Rep. Sherrill Talks Russian Cyberattacks As Biden Faces Pressure To Respond 1

Rep. Sherrill Talks Russian Cyberattacks As Biden Faces Pressure To Respond


Former Navy helicopter pilot, Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ), discusses the latest ransomware attacks on American companies stemming from groups inside Russia and explains how President Biden should respond. Plus, she comments on what's happening on the ground in Afghanistan as more U.S. troops leave the country.

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Rep. Sherrill Talks Russian Cyberattacks As Biden Faces Pressure To Respond


  1. the war is a complete failure. the propaganda that it’s a success is most disgusting. cut and run is a strategy albeit a disgraceful one and 18 years too late.

  2. Biden faces pressure to even read the teleprompter correctly without “Getting in trouble” with his lunatic handlers.

  3. Biden can’t even call on reporters without being told by his handlers who to let ask him a question..

  4. Biden gave Putin a list of 16 things he’s not allowed to hack, everything else is fair game……poor confused old man

    1. The areas on that list weren’t touched in this recent cyber attack, so why would Biden punish Putin for following the rules that were given to him?

    2. @Kraang ‎‎‎‎‎‎​ the point is, Biden should have told Putin cyber attacks of ANY kind will not be tolerated

    3. @Maine Coone I’m not disagreeing with you at all, but it’s cute that you think I was.

  5. The only way Biden can respond. Is to stop giving our Enemies a list of places not to attack!! Then grow a set of balls!!!

  6. Ole Sundowning Joe is probably the Russians candidate and won’t do squat. Complex thought, unless it’s getting his 10%, is not his strong point. Now, let’s see how many commies we bring out.

  7. We need to treat hacking as a terrorist attack, even if it’s stealing credit card numbers. If these people don’t get caught, they get emboldened!!

  8. Why would Biden retaliate against Putin for following the guidelines on cyber warfare? The pieces of infrastructure, that were on the list of “DO NOT TOUCHY” given to Putin, were not targeted so it’s all fun and games folks!!

  9. Well Biden did give Russia the exact targets to attack in that list he handed to Putin.

  10. Russia, Russia, Russia. Remember when it was actually the Democrats being caught up with Russia and false propaganda? We do

  11. Put his response on paper in his pocket ..can only imagine what liberals would say if Trump or any Republican President had to stop and take out his answer written on a piece of paper in his pocket

  12. I mean Biden gave Putin a list of 16 potential targets where we’re most vulnerable.

  13. I thought cyber attacks were one of the 16 things Biden told them they couldn’t do? Why is this still happening with such a strong leader?

  14. All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.”——-Orwell

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