Rep. Spanberger: Biden Needs 'To Stand Up For Our Country' | MSNBC 1

Rep. Spanberger: Biden Needs ‘To Stand Up For Our Country’ | MSNBC

Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.) discusses what she hopes to see from President Biden's summit with Vladimir Putin. 

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Rep. Spanberger: Biden Needs 'To Stand Up For Our Country' | MSNBC


    1. He needs to stand up for our country??? Please. Biden can barely stand up to put his pants on.

      …or to have somebody put his pants on for him.

    2. @TheLtpprod that’s true he was just fantazising about his daughter while letting putin play with his marbles

  1. Latest new from NATO meeting. President of Turkey keeps Biden waiting. Then the press is waiting hours after the meeting. Erdogan already gave a press conference, Biden MIA.

    1. I don’t know, but they’ll use it to take away your freedom. Like ” Build back better”. You know how works……

    1. Biden to a toddler- “If only you were a little younger, i might have shown you a good time.”

    1. When both Joe and Hunter were private citizens. If Hunter was in fact speaking of Joe, it means he’s a good son, tithing to the man who helped raise him.

    1. @Jim River why try again its on multiple videos plus all hunters emails… you try again foolio

    1. @B. T. sure let’s pretend trump has dementia, that doesn’t mean your boy isn’t as demented as they come, and if you think differently, you aint black

    2. @Why would I Give you my real name?
      You ain’t black is all your old mind can repeat gramps?
      Go feed the pigeons gramps.
      They don’t require a great deal of intellectual stimulation.

  2. How did you ever get elected? Were you ever taught civics in school. Do you understand why America is Great. The reason conflicts with your philosophy.

  3. The UK has just extended their lockdown restrictions because of Delta. Enjoy the next month or two America. The lockdowns will be back before September.

  4. I like the part where Putin said he’s on the side of the maga cult who attacked the Capitol on Jan 6. Wonder how long before he’s making GQP campaign election ads.

  5. Don’t bother reading the comments unless you are truly entertained by the bizarre ,lack of truth and concern for our democracy …troll on , just troll on…

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