Rep. Tim Ryan: “This Needs To Happen If We’re Going To Be On The Menu For Growth” | The Last Word

Rep. Tim Ryan: “This Needs To Happen If We’re Going To Be On The Menu For Growth” | The Last Word 1


    1. @John Ellis That’s why the constituents need to pay attention to what there elected officials are doing not what they are saying.
      Politicians are a reflection of their constituents.

    2. the general uninformed, ignorant masses always yell “term limits, term limits”… however, term limits do more bad than good….
      1. Takes away the power of voters choosing
      2. Severely decrease congressional capacity (inexperienced law makers would bog down the system with so much bureaucracy, nothing would get done) Inexperienced members would be making decisions with long lasting effects without any review revisited… it’s highly ineffective and inefficient.
      3. Limit incentives for gaining policy expertise, this would increase the power and influence of special interest and lobbyist
      4. Automatically kick out the good and effective lawmakers… again, limiting choices of voters.
      5. Do little to minimize corruptive behavior or slow the revolving door, instead actually make it worse.

      So when people yell out “term limits”, they really don’t know the pros or cons of the issue… it would worsen the situation, not make it better. The power of the vote is how you can limit someone’s term instead of some rule… that would like be saying “you can only work in this or that job for this amount of time, then you’re kicked out”… think about how much negative impact that would have on a business or company….. why do you think it would be magically different for government?

    3. @Stephen Kershaw Nice of you to assume everyones education on the matter. You are not considering the bureaucratic creep of (somewhat) indefinite power someone like Mitch McConnell (for example) who has served so far as a Senator since 1985, i.e. currently 36 years (his current term ends in 2027) can have on the whole of the nation and their party. The country can not vote him out, only the good people of Kentucky can. I never thought or said it would be “magically different,” it is just a simple opinion of a potentially better checks and balance for the good of the country. Are you personally happy or content with the current state of bipartisanship and productivity in Congress? There are plenty of government jobs with term limits, the President for one, most federal agencies have limits within their own organizations as well, as far as the length a residing Chief can serve in a given position regardless of their experience.

      A slice of history on the subject: Congressional term limits were featured prominently in the Republican Party’s Contract with America in the United States House 1994 election campaign and may well have contributed to the Republicans gaining control of the United States House of Representatives from the Democratic Party for the first time since the United States 1952 elections. The Republican leadership brought to the floor of the House a constitutional amendment that would limit House members to six two-year terms and members of the Senate to two six-year terms. However, this amendment did not gain the approval of U.S. Term Limits, the largest private organization pushing for Congressional term limits. (U.S. Term Limits wanted House members to be limited to three two-year terms.) With the Republicans holding 230 seats in the House, the amendment did receive a simple majority in the House. However, a two-thirds majority (290 votes) is required to pass a constitutional amendment, and thus the bill failed. The concept subsequently lost momentum by the mid 1990s.

      In May 1995, the United States Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton, that states cannot impose term limits upon their U.S. Representatives or U.S. Senators.

      So in a nutshell, term limits at the federal level are restricted to the executive branch and some agencies. The U.S. Congress, however, remains without electoral limits.

      But hey, you have all the wisdom on the matter; or is yours just another simple YouTube comment opinion like mine?

    1. …AND age limits. Sorry, but the ignorance and incompetence of many Congressmen over the age of 65 is breathtaking and inexcusable. They’re stuck in their old ways, unwilling or unable to learn what’s relevant today and simply out of touch with reality.

    2. @RedondoBeach2 over 65 is not some sort of curse…. people over the age of 65 and even 75 have proven they are at their full capacity and function, not to mention experience….
      stop making being old a crime.

    3. @Stephen Kershaw Have you heard Maxine Waters, Pat Leahy or Dianne Feinstein attempt to string together a coherent sentence? Constituents should reasonably expect their elected representatives to be able to focus, understand and communicate clearly. These people have embarrassed themselves repeatedly by demonstrating they’re ill prepared to speak. Furthermore, they rely heavily on their aids whispering in their ear to tell them what to say. The clearest thing I’ve heard come out of Maxine Waters’ mouth is “the gentleman’s time has expired.” I’m not kidding, and if you’re honest about the situation, you’ll recognize this is a fact. I challenge you to link a recent video of any of these people speaking clearly, knowledgeably and with some level of depth on any political issue.

    4. @RedondoBeach2 your comment is nothing more than childish absurd nonsense. From someone who hides behind a fake name/fake profile like a coward and can’t even compose an intelligent, mature statement.

    5. @RedondoBeach2 Everyone has heard them speak intelligently and poignantly….great way to expose yourself as naïve and uninformed

  1. So hard to believe that the US does not have, “library,” access for all citizens. Not really when one considers the exposure of his nefarious ways on Trump’s Wiki page. Obviously keeping the folks in the dark and their alpha waves tuned to the tube is one of the reasons why he was elected. I read it in 2016 and cringed and it only departed a small portion of what he was guilty of.

    1. I disagreed, the rest of the world is lagging behind. The French can’t even control their own collusion. The French president tried doing that other measures and they had the yellow vest riots, remember those? Germany’s experience with green energy is a disaster. Germans are paying the highest electrical rates in the world, German industry is moving to the United States to include many of their classic car manufacturers. Even Walther firearms has moved out of Germany and is being assembled in the USA. Germany has had to climb in bed with the Russians and their natural gas pipeline. The British are still burning wood in their power plants. Most of the world economies are still grinding because of COVID-19 destroyed the worlds economies. Mexico, south and central America is in crisis and we see their people flooding our southern border trying to get into the USA. We are in a crisis down there. Mexico has revised their COVID-19 death rate and it is 60% greater than what they thought.
      The last two months America’s employment numbers have been through the roof and states continue to open back up for business. It seems like the rest of the world is trying to catch up with United States.

    2. @Myra Harrell Fleming As a Democrat I think the last four years put in to play a lot of Democrat programs. Our iconic JFK gave us the roadmap to economic prosperity. President Obama feels open that roadmap and we saw an economic malaise we saw jobs and investments leave the United States. The Trumpster Opened it roadmap and we had a supercharged economy. The poverty rate for the United States fell to levels that we saw in the 1960s. We had full employment at 3.5%, the WSJ reported that lower and middle income Americans received a higher percentage of wage increases than did the upper class.
      Lower prescription drug prices has been a Democrat platform issue for years, Trump initiated three executive orders that Drug drug prices and required United States to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies.
      Prison reform is also the Democrat party platform if you and Trump initiated that. He also pardon several black individuals who were serving life terms were relatively minor gross.
      Middle East peace was a Democrat platform issue for many years and Trump initiated that. We saw several Middle East countries signing peace treaties with Israel.
      Trump is also able to renegotiate create agreements between Canada, Mexico and the United States. He was also able to leverage this trade agreement with Mexico and have them control their southern border and he brought some logic to the immigration if you by signing agreements with various central and south American countries.
      I think you’ll be taking some very bad advice from some of his staff members in the house in absolute prices at the Mexican border. We have thousands of or a nationals house in tent cities the AOC calls concentrate and camps. We have now 4000 for a national children in the USA and we needed to open up trumps disgusting juvenile detention centers. We have adults and children living within inches from one another which is a COVID-19 super spreader condition.
      We need to ensure that Joe has the best presidency ever and we have to encourage him to take some good advice from his staff members.

  2. Abuse. That’s Laughable. Term limits for ALL, EVEN JUDGES. No More “Lifetime” Appointments.

    1. GOP Senators and Congressmen has short memories. They always forget how they abused Obama’s ACA Act. I have observed that 43rd President has plunged American Economy to recede, then 44th President improved the economy. Then, the 45th President who advertises his business savvy failed to mitigate Coronavirus hence the US Economy went into a tailspin. Now President Joe Biden is solving the problems left behind by the most disgraceful, shameless and moronic president in the history of the American Democracy.

  3. Right on Lawrence! I totally agree with Ryan. We need these investments for a better future for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren!!

  4. We need to spend a lot more money than two trillion dollars! I mean if you’re going to do it, do it right!!

  5. Thank you Representative Tim Ryan! Consider running for a higher office. President Biden is the President of the United States, so he will support your effort for advancement. Your vision and voice is needed.

  6. Can they please focus more of those infrastructure developments on the towns that would have been helped by the keystone pipeline? At least then there can be some manufacturing jobs going over to them so they won’t be so adversely affected by the cancellation of the pipline.

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