Rep. Garamendi Reacts To The Attack Outside Of Kabul's Airport 1

Rep. Garamendi Reacts To The Attack Outside Of Kabul’s Airport


Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.), a member of the House Committee on Armed Services, says U.S. has 'no choice but work with the Taliban' while they control Kabul
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  1. Unbelievable!!! The Taliban are supposed to be keeping order outside the airport. This you call order? No. It is a preview of how they will ran Afghanistan. And don’t pay them another dime!

    1. @Crimdor Trump already pulled the majority of them out, reduced from 13000 to 2500, the last lot 2000 he pulled out days before he left office around 15th Jan! Biden didn’t pull any, they’re still there, in fact he sent more over to help evacuate.

    2. Jillian Copeland – Joe pulled out the last 2500 troops and left defense to the afghan military and then the interpreters spoke out and we had to redeploy and take the airport.
      Stop trying to create a false narrative.

    3. @Crimdor False narrative? A false narrative would be suggesting this whole operation is not a complete clusterfuck. And a national embarressment.

    1. David S. – that’s fine. Not our land, not our war.
      We owned practically the entire country when Biden decided it was a good idea to pull the troops out before evacuating the civilians, interpreters, and non-combat US personnel.
      It didn’t need to be done that way and that’s why we are in the mess we are currently in.

    2. @Crimdor the troops haven’t been pulled, he’s sent more over. Trump pulled all the troops last year down from 13000 to 2500, he pulled 2000 days before he left office. He had attempted to pull all of them before Christmas but got pushback, that’s why he sacked Esper.

  2. How many Comcast employees are in Afghanistan. How many of them had help from you? None? I saw a couple companies scrambled jets. Anyone wanna grow up? Or are we just gonna say good bye to you too.

    1. You ask a valid question. Instead of taking the question seriously, I note that you have a lot of hatemongers responding, showing their ethical bankruptcy.

  3. Talibans can’t even control an Airport and now The West want to trust them with controlling All of Afghanistan? Lol

  4. And back here in the states families are anxiously waiting to hear from loved ones in Kabul. Not knowing if their people are among the dead.

  5. There was no need to leave 2,500 troops in Afghanistan – so, lets bring home 53,900 troops from Japan, 26,300 from South Korea, 35,000 from Germany, 12,500 from Italy, 9,500 from the United Kingdom, 6,100 from Guam, and 16,000 from elsewhere. And just a bit of advice; Don’t release your plans to the enemy ahead of time, Don’t supply the enemy with weapons, and Don’t think spending bill votes are more important than U.S. citizens and troops.

    1. @pawel nowak Strategic reasons. Ability to respond to many different locations in a shorter time. You also don’t want all your eggs in one basket to be easily picked off. Remember Pearl Harbor.

    2. @Larry Jensen the fact Trump cut the troops from 4500 to 2500 just days before he left office knowing his deal was to leave May1 says all you need to know, why would he do that when he knew there was so many people that needed evacuating! Mind you he didn’t plan on bringing any afghan allies out of their anyway.

    3. Cut the military by 50% then maybe America could have nice things like public healthcare, even a tax break for the middle class, maybe some infrastructure renewal!
      But wait doesn’t America make piles of money off of weapon product? The military industrial complex feeds a lot of folks with gov tax money considering governments are their main customers. Missiles, ammunition and guns must be used to keep the cycle going, to keep the tax dollar flowing to the top and share prices up. And what about all the fuel burned by that war machine, oil company’s will not go for your tax dollars not coming to them!
      America must have war to justify the 700 billion in tax money that drives a good portion of the American economy including some big players on the stock exchange.
      America is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to cutting military spending!

  6. The Taliban did an internal investigation, and they found there was no wrongdoing on their part.

    1. @BlaQ Bay17 Wrong! Biden approves this message:
      · We must not subject others who are different to the kind of malevolent treatment that we ourselves do not wish to be subjected to.

      · We must demand of ourselves the same ethical standards we demand of others.
      · Any attempt to defend indefensible unethical/immoral standards, inhumane views and/or hateful behavior is an assault upon human decency. Those who make apologetic excuses for unethical/immoral conduct are themselves ethically/morally bankrupt.

  7. The greatest strength of Guerilla warfare is not having a centralized command structure. The greatest weakness of Guerilla warfare is not having a centralized command structure…

  8. Why do we keep broadcasting how many people we have evacuated out of Afghanistan. I’m sure the enemy sees this as a success and literally blew up that momentum

  9. The USA should say if you behave we go, if you act up we stay. ‘Talk softly and carry a big stick’. It might work. Probably it will work.

  10. Mark Zuckerberg is constantly called before Congress so they can give him a hard time about allowing allowing Right ignorance on his platform. YouTube seems to get a free pass.

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