Fmr. UK PM Says G-7 Countries Fell Short With Vaccine Pledge

Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss President Biden's trip overseas and why he says that the G7 commitments on vaccine distribution don't go nearly far enough.

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  1. Just imagine how the vaccinated must feel knowing those special ingredients are inside of them right now & what’s coming 😳

    1. Same imbecile:
      William H Music 2021 = reality = William H = The Tweatles = William H Music = William H Music 2020 = Timothy Truth …
      Known moronic bot with multiple sockpuppets.
      Do not feed.

    1. @The FuQ is Wrong with you? How was it “cringeworthy”? And when did he “almost pass out”??

    2. @David Ashton Don’t pay these Trolls any mind. Constructive conversation is too confusing to them. They only understand like you said the rant of the fat orange crook

    1. “Magneto’s”? You should probably drop the apostrophe as it’s grammatically incorrect. Just sayin’ …

  2. Antivaxxers Magneto’s: We just found out that blood actually contains iron… We are gonna bleed ourselves dry..😂🤣

  3. What !!! Right, WHO are we going to vaccinate. My opinion, they want black people to take the jab!

    1. Is there something we haven’t heard??
      And can you explain what you think a “communist” is?

    2. @Roger Wilco I agree with you on the whole “communist media” thing, though. MSDNC, like all cable news media, is purely a pro-corporatist enterprise. They, like all cable news media, work AGAINST the American people

    1. @Rad tech But you couldn’t even comprehend a simple question?
      Or are you just too humiliated to answer?


  5. Why didn’t Mitchell ask Brown why he got rid of half of Britain’s gold bullion right at the bottom of its price? What a fool.

    1. Because the only reason to expect a significant rise in the price of gold at that time was the crisis which neither he nor most people saw coming, and he wanted to do useful things rather than behave like a mercantilist relic.

      The problem is people like you know how to repeat lines, but nothing more.

      Trust me, you’re the fool because you imagine you know things that you really don’t.

    2. It was a very costly mistake, costing the British public about £7 billion. Perhaps errors like that one, are why he was PM for less than 3 years.

  6. Questions raised about Joe Biden’s ‘mental acuity’ following recent ’embarrassing gaffes’

    Democrats stole the election and put a dementia patient in WH as a dummy president.

    1. From Britain, president Biden did a good job over here. Grow up – the Fat orange troll has lost – he is a looser and the rest of the world is bored with the ranting trolls who cannot accept the truth.

  7. It is not the responsibility of the U.S. to make a decisions on how to disperse and vaccinate the populations of other countries. These countries have their own leadership.

  8. There would be no need for international vaccination programmes pledges if politicians had an ounce of common sense. Banning international travel unless travellers undergo lengthy quarantine periods is a no-brainer response to a potential pandemic – and there was PLENTY of time to do so!

  9. At no point did Gordon Brown answer the question about the G7 being able to trust that the USA will not elect someone like trump again. Typical UK politician, if you don’t want to answer a direct question from the press distract them with completely neutral distraction topics and answers. In other words they know that if they give a direct answer they are in big political trouble from all sides !

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