Rep. Tim Ryan: GOP ‘Completely Disconnected From Reality’ 1

Rep. Tim Ryan: GOP ‘Completely Disconnected From Reality’


Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss House Republicans distancing themselves from the Capitol insurrection investigation.
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    1. Report and call them out so reasonable people don’t waste their time engaging them.

  1. Most definitely time for the GOP to form a splinter party. I might not agree with the thirty percent of the Republicans that’ll form the new party, but they’re not insane and will bargain in good faith.

    1. Nah. The GQP has been far-right fascist since at least the 70’s. Time for that unAmerican fascist/plutocrat/theocrat/white nationalist party to be abolished before it ends US democracy. We already have the “moderate” (conservative) dems and progressive dems. They should split; that would be like the repubs and dems were in the mid 1900’s before the repubs went full nuts and authoritarian, a minority party that still attains majority rule through rigging elections (we haven’t even had a legitimate repub potus since Bush Sr ffs).

  2. That Georgia Representative’s comment begs for mandatory I.Q. tests to qualify for Congress.

    1. I.Q. test’s are fruitless, I would welcome a few sessions with a reputable Psychotherapist though

    2. @Kevin Santich Love to read what abnormalities they’d find in Trump. Other than the myriad we already know.

  3. The congress members who are trying to whitewash Jan 6, are spitting in the faces of every cop who was hurt, while trying to protect members’ LIVES, that day!!

    1. Just watched Officer Fanone who suffered brain injury and is still off work and the trauma it caused his family. Republicans denying his assault are the lowest of the low.

    2. @Peter Morton yeah GQP members should have gone out to meet up and give them a hug .
      I wonder how Mr Pence would of felt about the zero threat from his constituents.

  4. At Helsinki Trump and Teresa May British Prime Minister were together for a joint news brief. The Day Before Trump had disparaged her. A CNN reporter asked Trump about his comments the day before. Trump said to the CNN reporter so you saw the recording of that. Then Trump said it was fake news.

  5. No sir, representative Ryan, we (the American people) don’t think it was an insurrection we KNOW it was.

  6. “Just a leisurely stroll after assaulting police officers, what? Is that like a crime? Go away nerd….”

  7. I’ve been saying for awhile that republicans need to get out of their newsmax/fox bubbles before they let the trolls lead them completely astray.

    1. @judie suh I hope. However, their disenfranchisement laws recently passed combined with unconscionable gerrymandering will play a role. Need to plan now to create transportation so people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to vote can.

  8. yes people around the world watched the breaching of capitol and thought “is america a banana republic now”

    1. I am not an American. It is absolutely mind-blowing how this has come to our oldest and most reliable ally. The champion of democracy around the world has 1 of its 2 parties completely go nuts! I hope things would turn for the better soon.

  9. January 6the will live in my memory forever. It completely changed my life. I still cant believe it happened. When the planes took down the towers I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Two of the worst memories I have. Just sayin’.

    1. My niece was so happy to be able to vote for the very first time. I’m still trying to explain to her that this was not normal nor Constitutional.

  10. Have you heard that Matt Gaetz claims he misunderstood when he was told people use Venmo to make minor purchases.

  11. We should all do everything we can to make sure not one of these people ever get elected to any official office again
    They should all be charged and arrested
    They should have everything that they own taken away from them
    We need to stop supporting some of these big Corporation’s that gives them more money than they will ever be able to spend
    And yet it will never be enough for them

    1. Amen~
      I didn’t know until today that the dark money behind all States voter restrictions bill is backed by the Heritage Foundation!!

    2. @judie suh
      Our government isn’t doing well
      They have completely abandoned us all for Trump
      I’ve never seen anything like this in our Country
      It really saddened’ me
      Not for myself
      But I have children and grandchildren
      I’m glad my parents and grandparents aren’t living with this
      They really wouldn’t understand it
      My son still believes that he and his family shouldn’t get the vaccine
      Because Trump said it’s all FAKE

  12. Well said. The GOP is definitely out of touch with reality. Wtf. Not only on this issue but others too.

  13. BOTTOM LINE: Where are all the LAWS I’ve been complying with for decades – and, when do they kick in???!!!???

  14. Here’s a solution: Have a false information rule. You spread it enough, you get strikes before being ousted from your seat. Forget fines, just find a way to remove them.

  15. Can’t imagine dealing with the spectrum party… Thanks for putting up with the children Tim

  16. I have lived years of my life in the South.
    I was sympathetic. However because of people like Ryan, my patience is exhausted.
    I propose a Lunar habitat for the culturally insane.
    Dixie Base?

  17. I love that these guys still refer to digital footage as ‘video tape.’ So reassuringly Nixonian.

  18. They should play the video of the insurrection everyday across America on big screen TV to let people no it’s real

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