Rep. Moulton On Afghanistan Exit: 'There Is So Much More Work To Do' 1

Rep. Moulton On Afghanistan Exit: ‘There Is So Much More Work To Do’


MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle is joined by marine veteran and Massachusetts congressman Seth Moulton to discuss the end of the war in Afghanistan and what he believes needs to be done going forward. 
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    1. *President Trump’s Exit Plan*
      1) evacuate civilians _FIRST_
      2) dispose of military hardware
      3) pull out our troops _LAST_

    2. @BlaQ Bay17 lol Trump can’t find his way out of a wet paper bag! this pull out would have been worst under Trump because he hates Afghans and wouldn’t have pulled them out.

    3. @Cornbread & Grits President Trump had nothing in his plan that stated we should abandon the military equipment or Americans and our allies.

      Biden even abandoned service dogs

  1. Republicans OWN Afghanistan!
    In the 1980s Reagan gave US support to the Taliban versus the USSR, because Republicans believe all anti-communists are “good guys”. Regan/Bush built the Taliban bases in Pakistan that defeated the Soviets, then the US. There was no Taliban until US $$$ created them.

    1. @Reason That’s true, but the mujahedin gave rise to the Taliban, just as the Taliban has given rise to IS-K.

  2. The State Department has always put a low priority on the welfare of private citizens in foreign countries. If you are an expat, you are abroad on your own authority, at your own risk, and while State does provide some services, they are not there to protect you or your welfare and they will tell you as much. The US military has even less responsibility for US citizens abroad than State. The State department does encourage Americans to register their presence in a foreign country, and to sign up for periodic information briefs via email, and to be ready to follow instructions for action to be taken to ensure one’s personal welfare – including repatriation – when required. It is entirely up to each expat to register and to keep their registration current. State does not have an obligation to find or advise people who do not tell them of their presence or how to contact them. If they say that they do not know how many American expats there are left behind, it is probably because these people did not register with State. Those who did register could be easily tracked and accounted for.

    1. These American citizens had over a year to exit the country on a scheduled commercial flight. If that was too difficult, the Biden administration offered assistance for three months for them to leave the country. About 5,700 of the dithered and dallied, and we still managed to get 98% out with our Afghan allies. No sympathy from me.

    2. @ruth depew Agreed. This is just a nonsense talking point from the party of “personal responsibility”. I spent most of my life as an expat – didn’t always register but didn’t rely on the US military to evacuate me either if push came to shove. And, just a point of information, a lot of expats are expats because they actually DON’T want to be found.

    3. You have to understand, that, some US, Canadians, UK, Australia met people in Afghanistan, many got involved emotionally, don’t worry, those who want to get out will. What media won’t say, for security reason many special forces, from Nato, Commonwealth and US are working to get them out. To Pakistan or other means. Just be patient. US and Nato did get 122,000 people out of there so far. And as US army, Nato never leave an allie or citizen behind.

  3. So gee wiz….. I wonder who is going to be throwing his hat into the next presidential race??? Gads. People like this, I don’t need.

  4. Could politicians be pivoting in their remarks about the withdrawal from Afghanistan, criticizing the withdrawal process then while touting the heroism of the men and women in uniform today? WHY???

  5. A number of BRITISH newspapers highlight their ANGER AT BIDEN – with the Daily Telegraph headline: “Parliament holds the president in contempt”. It describes the criticism as an

  6. How come he didn’t go to Afghanistan last year or two years ago? Only went now and took 2 seats that where supposed to be for the evacuees? All this supposed experts are now coming out of the woodwork! Disgusting human being! Shameful!

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