out. You can watch her full interrogation which is an incredible study of human behavior as she starts to realize what she was called into this meeting to talk about. Once she realizes it is about this murder case she probably thought was long behind her & I am sure she had something to do with the missing evidence & interview tapes, etc… If you are interested I will post the link here for you because there are multiple videos of it but only 2 of them are really good with someone narrating them with the psychology behind the way she is answering questions & her general behavior. I will only post it if you tell me it is o.k.. If you have not seen this I highly recommend watching it. It finally took 2 detectives with no connections to anyone she came up with on the force to look at her as a suspect & this was after every single other option was exhausted before doing so. The murder happened in 1986 & it was 2009 when they arrested her. She was convicted in 2012. It is one time we can actually watch a cop slowly learn by the news unfolding before her that she is going down for murder.

  3. They all traded their hoods and capes with police uniforms. Wow they hid this for 2 years. No words to describe this. Ronald Greene, may we never forget your life and unnecessary sacrifice for justice.

    1. KKK grew out of the American police force. Rotten to the core. To my fellow white Americans, I ask who will be left when they come for you?

    2. The system is rotten to the core the district attorneys are the worst THEY cover up for the police all the time.

  4. I wrote a whole novel and then erased it…I’m a grown man and I am in tears right now. My soul is hurting for my brothers and sisters. I love y’all. And our time is coming. IYKYK

    1. @Aces Ang It has been going on for centuries, this is 2021 and we are seeing the trauma & fear inflicted on this generation, from their ancestors. It will never stop, and people will only be outraged by video after video. Just like mass shootings, in less than a week this will just be another George Floyd. Unfortunately, some people refuse to see everyone as an equal – There will always be a divide, just like the rich and poor will always exist, and there will always be those who turn a blind eye.

    2. @The Truth Answer me this. Why is Jesus allowing my brothers and sisters to be treated like filth and abominations if “Jesus is in control?”

  5. Not ONE trooper said “okay, enough – he’s in cuffs”??????? This is a lynching. Full stop.

    1. Nope they are like sharks that smell blood in the water, all of them commence the feeding frenzy.

    2. imagine all the black men and women they found hanging from trees and cops saying it was a suicide yet no news talks about it

    3. @D And There was one like that here, and they said it was suicide, but everyone that knew him said no way.

    1. lol.. of course she’ll keep showing it. She’s a democrat. They pick and choose the stories they cover to skew perception of reality.

    2. @Omega Mouse you care more about parroting political affiliation bs than the fact that a police department covered up a murder?

    3. At least she’s not a Republican, because republicans don’t like answering questions directly and like lying until they have to an oath, and even then they will say “I don’t recall” lol

    1. im with you Jamie! I ended up typing but couldnt watch. i was crying and listening then i had to mute because I cant hear that…but then i did, because we cant silence it by ignoring the facts. outrage only comes when you don’t ignore a problem, change cant happen if we choose to look away for fear that we may be affected! what about the victim here, ya know?! so i respected him enough to know what happened.

  6. It seems as if in America a lot of criminals can get a job as police officer, or representative or senator

    1. Now you understand why the GOP went bananas after Obama was elected, and why Trump inexplicably hates him so much.

    2. Ofcourse because they will be then seen as the heroes untouchable Angel’s, by the majority of the people & definitely by the Hollywood who will be ready to make heroes police action movies

    3. and Congressmen and Judges and Doctors and Insurance Claim Examiners and Presidents and Lawyers

  7. Chauvin seemed to be dead inside, he seemed to be stone cold. These guys were bloodthirsty murderers. It is sick. These men are truly depraved. A uniform does not cover the beast within, A uniform does not make you a better person during your shift, it provides you the cover to do your worst. This police agency needs to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up.

  8. When you hand insecure little men big powerful weapons they oftentimes play out their fantasies of being big powerful men in real life on those that make them feel small an unseen.

  9. just heart breaking i am in the uk but i sit here crying at this atrocity, hoping that something will change the horrors that we are witnessing in the world right now.

    1. I’m watching here in Canada. I don’t think these people have any idea of how barbaric and evil they look to the rest of us. Land of the Free? Not so much…

  10. This raises more questions than answers. The fact that they hid this video for 2 years should tell you how many of these brutalities and far worst things they’ve covered up

    1. Add a thousand more when you add up the cases that weren’t this bad but Still covered up.

  11. That cop went crazy on that dude. They covered this up for two years. Just imagine what they did with all those other cases.

    1. @Pr3tty Brown Twiin The one that killed in the alleged car accident might have been murdered by the Louisiana state patrol people.

    2. That is what fruits qualified immunity & politicians making treating police hero angels, gives you.

  12. The way they treated him was absolutely horrific!!! This could have just as easily been a scene from a Klan rally! They should ALL rot in jail!!!!!!

  13. The video shows unbelievable cruelty shown to Mr Greene and him saying ‘Im sorry … im scared Brother’ just breaks my heart . The helplessness and desperation in his voice

    1. I’m so tired of the other side of America defending police officers time and time again. Denouncing the reality of racism and a culture of violence in American policing.

      I’m so tired of the gaslighting and the arguments over the same things. Human life being taken. For what?! For fun. To feel big. Cops with insecurity issues are dangerous because they think weapons and authority makes them god and us ants

  14. I never understood how anyone can expect someone to calmly comply to anything when being beaten, electrocuted and screamed at…

    1. EXACTLY , we’ve been saying this for a long time. As poc we’re EXHAUSTED we’ve been fighting for BASIC HUMAN rights since the beginning of time. Something that I DO KNOW, those tables eventually turns.

  15. When I think about how terrifying the end of this mans life was it makes me want to cry.

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