Rep. Murphy Rips McCarthy Name-Calling Jan. 6 Committee Reps 1

Rep. Murphy Rips McCarthy Name-Calling Jan. 6 Committee Reps

Rep. Stephanie Murphy: “It’s a shame that Kevin McCarthy has resorted to name calling to try to disparage his own members and try to create a sideshow circus to detract from the very serious efforts this committee is making towards getting to the truth.”
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    1. @B. T. Where us he now the same boot he was licking kicked him in the but.He was at a Trump Talley on the 6 Jan I wonder will he be subpoena?

    2. @Shparkel one and they tried to hold her responsible for something halfway around the world, whereas cheeto in chief was in the same town and refused to do anything to stop the coup he initiated

    3. They were very costly investigations. Those investigations were just one of the many things that added to Hillary’s loss, which then led to 4 years of the tainting of American reputation overseas, a severe increase in national debt from an absolutely unnecessary and harmful tax cut for the richest businesses and finally, the death of over 600,000 Americans from a mismanaged crisis.

    1. @TT So you just make up things?? Good one little boy!!!! Name one good thing Dementia Joe Kid Touch has done or explain why you are even talking???????

    2. @Bud Fudlacker I’m still laughing. All you got is calling people names. You have zero credibility, just like McCarthy, Trump and all his followers. Go back to your moms basement.

  1. There is no flaw or sign of distraction in this Congresswoman’s devotion to her job her country and the task at hand. She brings her integrity and sense of purpose to the committee..

    1. Most republicans want to forget it ever happened. Why? Are they actually conspirators themselves?

    2. Never encountered a GOP member of congress speak clearly, passionately and factual like this congresswoman. The GOP recruitment is full of MTG and LB and MGT What a shame!

    3. @Fk Sons You never will… that is simply the agenda of the Republicon party… deny, deflect, distract and LIE.

  2. Please call Kevin McCarthy to testify and don’t forget to remind him of the penalties for lying under oath !

    1. @Sandra Lewis “There’s no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day,
      ~ Mitch McConnell.

    1. @David Ko actually trump said peacefully walk to the capital he never once invited any violence maybe you should actually Google and hear the truth straight from his mouth bet you won’t

    2. @Sun Dial Your name goes well with your one-brain cell sun dial. We are no longer in the middle ages or the time and witches… we use clocks. Stay in your little room in the dark with your little keyboard and your Alabama sheep.

  3. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election

    1. @Lori A So wait…..was it BLM that stormed the Capitol or is Ashlee Babbitt a victim/martyr? Cant be both, unless Babbit was also a secret BLM agent…… are pathetic

    2. @Lori A wow, obviously not someone who actually Lives in america, most of what you said makes no sense unless it’s MAGA/Qanon propaganda. You need to stop watching Fox “news”( FCC classifies them as an entertainment station and therefore It’s opinion based news and not required to report the actual facts of a situation), OAN and others to look to more non-partisan sources for your information.
      –It has been verified that many of the people that came by bus were groups like Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Qanon activists and dozen’s of other people actually and actively broke into the building and injured hundreds of Capitol Police and doing thousands of dollars in damage to the building in the process.
      — Why would BLM participants be there to attack the capitol building when they themselves would have been targets for violence by the Racist majority present and there has been an investigation of who the participants were and there were none from Antifa.

  4. Girly Man McCarthy is very worried that crap flows downhill and once his Master is fully exposed along with a few GOP members I’ll bet….that HE will be caught right in the middle of that shi$@ show!

    1. @Jean Alton I think it has already started. We have seen some of the rioters (under)sentenced. My guess is that they are going up the food chain starting at the bottom and working up.

    2. I believe that is exactly why Mccarthy didn’t want the committee in the beginning and why he tried to inject two more despicable Republicans into the committee that polosi rejected and why he’s threatening to remove Kinzinger and Chaney from their committee duties. He has tried just about everything he could dream up to prevent this fact finding committee. Kind of like Trump did with his taxes. Something doesn’t smell right and I’m betting McCartney will be implicated in his involvement with the inserection and doesn’t want it to come out. He’s trying to hard to stop it. Thats guilt speaking.

    3. No, he appears to be a adult man who is willingly helping destroy our country for his career and money, and Nancy and the other great women and men are seeking the truth and hopefully lock them all up for being traitors and violently attacked our own people, they all should be punished severly

    1. @Constituent A sorry sorry sorry and thanks. Brain fart. Charles Booker. I edited the post for the confusion.

    2. @S McDonald how does Kentucky vote in a Democrat Governor Andy Beshear but can’t win any of their Senate seats?

    3. Kentucky is a embarrassment. Can’t produce leaders of its own, but have idiots like McConnell and Paul representing us like the inbreeds of bug tussle.

  5. ‘The President bears responsibility for Wednesdays attack on Congress by mob rioters’

    — Kevin Mccarthy
    Kevin needs to testify

    1. I think the biggest thing that McCarthy needs to testify about is the ‘expletive-laced’ phone call between him and trump while the insurrection was in progress. McCarthy has information regarding the content of that phone call that would be very relevant to proving what trump’s intent and level of personal involvement was.

  6. Kevin McCarthy have the least of his worry that he might be held in contempt if they ever get subpoenaed for him to be a witness in this committee and for Liz Cheney this would be sweet revenge to get Kevin McCarthy out of office permanently ?

    1. @Smooches if this was the other way around and Kevin McCarthy was in charge and there was black lives matters and antifa members he would be so relentless to get to the truth now we know why he doesn’t want this to ever come up ?

  7. All this because the chosen one couldn’t accept he’d been unchosen. Not such a stable genius after all.

  8. I bet when she said the committee was going to find out who paid for the insurrection, a whole bunch of GOP had a heart attack

  9. Well said Rep Murphy and you are how elected officials should be speaking, both parties. Hope voters are listening to the traitor Republicans and vote them out.

  10. Kinzinger’s response to McCarthy’s attempt to discredit him as a “Pelosi Republican” – “It”s childish, we’re doing big things right now,” was just
    perfect. He shrugged it off like water off a duck’s back. He’s made of sterner stuff and won’t be distracted by McCarthy’s or any other GOP’s nonsense. Kudos Adam!

    1. Kinzinger and Cheney are lifelong Republicans. I find it strange how the GOP switched their allegiance to a guy who only registered as a Republican in 2015.

    2. @Leonie Romanes Switched for greed… and there are nearly 13 other Republicons who have done the exact same thing in about the last 16 years.

  11. She’s very soft spoken and articulate. Take a lesson from her playbook, (hysterical) Gym Jordan! Listen and learn.


  13. She’s the Republican’s worst nightmare – she’s articulate, intelligent, coherent, communicative and a minority woman of color who believes more strongly in this Constitutional Republic than all the Republican seditionists genuflecting at Trump’s alter of treason.

  14. Looks like Kevin will be heading back to “Mango-Lardo” for another strategy meeting with Former Guy.

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