1. @Think Box yes but we have too many evil ones running interference and causing chaos .same thing all the theives would do when i worked in retail.distract, divide ,and conquer

  1. Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Biden have been in office over 30 yrs each and nothing has changed, except their families have become very wealthy while in office.

    1. @Larry Dakin By the way, it not about what anyone can do for us. It’s about what we can, and will do for ourselves, as Black people. Once we all get a grip on how, and where our Dollars are spent, we will definitely help ourselves tremendously. As a matter of fact, to the point of being very competitive in all markets. I ask you the question about black spending power in America, alone. I’ll tell you, it’s 1.2 Trillion dollars annually. This doesn’t include wealthy blacks. I’ll let you figure it out from there whether or not anyone needs to give us anything. Especially if we channel our spending power down the correct avenue’s.

    2. @Leroy Thomas your last comment about doing for yourself is the one I am responding too I have my opinions you have yours for me biden is a pandering puppet of the democrat party Trump is nobodies puppet he is crass and unfiltered but he stands his ground and is not politicly correct now you go find your own reasons to vote for whom ever you want that is the only freedom in this mess we have

    3. @Leroy Thomas you are right no one should get special privileges because of color of skin rather its white ,black , purple ,pink , or polka dot .get it ?

    1. I suggest you go watch the docu 13th. It’s available free on this platform so you have no excuse not to do it.

    2. Zissou Moonshot I haven’t even seen it myself, so I doubt Bill will sit down, watch and actually appreciate it.
      That’s actually what I’ll do… It’s our family movie night, but I want to watch that instead of a cartoon. It’s not graphic is it? My husband and I have 2 four year olds that will likely be in the room… not that they would remember anything about it. I just would rather put them to sleep first before watching if it gets too dark.

  2. She don’t care about floyed at all! She’s using this for a new agenda wake up

    1. And whats that?You guys jeep saying LIBERALS are going to take control of the world. You guys called OBAMA the antichrist and still nothing happen.Stop the conspiracy theories and wake up!!

    2. She can’t do both at the same time? Care about “floyed” and also use it as a platform to forward an agenda?

    1. Nicole Cordova probably because they are taught Circumlocution or Persilfage to keep people vague on what they actually stand for or their ulterior motives. Easy way to confuse someone if you talk a lot but don’t actually make any sense …

    1. @Voodoo Child so true i am so glad a lot of people are realizing it and it is getting real old.i am sick of being called a racist for no reason

    1. @Richard Rockie as usual false fact. She did not call him a murderer. Go read the response, that is if you know how to read!

  3. I have never been treated that way and he was a criminal pos that put a gun to a woman and child unborn what happens was to awful but don’t you have a better poster child or all they all criminals

    1. You are idiots when u can’t see people actually making a difference for others u selfish ignorant people should build four walls around u

    1. Who holds their hands like that? She even looked like she was struggling to get her fingers correctly positioned.

  4. Propaganda and hidden deals , time they post all Bill’s for public viewing 10 days b4 voting on bills

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