Rep. Maxine Waters On GOP Censure Vote: Republicans Love To Use Me As A Target | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Rep. Maxine Waters On GOP Censure Vote: Republicans Love To Use Me As A Target | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Congresswoman Maxine Waters joins The ReidOut to talk about the Chauvin guilty verdict and the censure vote against her get tabled: "My colleagues stood with me and they voted to table the motion that was put up to censure me because the Republicans love to use me as a target. They raise money on my backs." Aired on 04/20/2021.
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Rep. Maxine Waters On GOP Censure Vote: Republicans Love To Use Me As A Target | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. @Randy Couch Don’t bother. “mary jones” is a DNCbot. Posts the exact same thing every time

    2. Maxine pushed for Trump to be impeached for far less than what she did. Trump’s a saint by comparison. Fact!

    1. @Jack Duncan 👄You don’t seem to remember that those republicans are today’s democrat party. rethugs are no longer the party of Lincoln…have not been for decades. Update your historical reference before continuing to make a further fool of yourself!!

    2. @Jack Duncan Things have changed, republows are now the party of racism, and against anything and everything positive or decent. Useless mouths.

    1. I am looking forward to accelerating my drug habbit and spending counterfeit money knowing the cops can’t do anything now. If they do I will die and be saint. It is a win win.

    2. @Dee Boschee
      Yes but positive or negative influences over time will change the size and activity of certain sections of the brain.

      As the twenty year study on Conservative VS Liberal brain discovered this fact.
      And Conservatives also lack sufficient capacity for processing critical thinking, as well as too much fear and aggression fight or flight response.
      While a Liberal will be the opposite !

      So it’s a double whammy imbalance for Conservatives which is why you can say they sometimes think backwards when on the far right.

      Google Conservative VS Liberal brain.
      How alcohol effects your politics.
      The Dunning Kruger effects.

  1. well you know what I tell them auntie please don’t confuse my assertiveness with me having an attitude so be assertive be assertive be assertive be passionate

    1. As if Republicans have anything to talk about. I’m glad she gave zero Fs about whatever they were going to say. Republicans are going to whine and cry about everything so let them. I’m glad the Dems finally stood up to them.

  2. Today was a good day for America’s soul and a good step in the right direction.
    Much work needs to be done.

    1. @Drafter_21
      Whoa! Now that is some voter fraud.
      You guys must be so disappointed losing as often as you do.

    2. @Drafter_21
      2016: Hillary lost. Get over it.
      2020: Trump lost. Get over it.
      Funny how that sword swings both ways, huh?

    3. @Annalise Maya Then i ask you in turn, do you believe that systemic racism HASNT been a reoccurring problem for the black community in America for centuries??
      Dont you think they’ve already tried every peaceful avenue they could to change that during that same amount of time??

      BLM was created because the black community was pushed to a boiling point, and they’ve exhausted every single option to address such unfair bias and volatile treatment from authorities legally.
      I may not like their current methods either, but i can understand WHY they’ve resorted to what they’ve done.
      When they’re being *ignored on purpose* and have already tried everything else within their power, WHAT ELSE COULD THEY DO!?
      What did you EXPECT was going to happen!??

      Meanwhile, right wing Anglo Saxon advocates, especially those in power and authority, like Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Green, Tucker Carlson, and so on, are PURPOSEFULLY ignoring that suffering from the black community and want to either, deflect, distract, downplay it as “no big deal” or demonize.

      Who’s in the wrong here, you tell me.

    4. @Rampage Phoenix To answer ur question, I say yes Systemic racism is very real. I xperience this myself believe it or not. With all of BLM funding, connection n powers I believe it could had been done better, without involving the surrounding community n to obtain a more sturdier, more positive platform, yes. A movement done right cannot be challenge without one xposing ones wrong. Also BLM is being way to hasty in defending other criminals, making their one JUST cause, the George Floyd incident look weak to some. Sometime when u have a good cause you just have to stick with the one. To much movement lead to mistakes like the whole country on fire, make u look disorganize n it send out a bad message to the undeserving criminals, as well as the ppls. Some say that riot bring change like wut happen to the Civil Right Movement, but wut folks dont kno is that MLK dream was alrdy a reality behind close doors. The march was theatrical n a catalyst for the people of the country.

  3. Many souls can breathe again. It’s not revenge that Chauvin was found guilty, it was Justice.

    1. Wrong its Politicans like Waters and Mainstream media who convicted without a trial. Appeal coming soon! This woman supported riots last year the jurors were scare. the drug dealers are free !

    2. It’s not justice, not at all but it’s as close to justice that our system allows. Chauvin’s dead, the person who killed him isn’t and depending on his sentence he very well could walk city streets again.
      Just my opinion.

    1. I am all for standing up for human dignity, but make sure you don’t let it turn you into someone spiteful and impulsive like cult 45…

    2. @E E Didn’t Malcolm X say by any means necessary? Time for politely asking and talking is over. Long overdue!

    3. Turn the other cheek?! Here’s what she said after the LA Riots “I maintain it was somewhat understandable, if not acceptable”. Don’t get what you want? You’re entitled to burn things down. She’s sick in the head.

    4. @Queen Of Wands Indeed, here’s another from X…..“The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man.”

  4. You go Auntie Maxine Water …….and it still is not a confrontation of violence and destruction …..that the Republicans was hoping for 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  5. Standing up for justice is standing up for all ! The only way justice should be,The same laws applies to all…🙏

  6. Maxine, they’re scared of you, you’re smarter than they are. They love free speech as long as it only comes from their mouths.

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