NIH Dir.: Government Is Not Going To Be Issuing ‘Vaccine Passports’

NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins speaks on the CDC's new mask guidance that fully vaccinated people can ditch their masks in certain circumstances.
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  1. The microchip from my second Pfizer vaccine’s working just fine.. I’m getting free Wi-Fi in my head, Wohoo!!!😁

    1. @William Crowley William Crowley U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major Rank really dude who are you kidding ? I am calling you out on this one

    1. Be a shame if someone shot all the power transformers feeding power to these companies…be a real shame

    2. Agreed I hope nobody does anything to any of those companies that are doing horrible things to people. I hope everybody stays “mostly peaceful” toward them As peaceful as BLM and Antifa

    3. I hope it does work like that. People need to get vaccinated, Anti vaxxers are idiots..

    1. @John White your the zombie control freak. F them college’s. They are teaching Marxism and socialism now anyhow. Let the dumb sheep kids go in debt for no reason then. Your problem is you think everyone should unite behind Biden. Your a cult member

    2. United States Supreme Court:

      Jacobson v Massachusetts 1905, it was in regards to a Small Pox vaccine. They AGREED with a lower Court’s decision that States HAVE the authority to make a vaccine mandatory.

      Zucht v King 1922
      Schools have the authority to deny a student if they have not gotten the mandatory vaccinations.

      FACTS, not attitudes.

    3. @john white I’ve got a feeling colleges will be begging for people to enroll with or without this so called vaccine!!! They will be losing so much money when people decide taking this EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE isn’t worth the risk!!!! Most community colleges won’t require this stupid little piece of paper and will be graduating lots of skilled tradesmen while universities have to let professors go.

    4. @Lunar’sMa we are a divided nation close to civil war. Many of us refuse to unite behind that dementia patient Biden. And there are more of us than you think. You little babies cried and resisted for 4 years so expect the same in return.


    1. @Super Star Reapiratory viruses transmit via respiratory droplets. If you reduce the quantity of respiratory droplets inhaled, exhaled or both you reduce viral transmission. Comprende?

    2. @Super Star You are painfully stupid. Why do you think there were very few flu cases this last season?

  3. The government won’t issue them but the hospital will. The government will just make sure you have one.

    1. This will already be enforced the moment vaccinated people can go maskless. we will have to prove that somehow. yal thinking or???

  4. Isn’t it strange he’s in office a little over 100 days and everybody’s cured what a miracle

    1. Um yeah we have shots in people’s arms and that is how it works. Do you scream conspiracy when your mechanic comes back from lunch and starts working on your car?

    2. Cured? Everybody isn’t cured. People are getting vaccinated. The former guys plan was to shove crates of vaccines off of delivery planes and wave good luck. Biden just used this weird thing called “A Plan” and followed it up with another thing called “Implementation”. I’ll admit though, it’s a miracle we got rid of the guy who didn’t actually even like the job.

  5. They are gonna resend it when they don’t see the number of jabs going up……at all

  6. But without masks, how are we going to differentiate between who has the wrong political view and us heroes?

  7. We’ve been fully vaccinated last February and all of our younger family members are as well. We’re healthy and alive and thankful and we’re planning a get together next month. Woohoo. Thank you President Biden, Dr Fauci and Dr Francis Collins of NIH for their good work to date

  8. Just got my first shot. Wasn’t too bad. Now I am just waiting on the bartender to get me my second shot 😋

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