Refugees Should Not Be 'An Afterthought In US Foreign Policy': Hetfield 1

Refugees Should Not Be ‘An Afterthought In US Foreign Policy’: Hetfield


President and CEO of HIAS, Mark Hetfield discusses the future of the Afghan refugee crisis and the role the Biden administration should be playing. 
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    If you can’t question it, it’s not Science, it’s propaganda.

    1. @Dementia Joe Kid Touch how about supporting humanity. Those who supported and defended Americans.

    2. @Graphic design for Free Watch Dementia Joe Teleprompter talking right now!!! You can tell its all he can do to just read the Teleprompter!!!!!

    1. I haven’t really kept up with the details of this story. Where are these Americans at? Are they spread out? Are they in Kabul? Are they in small villages with difficult access? Why wouldn’t these Americans be headed for Kabul right now? Just asking because I don’t know.

    1. Trump’s dodgy deal with the Taliban and Stephen Miller sabotaging the visa system. Nothing to do with Biden.

  2. Anyone with half a brain knows you evacuate civilians before troops. Months of preparation and this is what’s happening. Infuriating.

  3. Okay, I have not kept up with this story and the details of it. Where are these 1500-2000 Americans at? Are they just somewhere in Afghanistan? Are they in remote villages with no access? Are they hiding in Kabul? Why aren’t these Americans headed for Kabul and identifying themselves? Can anyone fill me in?

  4. The Afghanistan people didn’t help us because they told us for the last 20 years that Americans were helping the afghan people so the afghan people should be fine without the 1500 Americans or the millions of afghans can fight the Taliban

  5. We learned nothing from the special visas failure in Iraq. Also, anyone who enjoys the west should not be eligible for relocation, only those who were employed by the US or a contract employee. They need to take responsibly for their own country. 20 years and we are still expected to save them when only 20% were not crooks, criminals or thieves who would not turn on the Taliban or stand against them in those years but loved to take American $$s. Sorry to be crass but it is what it is. It should not have taken 20 years to know we cannot save everyone.

  6. Guam volunteered to take Afganistan refugees weeks ago. Just as they did for Viet Nam refugees. Why no News coverage about this?

  7. “Who cares who’s qualified & who’s not!!! Just transport our people out of Kabul!!!!! What’s wrong with you guys???? Politics is politics! Human lives are human lives! Which side are you guys on???

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