Rep. Tim Ryan Says Those Worried About Optics On Jan. 6 Were ‘Covering Their Rear Ends’ | MSNBC 1

Rep. Tim Ryan Says Those Worried About Optics On Jan. 6 Were ‘Covering Their Rear Ends’ | MSNBC


The Senate will hold its first hearing on the January 6th insurrection today. Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss what can be expected from the hearings today and how lawmakers will investigate security failures before and during the riot.
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Rep. Tim Ryan Says Those Worried About Optics On Jan. 6 Were ‘Covering Their Rear Ends’ | MSNBC


    1. @Donnie BunkerBoi I don’t see the parody. They would be surrounded bye our 81 million 7 million is a number that the media has extorted. 7 million is a devastating number regardless of what the media says. They had no idea what was coming for them. 7 million people. Think about that for a second. No Q or Sh$t 7 million says we won! 7 million people would’ve surrounded that failed coup attempt and hand cuffed every last one of them.

    2. @Donnie BunkerBoi Trump lost bye 7 million. that 74 million was your all out attempt at sedition and your last big push. It failed Trump failed now his supporters are left with murder and conspiracy theories over genetic annihilation paranoia. And for as much election melding that the GOP engages in and the propaganda they digest I wouldn’t be surprised if his numbers were over blown. It’s like you want credit for losing and you want people to be of your small group.

  1. What went wrong was that a narcissist took over our country for 4 years and most of the GOP showed their true colors!! Lock them all up!!!

    1. I agree. Trump didn’t ‘start’ anything. He just allowed Republicans to show who they really are. Heartless, self-interested thugs who don’t care about their country, only themselves.

    1. They didn’t want to make it obvious that the Trump/ Republican base contains a growing number of armed fanatics, who can reasonably be seen as a threat. Too late! The rest of us already knew.

  2. No, I’m sorry, anyone who says the security failure at the Capitol was due to optics, is either ignoring the facts or trying to hide something. Everyone who watched the riot knows there was much more wrong going on than what was on the surface. It’s obvious.

  3. Follow the money and phone records and email communications-therein lies the truth that leads to all culprits involved… LoveLove

  4. Trump replaced many people in charged just days or weeks before Jan 6, 2021. Then you have a Republican walking out a side door of the Capital, leaving the door open for Trump supporters rushing in. Trump has accused others of being traitors, but Trump encouraged his supporters to do just that, as traitors to America.

    1. That happened at a state Capitol not the Capitol in DC where the republican walked out the door and let some in. .

    2. @Craig Crawford I think that was at the Michigan State House. The same crazy para-military people who were planning to kidnap and execute their governor, Gretchen Whitmar.

    1. 500,000 people at Mar-a-Lago? Come on, they would have messed up the lawns!
      Seriously though, donnie knew exactly what he was doing.

  5. Adding up 2+2 doesn’t require much synthesis. They were not prepared because they refused to prepare as these are white republicans. End of report.

    1. l think you are minimizing the power of the insurrectionsists. They had been preparing for this day since probably before the election. They were loyal to Trump alone. They believed a pathological liar who caused this whole disgraceful to happen. Their mission was to overturn a legitimate election and put a usurper in power against the will of the majority of voters.

    2. @Nancy Ross Right, but the fact that so many laypeople could see that danger, is just further evidence that the Trump administration in particular & law enforcement in general, have a bias that keeps them from admitting what a threat the far right is & makes them err on the side of not wanting to offend the leaders or base who they feel they can relate to.

    3. Greg Raines
      It worse than they refusing to prepare, it seems that there was a conspiracty to ensure that there was no preparation.

    4. Lets hope they are better prepared (the days leading up to) March 4th. That used to be inauguration day and according to qanon followers that’s the day Trump will be inaugurated after defeating the child eating cabal.

    5. You are right on point. There is no way any thinking person would have missed the imminent threat. There should have been no need for any intelligence reports. We may never learn the full story. But something is really wrong here.

  6. Capitol Building has worse security than a Walmart. No surveillance cameras recording, No cops with heavy weaponry and Riot Gears, doors are not armored.

    1. Its the people’s HOUSE. Small children from SCHOOLS go visit.
      SHAME on the Republicans for what they have done defending TRUMP.

    2. Wow, your local WalMart has some heavy defenses. They don’t have armed police at mine, but there are security staff watching closed-circuit TVs. There’s usually an older associate on the door to check your receipt too.

    3. There are plenty of surveillance cameras in the Capitol!! That was the source of much of the footage shown by the House Managers during Impeachment II.

  7. This is better than the iron curtain Mr. Gorbachev. Tear down the wall anybody here old enough to remember.

  8. I CALL BS!!! Anyone with half a brain knew something was going to happen that day. It was all over the internet.

    1. It was a ambush by those that did the tour and did the removes button. The no military the FBI report not disclosed. The people physically there where ambushed.

    2. @Barrios Romeo Try to slow down and actually break that up into English sentences, if you really care about being understood.

    3. The Panic Buttons were removed only from one member of Congress’s offices. They do not know when they were removed, which means they could have been removed back in December or November. They currently think it happened due to a clerical error or a workman’s miss reading his paperwork.

      If it had happened to multiple members of Congress, especially of only one party, then yeah, highly suspect. As is, like like a work related mistake that had bad timing.

  9. Agencies & individuals that _chose_ not to stop them, were wilfully complicit.
    *Root out ALL of the terrorist-sympathizers; CLEAN HOUSE & PROSECUTE!*

  10. Dictator Trump took over the GOP and the Capitol. His insurrection coup was almost a success. Now Trump and his enablers needs to pay with prison. Their treasonous acts can’t go unpunished.

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