1. To me USA Goverment and Officials shouldn’t leave the United-States Citizens die under Police Officers hands like that it is chocking for the Whole World to see this things on and on it is not ready to be solved.

    1. You ever gotten into a high speed chase with them? Putting cops, civilians and your own life in danger? Adrenaline pumping full speed?

    2. @Dirty Burger xommon you are a true racist his humanity is lost with you because he doesn’t look like you sad truly evil

  2. They need to release the full video, so these officers can be charged..this is sick and sad

  3. What ever they threw out there will surely come back on them that’s KARMA….this actually sounds worse than the George Floyd incident?,46 minutes of body cam footage ???? don’t get me wrong I’m NOT trying to downplay George’s situation..

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