Rep. Kinzinger Says 'The Endless War Just Got Fired Up Again' 1

Rep. Kinzinger Says ‘The Endless War Just Got Fired Up Again’


Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) joins Andrea Mitchell to react to the deadly blasts in Kabul. He argues that the attack means "the endless war just got fired up again" and that the goal should still be "to get every American out and every Afghan that helped us out." 
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  1. Nothing more embarrassing from the United States than the last four years! We are a laughing stock! We need to completely clean house! People need to get together, and try to live with one another right now! Right now!

    1. @Glazer Guy So why did trump and Steven Miller Sabotage the Visa process,for our Allies? They literally, had 4yrs to do that.

    2. @Glazer Guy This ain’t Biden’s screw up mate, it’s trump’s. Because, you know, he ‘negotiated’ with terrorists and gave them exactly what they wanted for nothing in return.

  2. What action or policy isn’t a recruitment tool for jihadis? Stay or go, they supposedly get what they want no matter what we do or say.

    1. @zebageba you keep trying to blame Biden, when you know trump is the one that handed afganistan over o ISIS. That’s the truth.

    2. We’re the bad guys either way. The only question I have,and please,serious explanations: we still have troops stationed in South Korea,Japan,Germany,etc.,why not there?

    3. @zebageba
      Whine, whine, whine. I know why Joe won! We’re sick of the whining and don’t want to hear it from the Trumplicans anymore.

    1. @Raptango_NA the Taliban has been reclaiming territory since last year little by little especially in suburban areas. They also have been getting their hands on humvee and military arms Everytime an afghan soldier would retreat

    2. @Raptango_NA the equipment falling into the Taliban hands has been going on since the start of the war when we started arming, and training the afghan soldiers

    3. @George Carlson my facts are straight. I’m fully familiar. The timeline isnt the issue. Biden’s complete lack of situational awareness is the issue

    4. @Juan Figueroa Our leaving 80bil of equipment was a choice. You’re talking about choppers and Planes they cant fly…first off i never said anything about equipment left behind so I dont know why you’re telling me this but it’s not a nothing burger…they will use the trucks, rifles, body armor and ammo to suppress their citizens. It’s not a game changer in state to state warfare but it’s by no means nothing…you’re just making a simpleton argument

  3. No it’s you trying to get it fired up again we’re done with this war here’s the Warhawks again doing what they did under the Bush administration

  4. Well.. that’s not good! Get everyone out that you can. Start dropping metal on somebody and take control of all air traffic period!

    1. yes, then the Taliban will start dropping bombs and we reengage in warfare. This is a BRILLIANT STRATEGY for NEVER LEAVING AFGHANISTAN. A clear 1/3 of Americans want to stay so who cares about the other two thirds?

    2. @Stephanie S ain’t nobody talking about civilians, but collateral damage does happen! Really not referring to bombs either

    3. @Michael Byrd then you are talking about civilians. 85% of the killings with drones was civilians. the USA killed more civilians than combatants in every country they are in. because of this, we have few allies in the middle east? If we don’t pay them, we don’t have them. this is why more than 80% of the country is accepting the taliban government.

    4. If we start bombing Kabul, we’ll take out so many innocent people, which is what the Taliban wants.

    1. Vote democrats out nationwide they have been defending bidens withdrawal and they don’t care about the marines killed today democrats will sacrifice as many as they need to get what they want politically

  5. If I was a group that had been profiting from the U.S. presence in Afghanistan, I might “encourage” or even support this attack…

    Just sayin

    1. @KILLER KILLER What utter twaddle. The agreement to withdraw from Afghanistan was made by Trump and then Pompeo. There are photographs of Pompeo posing with the Taliban just after agreeing to leave. There’s no such thing as ” Biden selling you out”. Angry and upset you’re lashing out, which can be viewed as understandable. It is no way to go on. Research using any document you can and get a clear and true understanding of what’s behind it all. Trump tied Biden’s hands, set a trap for him, as did Pompeo. If you don’t find out the truth as much as you can, you’ll regret it.

    2. @corryjookit yes, and Trump was doing it right. Biden screwed everything up. Ask anyone in the military and even democrats will tell you that.
      The problem wasn’t us pulling out, it’s how Biden did it.
      And Trump didn’t set a trap, he planned on winning. Why would he set a trap for himself? You’re an out of touch conspiracy theorist if you believe this is anyone’s fault but Biden’s. Blaming Trump just proves your TDS just still hasn’t worn off.

    3. @Jillian Copeland Isnt Profiteering in a time of War illegal? Grab Prinz the Criminal, arrest him. Arrest Trump the Traitor.

    4. @A Fridge Too Far MSNBC today was talking with the “Republican” Kensinger about the humanitarian crisis this is going to cause and how it’s America’s duty to “reignite” the war or women and children will be murdered and worse. Also they’re attacking stranded Americans etc.
      Red flag as if they meant to screw this up so bad.

      Joe Rogan predicted the Biden administration would do exactly this last week.

    1. Yea woulda been nice if we went AFTER taking the $85B in military equipment tho….

      or no wait. In your timeline that was also the previous admins fault

    2. @O.A Stamp well then why did Trump take 10,000 troops out , I mean Trump basically gave them all of it by surrendering to the Taliban & releasing 5,000Taliban fighters..

    1. So libs…..This is BUILD BACK BETTER?
      First, there is a border crisis …..then a Delta Variant crisis….. a gas crisis…..then a crime crisis….an inflation crisis….. an unfilled job crisis……and now a Terrorists killing Americans in Afghanistan crisis…..

      My gosh people, this country will be an utter $hithole by the end of the year.
      Why did you communist Democrats vote for an ‘America Last’ politician?


    2. @Altorin True but it was already done so we need to get back to showing the world we honor what we say and the deals we make. I didn’t hear this much crap out of leaving Syria and leaving our allies hanging to die and we hear nothing about that now ,those people deserved our help as much as the Afghans but little was said about throwing them under the Russian bus.

  6. Don’t let them manufacture consent to restart this war! Getting out is the correct move! 72% of Americans want this war to end!

    1. You are dead wrong. I was told this war was wrong for 10years but yet I was right. The far left does not understand.

    2. @S Baker Why haven’t they been vetted yet? Oh wait, because THOSE people have been trying to get their visas happen since 2020 when this deal was made. And the previous administration made the process more difficult. These people would have been vetted before.
      Now it is a matter of whether you are good with those who worked with the US for years and years being slaughtered or not. If you are good with that, where is your humanity?

    3. @Alex Fu like we hunted down bin laden. Covertly. With great pains. Thru lots of intelligence and dirty deals

  7. Hmm. Now everybody’s an armchair war strategist. Folks need to step back from the podium and let the Executive branch and the military do their job. I’m skeptical of any “news” program that asks “guests” what they think. Give us the news – period.

    1. “Let the executive branch and the military do their job”

      They had 20 years to get the job done, and they failed miserably.

    2. @Kirk R Daniel thinks that by yelling that it’s ALL “BIDEN AND THE DEMOCRATS'” fault that it makes him right.

  8. There is no quick solution for this, I really think the U.S. needs to get out a.s.a.p. saving as many lives as possible.

    1. Vote democrats out nationwide they have been defending bidens withdrawal and they don’t care about the marines killed today democrats will sacrifice as many as they need to get what they want politically

    2. @MrJameslascko is that why biden has lost independents for his idiotic withdrawal and was at 41% and is guaranteed to drop after today. Rejoice in reality democrats are getting mocked globally and nobody trusts democrats

    3. @parker smith wanting our soldiers to invade countries and stay there is putting them in danger for no reason. Republicans have never cared about the soldiers or being patriots. We need to leave to keep more soldiers safe.

  9. We don’t have the energy for a war overseas, we are too busy fighting each other here at home. I wish that was an exaggeration. 😥

    1. @Joy Hopkins propaganda exists…on both sides. Who you are reading….it matters. I get my news with no dog in the fight. News can be slanted to fit either side of the isle.

    2. @Censorship Is real One thing you have correct is that you republicans love war and violence, that is why republicans identified with a bragert sexual predator.

    3. Vote democrats out nationwide they have been defending bidens withdrawal and they don’t care about the marines killed today democrats will sacrifice as many as they need to get what they want politically

  10. The harder they make it to leave, the longer US troops will have to stay. The Taliban should be helping to get Americans out, it’s to their benefit.

  11. My question:
    Was there EVER a credible institution called “The Afghan Air Force?
    The reason I ask is that I don’t understand how you can have a “USA military trained ground / infantry force” that can function without air support. It is the backbone of how we fight ground battles on a broad scale. I am not talking about skirmishes. I am talking about large scale operations that can either hold / defend a town / region or regain and hold.
    I have a hard time believing that leaving Bagram Air Base and completely withdrawing USA air support assets from Afghanistan wasn’t a huge factor in the Taliban’s lightning speed takeover.
    US casualties in the years since the 2014 US / NATO end of active ground engagement had been relatively low. The Taliban deal was a Pompeo /Trump ploy to get Trump re-elected and look good as a populist. Like Kennedy at the “Bay of Pigs” Biden followed through with his predecessor’s ill-conceived plan. Biden was never a big supporter of the Afghan mission but any way you look at it this pullout looked very “on the fly”.
    Our troops have performed admirably?
    Every American owes them a debt of gratitude and perhaps should express their gratitude by taking an extended break from complaining about every single trivial hardship we think we are having. So many have it so much harder.
    Stop whining and focus on making your country a free and welcoming place worth loving and fighting for.

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