Rep. Thompson On Deal Reached To Investigate Capitol Riot 1

Rep. Thompson On Deal Reached To Investigate Capitol Riot


Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) discusses the bipartisan deal he reached to form an independent commission to investigate the Capitol riot on January 6th.
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    1. @Elaine Berg DOJ is already investigating everything. Just be patient. Don’t let the media induced interpretation of what’s going on behind closed doors fool you. This has to be done right. They only have one shot to connect prominent members of guilt without reasonable doubt. (people are turning government witnesses as we speak) DOJ wants the BIG FISH , not the little MAGA screaming knuckleheads. Imagine wants on those Nov 6th MAGA event planners media devices. 500 arrested (30 of real importance)

    2. @Fbi Agent the Biggest PROBLEM with your theory is it stinks and that USUALLY means there’s a Skunk nearby…. I think it’s YOU.

    3. @Phong Nguyen LOL they make it too easy, if i was an FBI agent the first thing i would do is search youtube for people who go by “FBI Agent” lol. They are the exact opposite of smart.

    1. Ya injection of something. Bleach is a bad analogy. Considering the white supremacists involved in politics right now.


  2. Every time a republican tries to downplay the events of January 6th, they should be asked if they are on drugs or were they on drugs that day!?!

    1. They are trying to remove themselves from the investigation. Just bring up that Texas Lawsuit where those GOP Congressmen/women signed to say that the Texas election was rigged and stolen. WE HAVE THEIR NAMES! They should NOT be on the Commission if their name is on that lawsuit. They want to stop the commission because they know it will lead back to THEM! They conspired to do this, they participated in keeping the lie alive, and they carried it out when they ALL signed that document.

    2. The Republican Party is downplaying and trying to distance itself from Jan 6th because it knows its base identifies with the organized racists who stormed and rampaged the Capitol.

    3. They should ask how many normal White House visits or tours have started and ended this way? How many White House visits or tours have had a noose hanging outside to hang the Vice President of the United States of America? How many visits or tours have they had to be locked into the Senate and/or House Chambers to keep them safe from tourist or visitors?

    4. I think the answer is yes (both). They have collectively lost their minds and have become bringers of chaos to eveything.

  3. What is up with YouTube? Even with AdBlock and the Skip Ad feature, they still manage to interrupt content with their greedy ads.

  4. FBI or CIA should be on this. Skip the Senate, Accomplices should not be Jurors. Take it to the Supreme Court & Indict the Guilty.

    1. They’re two different things that aren’t mutually exclusive. The FBI and DOJ pursue criminal matters, and they will likely continue to do that. This commission is part of Congressional oversight, which has broader scope but isn’t a criminal investigation of any sort. The CIA… I mean, that’s not really relevant here.

    2. Oh, and I should have also mentioned, the Supreme Court doesn’t hear criminal cases. They aren’t the venue for trying criminal cases, nevermind “indicting the guilty” (indictments are handled by prosecutors).

    3. The United States Supreme Court has absolutely NOTHING to do with this type of thing. They basically deal with whether something is, or isn’t Constitutional, they DON’T deal with Criminal Charges.

    1. Well to make sure they face consequences say that all elected officials will face execution unless they turn state’s evidence.

    2. They will get away with it. I think that’s the whole point of the deadline. The “bipartisan” commission will be obstructed by Republicans until the time runs out and then the GOP will claim they didn’t find anything.

    3. Statue of limitations is a minimum 5 years for their crimes, and if they keep having trials over the next number of years no one forgets what they did during upcoming elections.

  5. The Republicans have finally understood that if they don’t have members on the committee, it will be that much more difficult for them to gaslight the public.

  6. It’s not just this we have a crew of thugs trying to re-write history and erase their bull****

  7. The gaslighting campaign didn’t change what happened that day, it just made true Americans more determined than ever to hold EVERY PERSON who had anything to do with it accountable!

  8. Unless some in Congress are ousted through this so-called bipartisan investigation it’s simply going to be laughable because even Ray Charles could have seen that this was an inside job.

  9. The fact that there is a need for a compromise to get an insurrection committee shows how twisted the system is.

    1. I don’t know if that’s fully what’s going on, the dems are just trying to drag republicans into a trap where they try to lie during the hearings and they can be on the record saying “nothing to see here” when 140+ officers were injured by a “tour group”…

    2. @E E . It’s not a trap when the need for truth and facts are brought into the light of day.

  10. If you don’t punished them to the fullest extent of the law it will happen again. Next time they will over throw the government

  11. Now there’s no William Barr to tell us all what the report sez. What are we gonna do without a gaslighter at the DOJ?

    1. “Everybody has a right to their opinion, but nobody has a right to be wrong in their facts”. Bernard Baruch (AP article 1946). The Republicans redacted a portion of this quote, which left “Everyone has a right to be wrong in their facts”. It’s in the Republican Bible.

  12. I hope this isn’t another smoke screen. America and the world is getting very tired of waiting on what should have already happened.

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