Judge Denies Derek Chauvin Motion For New Trial | MSNBC


    1. @Lyn
      If he just doesn’t want to go to jail, then he shouldn’t have murdered a man. But glad you’re admitting that he thought he would be protected amd not go to jail by that badge for murdering a man.

    1. @tom hatherford You don’t know this You’re not a doctor You’re not there You think you can armchair doctor You don’t know You don’t know why is it so important that he did why is it so important to you that George Floyd died of an overnight there’s a reason give it to us

    2. @Lisa Lake you are right though I’m not a doctor. I do however teach future doctors and let me tell ya what a sad bunch of idiots medical school students are

    3. @Kim Jong Trump pretty sure you’re wrong if you overdose on fitting no you don’t last 2 minutes

  1. No criminal history???
    All you have to do is read his work history as a policeman. There ample history of criminality!!!!!!!

    1. @Nobody Just Brad anyone who breaks the law plain and simple and chauvin is a criminal as well just because you don’t agree Don’t mean we don’t know what a criminal is

    2. @Tall Allen in this country “technical” is all that counts in the judicial system “when it comes to WP” and that’s real talk.
      When you keep it factual, and actual, then and only then can you put up an effective fight. All the rest is just talk, nothing but ‘comments’ that don’t amount to much.

  2. He should spend the rest of his miserable life in prison. This was deliberate murder. He had plenty of time to reconsider what he was doing, and refused to budge. He knew what he was doing, and enjoyed it.

    1. @2016 Cavs why are you bringing that up that has nothing to do with this situation nothing at all He served his time and that woman did not call you and tell you to be indignant for her You don’t know him you don’t know her You don’t care

    2. @Marvin Lowe You think you’re a better person than a drug addict is Guess what You’re much worse because of the things you say heroin’s going to come pay you a visit to the person you love most

    3. And this wasn’t the first time he had been involved with conduct unbecoming.The difference this time,he was caught on camera.

  3. Those Aggravating Circumstances are devastating!
    Didn’t he have 17 complaints against him!?

    1. ​@Diana Wheatley I wonder how many prison guards are also trolls on YouTube. They’ll be like, “Leave Derek alone. He was just doing his job. What about BLM and Antifa and the summer of love? Come here, Derek, give me a hug. The Left is so mean.”

    2. @LF313 that may be true with some guards, but the majority will actually probably treat Chauvin worse than the worst of the worst prisoners because he made cops look bad. And guards are technically cops too because they work for the Sheriff’s office. They don’t like bad cops making them look bad because then they have to deal with the backlash themselves from the inmates being angry at the cops/guards because of the actions of a few bad one like Chauvin.

    3. @statesk8r Your assumption, that he made cops look bad – is not shared by most of the law enforcement community. They see his sentence as perversion of justice and as politically motivated. I know a few of them and this is what they say – and also they stated that, none of the people they work with see it any other way.

    4. @LF313 I’m telling you what I’ve heard from the mouth of a former corrections officer who then got arrested and sent to prison for a felony for only smuggling packs of cigarettes into the prison. He said most of the corrections officers treated him HORRIBLY. Word spread so all of them knew every prison he went to and he said very few treated him nicely even though he was a nice guy with quite a long career in corrections. He was just desperate for money to pay medical Bill’s for his mom suddenly. Go watch him talk if you want on Larry Lawton’s channel on YouTube here. You dont have to agree with me but I’ve served time before and I believe him at his word. That’s how prisons are run. Respect and how you make your people look matter whether your a prisoner or a guard.

  4. Lack of criminal history? Isn’t this the same man currently being investigated for pinning a minor down for over 15 mins??

    1. @Lucia Royas The sentence was just announced. 22.5 years that includes the deduction of the time he has already been in prison.

    2. The police were called cuz the mother said her son was hitting her !!! Chauvin showed up and taught him a lesson no problem with that!!! the kid deserve it !!!

    1. @William Patton You think you’re a better person than he is He’s somebody’s child just like you are

    2. @William Patton guess it will be a white one added to the membership then huh 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  5. So he’s the “product of a broken system.”
    System was working for him just fine when he got away with brutality. Gets caught, it’s broken.
    No. You can’t twist it. You’re a murderer, and you belong in prison. Boy bye👋🏼

    1. @rrickarr Absolutely! And, scorn to those who deflect to Mr. Floyd’s past, who mock Ms. Frazier’s courage and her honorary Pulitzer citation.

  6. His face showed his sadistic mind , Chauvin looked like he was enjoying himself . The World saw this crime , if he gets a light sentence , it will prove we live in a racist country ..China NORTH KOREA WILL love for Chauvin to get a light sentence . China is building all over Africa now ..how would those Africans see this country along with other non white nations ..

  7. Not this time or anytime Derek! U killed a man with no remorse and then act like ur punishment was wrong! Now u will have lots of time to think of all the wrong you caused.

  8. Whenever his lawyers claimed after the verdict that one juror wasn’t impartial? Shows two things wrong with the defense counsel: either they weren’t paying attention during jury selection or they knew and wanted to let them in anyway just to claim so later. Thus, that’s on them, shows their corrupted ethics and should be disbarred for that tactic.
    And we all know what uncle conald would say, screaming chauvin should fire them for it

  9. You know if Trump had gotten back in as president he would probably commute this guy’s sentence. Remember that rogue Navy Seal that was killing civilians overseas that got turned in by his fellow seals ? Trump not only pardoned him, he had all his government benefits restored.

  10. As if minorities and poor people have ever gotten leniency because of our “broken system “. Who does he think is causing this broken system?

    1. Yeah, really! And, because he’s a cop he has a “shorter life expectancy” behind bars. George Floyd’s life expectancy was cut short, as well! WTF!😡

  11. No history of ” RECORDED” mis conduct. His life expectancy will be increased
    while in prison. He will not be put in the general population.

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