Trouble For Matt Gaetz As 'Wing-Man' Greenberg Is Set To Plead Guilty 1

Trouble For Matt Gaetz As ‘Wing-Man’ Greenberg Is Set To Plead Guilty


Joel Greenberg, the former associate of GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, is expected to plead guilty in the case involving him that started a federal sex trafficking investigation involving Gaetz. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Katie Benner of The New York Times.
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    1. @Paul Wilson And yet you visit just to try and convince us?

      Go watch Faux “news”, news max and oan.

      You’ve accomplished nothing.

  1. Funny that a man with the face of a shovel has dug himself into such a deep hole of trouble.

    1. @Anon Looks like Freaking Jimmy Neutron! I can’t WAIT to see him in Prison Clothes!

    2. He and Greene both resemble shovels. She’s a pointed one, he’s the square edged shovel used to move manure.
      Heh… both are tools.

  2. Have you heard that Matt Gaetz claims he misunderstood when he was told people use Venmo to make minor purchases.

    1. Hey Foreign Hairy Nosepicker, You’ve never been to a comedy club in America; we don’t write new jokes for each night. We retell the same jokes dozens or hundreds of times.@Dean Foyle

    2. @Tosh T , Love your channel image; is it by an Impressionist? Is it by Degas, titled ‘White non-college educated male’? Or is it abstract, maybe Kandinsky’s ‘The Imbecile’? (snickers and sincerity;’. ).

  3. I wonder who Gaetz will “flip” on …. LOL ! The slime stew just keeps getting more and more.. “smelly” …

  4. Title says Goldberg but the name is Greenberg. Between the gold and the green, the girl was 17.

  5. Oh my!! Sounds like he might sing like a canary and it sounds like he won’t be the only one singing like a canary if they can get Guliani to sing like a canary too them might began to get some truths.

    1. Maybe you’ll sing like a canary if a canary starts to sing when Gaetz sings like a canary because Ghouliani sings like a canary and the Canary’s can sing cause singing like a canary is how Greenberg sings; like a canary.

  6. Haven’t heard much from the Q people about this, which is strange because it’s exactly the kind of thing you’d think they’d care about.

    1. It’s projecting onto others what they do in secret, GOP has had how many child molesters incarcerated over the last 10 years?

    2. So true!!!!! What DO the Q people think of Gaetz? And let’s not forget Trump’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

  7. The CDC has updated their advice that some people don’t need to wear a mask. But parents still need to keep their daughters at least 6 feet away from Matt Gaetz.

  8. If he gets indicted, good money says there’s a puff of green smoke, and his suit collapses as a large rat runs away

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