Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Holds Presser After Being Stripped Of Committee Assignments | MSNBC 1

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Holds Presser After Being Stripped Of Committee Assignments | MSNBC


NBC's Garrett Haake reports as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene held a press conference after the House voted to strip her of committee assignments. She claimed Congress "stripped my district of their voice" and went on to criticize the media and praise former President Trump. Aired on 02/05/2021.
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Holds Presser After Being Stripped Of Committee Assignments | MSNBC


    1. “Marjorie Taylor Greene is An Insult to Our Democracy & Those in Congress Whom Voted Not To Remove Her!” “Benedict Arnold is Turning Over in His Grave!”

    2. @Minh Huynh Yeah, she did apologize and admit her faults. Something the Democratic party will never do.
      Did Maxine Waters ever apologize for inciting harassment and violence against Trump supporters? That i’d like to see.

    3. @Todd T it isn’t something to say and be sorry about it. She literally meant it at the beginning and now she is sorry? That is pure stupidity. She said 9/11 didn’t happened! Like who tf would say that????

    4. @Minh Huynh I never saw the comments but isn’t that what she was explaining to everyone? Back in 2018 before she was in congress she believed things that weren’t true?
      It’s kinda like Democrats saying the 6 months of riots were mostly peaceful. Ya can’t be a hypocrite. Admit your faults. Like she was telling that CNN reporter, stop telling people lies, free yourself, apologize, move on.

    1. @Brian Jones I’m an Independent. I’ve voted for candidates from both parties. Could you please define the “radicl” left? What is it, that makes them “radical”, in your eyes?

    2. @My Animals there is no evidence of the undercover thing. That’s a scapegoat both sides use. Blm is responsible for what happened last year. Trump and Q are responsible for what happened on the 6th. The police aren’t responsible for capital hill or last years riots. Stop blaming them for everything.

    1. Also no punishment or removal from committee’s board assignments from the Democrats who have made several insurrection comments against their Republican colleagues or constituents they represent. The Democrats feel the rules don’t apply to them. Double Standard Democrats keeping the American people hostage with their agenda and propaganda.

    1. John Music, I agree. She whines like A.O.C and Tlaib and they call themselves leaders. I don’t recall Churchill whining nor, FDR nor, JFK when he warned us about the communist globalist state nor, Eisenhower. Do you?

    2. @JaneFonda1942 Apex Clan That globalist communist crap is that Q-anon or the meth talking?
      Prob both

    3. Whining is the common denominator among tRump cultists, entitlement and grievance. My thinking is they love tRump because “he feels their pain”, encourages their bullying behavior, their self-pity. Perhaps stripping MTG of assignments is better than expulsion, less opportunity for her to become a martyr.

    1. @FE RnKmaster I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound offensive at all! What I was trying to say is that these people clearly have some issues, otherwise they won’t be living in a sort of a paranoia in a distorted reality… I mean: who would actually believe those kind of conspiracy theories? These people need to be helped and monitored. I’m still in shock they managed to get into Capitol Hill, that’s crazy. America, are u drunk?!

    1. @Peremalfait It would be really easy for you crackpots and fascists to disarm Democrats of that point of criticism……But, of course, you’re not interested in doing that because her views, far from being an outlier as you claim, are actually representative of the lunacy and bigotry of the GOP base in the electorate.

    2. @Chris A I don’t care what her views are. She’s not from my state. I think it’s fine to take issue with statements she’s made. The original post which I responded to asked a legitimate question however, which is why do we have to hear about it. We don’t, but the Democrats wish, as you do, to paint anyone who doesn’t think like they do as a “crackpot” or a “fascist.” That’s why we’re hearing about it.

    3. @Peremalfait Her ideas are fascist and conspiratorial. There is no denying that, unless you’re one of those folks. Moreover, most GOPers believe this same nonsense, so it isn’t just ahout her. Her views are part of the mainstream GOP discourse. Again, you can deny that…but thats because you live in an alternate reality.

  1. Dont cover her. Her opinion is zero in my world. Good for Palm Reeks, they can house all those awful people.

    1. Dems/ left wing news are going to keep covering her and all the other loonies in the Republican party. Because the more attention the media brings to these crazy people, the more likely they are to steal republican voters over to the democrat side.

      It’s actually a decent strategy

    2. @Erik H thats not “stealing votes”, that’s showing the normal people how crazy the GOP is. if these people decide to vote Demcrats in the future, I would not call that “stealing”, they have the right to change their opinion.
      Anyway, I doubt that many republican voters watch cnn or msnbc, they are all at Fox watching Tucker’s hate-tirades and getting radicalised.

    1. @Timothy Isham Dimwit, show me one democrat who called for the shooting of a politician, or the lynching of another, go on , name one. You’re as loony as her, you’re excusing that behaviour as if it’s normal. Well I assure you, even if it was a democrat saying those things, I would want them removed too

    2. @Alexandria Ocasio-Whoretez YOU NEED HELP TOO. You are in to deep with RIDICULOUS EXTREME CONSPIRACY THEORIES!! Seek professional help. Who uses some else name & post ignorant comments (rhetorical questions)… YOU DO. Get a life. Stop trolling people on the internet. Go read National Geographic.

    3. She Beyond any help for several reasons. The first reason being she doesn’t want it nor does she think she needs help because everything is everybody else’s fault. She is a narcissist, a dangerous one. What she says she’s going to do believe her. She’ll do it

  2. I know someone who is just like her, and that person is a
    grand narcissist and lower than average intelligence.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis And there will obviously be not enough votes to remove her. So it’s not happening. People of Georgia can elect someone else in 2 years.

    1. Too tell you the truth shes above them assignments she way smarter than joe and baby killing AOC and Omar the racist if you can see the truth or hear the truth well then why are you here fake news

    2. @Speak the truth ok I will PuKe now at the lack of intelligence in your fake info comment. You are the fake news (which is such a childish term to begin with. Oh yes, it is a Trump term which makes it by definition childish.) When you say “them assisngments” it shows that you are not that bright either.

    3. @Sharon Johnson is that bright enough for u .was you one of them crybabys for the past 4 yrs aww now u got biden what u complaining about Russian conclusion lol that was a waste of tax dollars huh go sip on some wine or something and comments on something that matters ok

  3. Crazy “Q” cultists don’t deserve committee assignments. She’s an example of how Trump has wrecked the Republican party.

    1. @Cy Ranger – She made fools out of the activists at CNN. It was fcking epic. Greene tore them a new azzhole.

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