Rep. Cori Bush On The Chauvin Verdict: ‘Today, We Saw Accountability Happen’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Rep. Cori Bush On The Chauvin Verdict: ‘Today, We Saw Accountability Happen’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Congresswoman Cori Bush joins The ReidOut to talk about her thoughts on the Chauvin verdict.
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Rep. Cori Bush On The Chauvin Verdict: ‘Today, We Saw Accountability Happen’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. @D E : That’s good. I admire those people for their service. Are they in a large city like Minneapolis ?

    2. @Gary Campbell OK. You’re the first person I’ve seen here that gets both points. That is encouraging.
      I’m amazed at how difficult that is to do for so many.

    3. @Gary Campbell BS. I have friends and friends in law enforcement and they all decry what Chauvin did as criminal and negligent homicide.

    4. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson If Rep. Waters’s words are enough to get Chodein acquitted, then by that same standard Baby Cheesus should be held liable for inciting the Zombie MAGApcalypse.

  1. If Chauvin had done what he was supposed to do, he would not be facing a long prison term and George would be alive. It is such a simple thing to have happened.

  2. Today is not only a day for Black & Brown lives. But it’s also a day for all lives all around the world

    1. @Michael Appel SHe already incited violence. AND she is a very powerful person — I bet she knows people!

  3. Accountability…. something that took a hit from the last administration and needs to get back on track.

  4. He didn’t show any mercy on a human being. I don’t understand that kind of hate..Despicable!

  5. Cheer up. These neighborhoods will be back to the cesspools that they always are next week….
    ~Jim Eagle

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