‘Hell He’s Created’: Trump Blasted For Lies Amid Covid-19 Surge

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss his new book “This Country: My Life in Politics and History,” the fallout of Donald Trump’s presidency and the importance of democracy.
(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. We must never forget the evil he brought to this country and rise again in numbers to keep him out of office FOREVER and for good.

    1. @Alexis Martinez you just can’t except the fact that even though you claim Republican states have better resources and police they still rank on the top 10 list off states with the most crime and homeless. Also at least 8 of the top 10 states that receive federal aid are Republican. Don’t BS me with overall crap. If they have better resources then they shouldn’t even be on the 10 top list. So you are saying they have better police and better resources and yet they still rank in the top 10 for crime and homeless.
      Edit also maybe try actually doing actual research. You can easily find that Red states are more dependent on federal aid than blue. Also the same can be said for crime with red states overall having more crime
      P.S. one last thing. Stop lying about saying you voted Democrat in 2020 because we both know you didn’t. It just shows what a liar you are

    2. @American Truth you are not understanding me. No state can keep crime out. Democratic states rank EVEN HIGHER than Republicans states. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. If anything, you’re not looking at the statistics. Crime rates in democratic states and cities are higher than republican states! Like I’ve said before, not one state/city can fully prevent crime but the Republican states do a better job at it. I did vote for Biden and I don’t regret it, but the way I’m seeing the country move is something I’m not liking. That’s why I’m saying I will probably vote Republican in 2024.

    3. @Alexis Martinez you aren’t looking at the statistics because like you said if you add them up Republican states have more crime in total then Democrat states. Just like in total Republican states take more government aid
      Edit: also you didn’t vote for Biden. Stop lying. In your comments to others you are saying what a great job Trump did and how the Democrats are lying. You are the one lying

    4. @American Truth I am and you are wrong. Just admit you’re wrong man lol. Yes I had a change of opinion now. People’s opinion change if you haven’t heard of that before. I did some research and saw how biased the media is. You should do some as well and look into critical thinkers like Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens and so many others who are proving how bad the Democratic Party is at lying. See for yourself.

    5. @Alexis Martinez so that’s your answer. Biased media. It’s totally obvious you don’t do real research. Go check out the government website or write the name of the site you got your info from. Stop lying about voting for Biden
      Edit: you voted Trump and you are totally a liar about not voting for him. Everything you say is right wing. No actual research

  2. Maybe electing a reality TV host who dodged the draft,
    is a compulsive liar,
    and cheats at golf
    was a bad idea.


    1. As a non American it boggles my mind that an ex-president, a powerful and influential person is allowed to spread a lie which is causing a serious social division and is undermining social order. All civilised countries have laws to protect public order. Why are we not seeing them in America?.As a non-American why should I care? Because the reality is that a major civil event in America would negatively affect the global economy and cause a set back at a time when it is least needed.

  3. Trump did claim to know more than virology scientists at the CDC to their face on video. Trump spent the visit to the CDC misrepresenting the state of coronavirus testing, praising himself, and attacking his critics.
    Trump claimed to understand science better than anyone because his uncle was a scientist.

    1. On that basis alone, my mum is a trained pianist, so therefore I should be able to perform at the Albert Hall during the Proms…

    2. @BLAIR B Yes that is true he learned from the best his father. His father was the same way in a different format the always got away with everything. I hope for what is worth he will finally get his and them some.

  4. I don’t understand why he’s still a free man. I was promised no one would be above the law here.

    1. Lol who promised you that? Stop the cap. Every government to ever exist was above the law. America is just the less of most not to be that corrupt.

    1. @ConspiracyClownsGFY he might not listen to Putin but Putin has the ability and training to use Trump’s narcissistic personality to steer Trump into doing and saying what Putin wants and still make it seem to be Trump’s idea.

    2. If orange boy was so smart why didn’t he know the Spanish flu of 1918 started in Kansas City?

  5. He created the mess we are in. The mistrust in each other. The Covid deaths piling up. Mistrust in our elections. He is the devil.

    1. We are pulling your baggage. And our own weight. While you fight us. As we pull you out the mess you got us in.

    2. @Jerry Ulin IDC how you lost anymore. Who spread what about who when Trump lost? IDC. There are more important things than Trump and your feelings going on right now. Democrats will do it as you act like children. Carrying your dead weight. Lazy and do nothing Republicans attitude if we have to.

    3. You are lazy and whiners. You complain about something not important. We don’t give a flying crap if Trumps feelings are hurt by a election loss.

    4. People are dying of Covid and we have to run the country. Screw Trump. Americans are more important than some whiney selfish baby and his followers feelings. Work had to get done. Get over it.

    5. @Jerry Ulin The koolaid of knowledge and critical thinking? Yep! I ate the apple from the tree of knowledge also. You want to call people stupid but have zero facts to back it up. In the psychological world, you are completely unaware and projecting. Feel free to Google Dunning Krueger. You probably don’t believe in science and research either. You’ll take attention any way you can get it.

    1. @Adam Hayes Yeah there definitely are some Nazis running around thats for sure. But if you are blind to fact that they are in your party also. You’ve officially been brain washed.

    2. @Matt T I have a hard time believing that there are any left leaning Nazis. But, please, tell me more about people who embrace opposite ends of the political spectrum at the same time.

    3. @Adam Hayes You’re right I’ll give you that one. No Nazis, your side just prefers the Authoritarian fascist iron fist top down dictatorships like the communists. But definitely not Nazis.

    4. @Randy Tallman They didn’t wear the masks. Why would you think they would have taken the vaccine. Trump would have used it as a divisive ploy just like he is doing now. He is giving them permission to defy doing the right thing. Doing what’s smart has never been on Trump’s agenda.

    5. Maga is just a front for trump the majority of his products that he has is made in other countries like China

  6. Trump is a silly little man, his fifteen minutes are up, now History gets to Judge him. I don’t think History will be kind.

    1. He is already ranked at near the bottom of the ranking of presidents list and that list is updated after every administration. He will be rock bottom after the Biden admin is over. Worst President ever.

    2. silly little man, time is up. You are apparently not paying attention to his rallies. The courts must just Trump Did he act with willful blindness to the threats posed by climate change and national security. He is a crook

    1. It is like a bad marriage, for some it takes years to see that person was bad. But oh how relieved people are when they finally got away from a bad marriage.

    2. As a non American it boggles my mind that an ex-president, a powerful and influential person is allowed to spread a lie which is causing a serious social division and is undermining social order. All civilised countries have laws to protect public order. Why are we not seeing them in America?.As a non-American why should I care? Because the reality is that a major civil event in America would negatively affect the global economy and cause a set back at a time when it is least needed.

  7. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election

    1. No he did not. You people are lost in a lie. President Trump is and was a great president compared to this loose duck on our WH. He’s sick and lost his marbles. Wake up, Trump 2024!

    2. @Roy Weatherall I can’t wait for AUGUST 14th, I ‘ve bought pharmaceutical stocks. Anti-depressant meds should be flying off the drug store counters when Trump is still talking to himself in Mar-A-Lago.

    1. @312SES That might be true, after all, he is really, really cozy with all of America’s enemies. America’s friends, however, don’t like him attacking them. The terrorists and Russia never had a better friend than Biden.

    2. You also believed some vague comments about a new medical technology called Healight somehow actually meant ‘inject bleach’😂

    1. @boredgrass Well thank you, but since I am now 72, I think harbor will soon be in sight. Nature is trimming my sails as we speak.

    2. @George Bellerose trunt voters have chosen to be stupid. I have friends who are a married couple who have 7 degrees between the two of them. They STILL support him. Willful ignorance and denial.

    3. @Miss Informed Nothing compared to the US. Taxes are high, but you get peace of mind for what you pay. Oh, and all of the politicians aren’t paid off by pharmaceutical companies. Medical care and prescription drugs are about a third of what they cost in the states.

  8. “This Trump guy … he doesn’t want to be a good person.” That’s everything you need to know about Donnie Boy.

    1. @UCRhAOJvUR4-Q1IgtlW48otQ Sure …
      Keep pretending that Donnie is a good boy, and that he’s doing the things he’s doing because he cares about you, the Rule of Law, and the Constitution. Maybe he’ll let you kiss his butt one day. 😁

    2. I am sorry to insist but he has never said the truth about nothing. Do not forget that he is a narcissist.

  9. Trump said it at his rally: “They impeached me again, and I got WORSE!” With a satisfied smirk!🙄 he’s been getting worse the whole time!

    1. @Dwayne Douglas Johnson Well, can you tell us how DeadlyDonald is doing? Yes, DeadlyDonald said :”They impeached me again,and I got worse” For the first in his life,DeadlyDonald “UNZIPPED” his soul for the whole to see! Now, Dwayne , tell us how you are doing?# FOPDOODLE

    2. @Myriam Lateur Every time we asked that question before the answer has ALWAYS been a sickening: 😒 Unfortunately, Yes. Yes, until proven otherwise, him getting worse _is_ possible.

  10. Trump has NEVER wanted to be a good person. He has contempt for good people and thinks they are saps. Trump’s job as a grifter is to bilk good people and he’s doing quite an energetic job of that.

    1. We all know Trump…. He’s the kind of guy who sticks his hand in everyone’s pockets, but pays for nothing with his own money…..”What’s MINE IS MINE, AND WHAT’S YOURS IS MINE, TOO……’And the Orangeman pays no taxes…..

    2. Expecting a Malignant Narcissist (Trump) to do the right thing, to be considerate of others, to help someone other than themselves…is the definition of insanity.

    3. It’s just a narcissist’s way of living: destroying everything and everyone. Greetings from the Netherlands 🇳🇱.

    4. @Carlton Fuller It’s because Trumpists are being told that they are the true patriots. True patriots give their money to save the country. When in reality, the money is going to Trump’s personal account. True Patriotism is about serving your community, protecting your community, and making sure everyone in your community has equal rights.

    1. Yeah, Chris Mathews keeps saying “if he would just do….” that is like saying if a crook would just stop stealing…. that just comes across delusional. The man does not sound smart, just “enthusiastic”

    2. @OneDayA_Martian Chris is talking to the audience. Maybe someone will heed the words. Cause at this point, COVID can’t be political or anything other than that it’s a disease that’s killing more than a reasonable number of people for a controllable disease. We have a vaccine and it’s proven to be effective to a large degree. Some folks, for various reasons, won’t get vaccinated. And a unnecessary number of folks will die. Just as simple as that!🇺🇸

    1. @Resident Bye Don Well he’s not doing self-promotion, golfing and dangerous rallies (for self-promotion). Apart from the hard work he’s doing in cleaning up donnie’s mess, and fighting covid instead of denying or downplaying it. Anything else you need to know?

    2. @Resident Bye Don You have lost all privileges given to a person with common sense. So shut up regardless

  11. trump makes money off of this chaos he’s created, so of course he won’t lift a finger to resolve the problem.

    1. @Favour Bridgette If you don’t believe that Trump lies, you must have your head so far up his “you know what”, that you can’t see reason.
      But you’re probably just another Russian asset.

    2. @The Morally Superior Democrat lmao our country went backwards because of it and we probably don’t want that to happen again …politics are sellouts and that’s the bottom line but he is the worst and if you disagree you must be a trump voter or stupid ..same thing!

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