Rep. Plaskett Addresses Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Aggressions 1

Rep. Plaskett Addresses Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Aggressions


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and other controversial members of the GOP are analyzed by Rep. Stacey Plaskett. On the climate on Capitol Hill and whether she feels safe, Rep. Stacey Plaskett says, ‘I believe that Marjorie Taylor Greene may be crazy, but she's not stupid.’
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  1. Well said! Liz Chaney stood by the president when she knew better, they have their priorities, the Dems are too busy to be dragged into their high school drama.

    1. @K Thomas let them clean up their own mess. They want to run to the Dems when it’s unfair for them, the Dems have things to do.

    2. @Lindsey Costa well they aren’t going to clean up their own mess and Democrats as always will have to do it for them.

    3. Yes Lindsey, you are right. I understand Liz voted with trump 90 percent of the time. So she agreed with his behavior before. I bet her loyalty was tops in his book, but now she is called an angry warmonger woman. It’s better to be who you are every time.

  2. On January 6th, 2021, the Capitol Building was breached by an enemy.
    The last time this happened was over 200 years ago.

    1. @Peter Bills MO. Like I said, what he did was all RWNJ. The Horseshoe closes. Whatever words you’d like to put in his mouth, his modus operandi was right-wing.

    2. @Daniel Duvalle “Incorrigible ignoramus” — I like it. A great descriptor for tiresome trolls like Peter Billshit who are fonts of alternative histories tailored to fit their conspiracies du jour.
      (Besides, everyone knows Oswald was a clone grown in a lab in Wuhan.)

    3. @Peter Bills 911 was an isolated attack by terrorists where as Pearl Harbor was a deliberate act of WAR by an entire foreign power bent on global domination. You have the critical thinking skills of a doorknob, work on that

    4. @gsmith1308 One thing the right wingers don’t seem to get is that eventually if they keep running the same plays everybody figures out just what liars they really are. Either liars or delusional

  3. Trump spoke to people in the Capitol during the insurrection to get a feel for it, gleefully watched
    TV , having told the Army/ Nat. Guard not to respond and to protect his supporters, while they were
    actively attacking the Capitol Police for hours. Then he said; go home & sent them a loving video.

  4. It should all merge together the FBI insurrection inquiry and 911/commission .. independent of Congress

    1. The 9/11 commission was a joke though. No real investigation was made. There was more funding put into the bill Clinton /Monica Lewinsky fiasco that there was into the 9/11 commission/investigation. The powers that be never wanted an investigation because the truth would have come out. Hopefully they actually take this seriously this time

  5. She’s right! Trump was calling “rigged” and “steal” for months prior to the election in November, and I don’t remember hearing Liz Cheney or any repub voices speaking up loud and clear THEN.

    1. @Debbie Rasmussen
      You would think so, but I’m not so sure. His staff knew not to tell him anything he didn’t want to hear, and he may have actually believed that the poll numbers were missing “his people.”

    2. @Jock Young The GOP has regressed to the GQP and has never been in control of their party. Trump never knew what was going on anywhere because his staff were never allowed to say anything. Trump lives in a fantasy world created only around him. The Dems get any member of their caucus to leave at the slightest scandal. The GOP warmly embrace any scandal and try to normalize it. Loonies are running the GQP! Greene, Jordan, Johnson, and Brooks?

  6. Accountability first. If we dont hold the Big Liar and the seditious GOP accountable for their lies and crimes we risk losing our democracy. The entire nation is at risk.

    1. Marjorie Taylor Greene With Envy when it comes to the AOC. And with the exception of GOP traitors..I mean Patriots Everyone knows she’s not dealing with a full deck.

  7. Marjorie knows that if they start digging into who was involved in planning and preparing the invasion, that she will be clearly implicated.

    1. @Bat Boy Trump sick ng FOX, Russian propaganda Newsmax and OAN need you to critically think.

  8. It’s well past time for public Congressional hearings, with Republicans forced to testify UNDER OATH!!!

  9. “She knows who to approach and who not to approach”, cause Marj knows she’ll catch them hands. lol

    1. After she got molly-whopped?
      Right-wingers would then play the “victim.”

      So, even if we offered a “shot” for their stupidity, they’d refuse to take that too…

  10. The best thing Democrats can do with MTG is to absolutely and completely IGNORE her – she’s a nobody getting attention by being a thirsty attention seeker!
    But Pelosi should also get an Order of Protection against MTG and her staff from ALL Democrats!

  11. Greenie got nothing inside her head but white fluff. She’s a Q-tip!

    Remember, kids: Don’t let Q-tips anywhere near your ears :^)

    1. Ok, I don’t like greene, but aren’t q-tips used for cleaning your ears? Why wouldn’t you let them near your ears?

  12. as someone who’s been a victim of stalking…………MTB needs to be dealt with. period.

    1. I agree; you can’t let stalkers get away with it, some need mental help, others are just violent people trying to intimidate and harass.

  13. Just what we need… Another “commission” to look into something we all saw with our own eyes and heard with our own ears.

    1. Yes and the Republicans will turn it into a circus, demanding we investigate Hillary’s emails, hunter Biden’s laptop, antifa and anything else they can throw in the blender to obfuscate.

  14. “Marjorie Taylor green may be crazy but she’s not stupid, she knows who and who not to approach” Come on Rep. Plasket

  15. GURL, you better recognize, some of the cap police were in on the riot others are sympathizer !

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