Rep. Liz Cheney gives passionate speech on House floor regarding Trump's influence | USA TODAY 1

Rep. Liz Cheney gives passionate speech on House floor regarding Trump’s influence | USA TODAY


Rep. Liz Cheney gives passionate speech on House floor regarding Trump's influence.


House Republicans stripped Liz Cheney of her leadership post Wednesday after GOP House members said her public sparring with former President Donald Trump became a distraction to the party hoping to regain the House in 2022. The vote, cast by secret ballot and behind closed doors.

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  1. Your Republican party is hopelessly divided! You’ll never win the White House again!! ILIWAPCT

    1. She was telling the truth and speaking truth to power. I believe she be proven correct. Trump and cult followers are extremely dangerous. Be Aware

    2. @AnimeFortniteKing No it’s the Democratic party who hate America and what she stands for,go to alternative media and get a clue.

    3. @Jezballz Non-Deplorable (decent) Americans are *STILL LAUGHING* at DumbDonald and his intellectually deficient MAGAfans.

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  3. The real big lie
    I have always been of the opinion that whether the full scale of the 2020 election’s fraud and manipulation ever comes to light, the historical record will never be able to account for three facts that betray most Americans’ common sense: (1) no president for a century and a half has won more votes during re-election than he did for his first election yet lost re-election, and President Trump gained over ten million new votes over his 2016 victory; (2) Joe Biden, a man evincing obvious signs of mental decline and dementia who generated historically low levels of excitement among his own Democrat voters, somehow won over fifteen million more votes than Barack Obama, the political rock star who energized Democrats like no other politician in recent memory, managed in 2012; and (3) President Trump won almost every traditional bellwether county in the country from coast to coast by double-digits. 

    After a year when Facebook and Twitter did everything they could to minimize Trump’s reach to his voters and his voters’ reach to each other, and after years of outright Pravda corporate news that pushed the Deep State’s “Russia collusion” and Ukraine “quid pro quo” lies to take down a sitting president, President Trump’s vote totals in 2020 were still so remarkable that they would have normally indicated a resounding mandate from the American people. 

    It is revealing that, unlike other past election losses, there was no great Republican “autopsy” done in order to pinpoint what went wrong, as there was after Mitt Romney’s 2012 failure.  Other than an occasional assertion that Republicans “must do better with suburban women,” there is no serious analysis about how Republicans should improve upon President Trump’s 2016 totals.  The reason why is obvious: he did better with voters, in general, than any other sitting president in history, and with minority voters in particular than any Republican in sixty years.

    1. No President has ever won re-election without a 50% approval rating either. And Trump is hardly the shining example of mental acuity

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  5. I am reminded what Ben Franklin and Leonardo da Vinci said.
    “All that evil requires to succeed is for good people to do nothing.” Ben Franklin
    “Nothing strengthens authority as much as silence.” Leonardo da Vinci

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