The Close Friendships That Helped Shape American History | MSNBC 1

The Close Friendships That Helped Shape American History | MSNBC

Author Gary Ginsburg joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book 'First Friends,' which looks at presidential friendships including Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed to Bill Clinton and Vernon Jordan.

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The Close Friendships That Helped Shape American History | MSNBC


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    1. Oh come on! Haven’t you heard of the Third Reich? You talk like “incredible, bigly” t’Rump.

  3. Close friendships that helped shape American history?? You mean like the one between Bill and Jeffrey??

    1. @Dizzy Duke This isn’t that hard, baby girl. I’m asking you what will the dems do to EARN votes. Nothing else. Not the state of republicans or their voters based on your feelings.

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    2. @jstreets1983
      It’s not hard to figure out that we don’t need to gain votes, son. But I’m sure we will.

    3. @Dizzy Duke You do need to gain votes, which is why I asked the question. You’re speaking like someone who didn’t see the 2020 map minus the general.

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  4. The obamas and Harvey weinstein. They were best of friends. I wonder what that friendship was built on

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  5. isn’t it incredible that humans can creat cell phones to connect to each other and the internet to connect around the world but they can’t get along or respect each other???

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