Rep. Kinzinger Says He Hasn't Spoken With Leader McCarthy In Months 1

Rep. Kinzinger Says He Hasn’t Spoken With Leader McCarthy In Months


Illinois GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's decision to form a select committee to probe the Jan. 6 Capitol attack. He also says that he hasn't spoken to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in months ahead of McCarthy's meeting with Officer Michael Fanone, who was injured in the riot.

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Rep. Kinzinger Says He Hasn't Spoken With Leader McCarthy In Months


    1. Nope – never noticed any leadership qualities in Kevvie. Why do you ask, is someone claiming he’s a leader?

    2. @Gustavo Deugarte Nancy has never shown leadership skills and is a joke ,we can do a lot better then her and there are several in the democratic party that could do a much better job and they definately show more leadership skills ,she is just out to help the rich get richer as we have seen

  1. Just ignore the trolls who posted before watching the clip. I wonder how many GOP representatives will be called in under oath

    1. @Human Being there can be. Schumer can tell the Sargeant at Arms to go get the per.son who is subpeonad

  2. The more I hear Adam Kinzinger, the more I respect him. Cross the aisle Congressman and become the centrist Democrat that you are. At the moment you have more values and decency in your little finger than the entire GOP have combined. America needs leaders like you so stop being tarnished by a party that has lost itself and it’s soul.

    1. Agree 100% This man could be the beginning of a party that is a worthy opponent to democrats and not a trump worshiper. I really like and respect him.

    2. I agree wholeheartedly. But it appears Kinzinger still supports cruel and un-American policies…so…

    3. @Ian. I actually emailed his office and said he should switch aisles. He can switch with Munchkin.

    4. Yeah I don’t agree with his neo con positions but at least he doesn’t drink the trump kool aid

    1. @a rose by the other name All of this is true. But she called it right by denouncing the Big Lie and that has to be said for her, in these times.

    2. @Minute Meditations Why are you afraid to give them props for speaking out and speaking up about the big lie and the insurrection? Do you still perpetuate to those lies? Where is your evidence? After all the numerous audits and inspections, what did they find? ZILCH!!!! Repeating the lies will never make them true.

  3. Good. Kinzinger needs to avoid McCarthy, since he might end up in prison for throwing in with Trump’s insurrection.

    1. @Mark Greenfield Don’t forget your bear spray, zip ties and Confederate flag on your next visit to the Capitol. Threaten the VP and Congress, steal stuff and crap on the floor before you leave!

    1. @INCARNATE It makes him one of the only Republicans in the House. McCarthy, McConnell and their ilk are Terrorist sympathizing Confederates (RINOs).

    2. @T.E. The fact that Kinzinger is a real Republican still says a lot, he didn’t betray this country by turning into a pro Terrorism Confederate like McCarthy, Gaetz, McConnell, and Johnson. Don’t confuse the illegals who proclaim to be Trump supporters with Republicans ever again. That’s like calling all Muslims members of Al-Qaeda.


    1. Then that’s the most patriotic thing he will have done or will ever do in his miserable corrupt life!

    2. Just 5 years ago McCarthy was recorded telling fellow Republicans that he thinks Trump gets paid by Putin. Now look at him.

    3. @D.A. Oh
      YUP. We ALL think that. Or we believe putin has dark secrets on trump. Why else would trump bury his nose where the sun don’t shine?!

  5. Kissinger is About one of the only Republicans left to actually be entitled to receive some respect. Maybe Liz Cheney, but she doesn’t view the Democracy through unpartisan eyes very often.

    1. Liz Cheney was fueling the fire for insurrection just a couple weeks ago…constantly called Joe Biden “dangerous “

    1. @sealyoness your one of the reasons Illinois is a shithole and everyone is leaving. thx for keeping it that way.

    2. @Randall Marsh so why is everyone leaving the democrat controlled states and moving to republican states?

  6. Stephanie, you said it: “Any company would be bankrupt”. Well, the GOP is in any sense bankrupt. Morally, ethically and politically.

  7. The truth is not in Congress and hasn’t been for many years. Vote these politicians out in 2022.

  8. Asking McCarthy, Cruz, Hawley, Greene or other Republikkkans to have anything to do with the Jan 6th investigation, would be like asking Al-Qaeda to be on the 9/11 Commission.

    1. @Sean Breen “do things like smoke a joint”???? Is that why Blue States have legalized Marijuana and Red States still make it illegal?

    2. @MeanGeneSanDiego You really think real Republicans are being represented in states like Florida? We are at war with people like Ron DeSantis, we are going to flip the state back to an American state, whether it’s blue or green it doesn’t matter at this point. We are going to free our fellow countrymen from the Confederate Terrorists occupying our spaces. Real Republicans have paid attention, if Ron DeSantis thinks he can illegally occupy the governorship for a second term, we’re just going to raid the Capitol ofTallahassee after the election.

  9. If only more Republicans were as decent, sane, rational and reasonable as Kinzinger!!!
    We need our government to work TOGETHER in good faith!

  10. Now here’s a real Republican who stands for real truth. Just simply tell the truth and let the people decide from there. Wow! Is that so hard to do Republicans?

  11. Imagine …..McCarthy spend more time speaking to an ex-president under at least 29 investigations …rather than a member of his caucus ……go figure ..

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