Rep. Tlaib On Israel-Palestine Tensions, Jan 6th Commission | MSNBC

Rep. Tlaib On Israel-Palestine Tensions, Jan 6th Commission | MSNBC 1


    1. Thanks for lying, and forgetting to mention all the Israelis being murdered by the Arab occupiers.

  1. I am worried that going into al aqsa as they did will end up pulling the entire Muslim world in. One stupid move . How will we find peace ? That is the question. And when will the apartheid styles be lifted?

  2. The 1/6 Commission should consist of an outside bi-partisan group because it’s obvious that the GQP are going to sabotage or block any real investigation into the insurrection especially in an effort to protect the Seditious Caucus from being held accountable for their role in instigating the attempted coup.

    1. McCarthy is enabling the traitors loyal to Trump in the GOP.
      You are absolutely correct that there should be an outside, bipartisan group heading the commission.

    2. @Crackie Chan the politically correct term is failing to register as a foreign interest activist, AKA traitor. will be a lot of that soon.

    3. @tecums3h we all know what happened. You can look at clips from the week before January 6th and see multiple people telling us to wait and see what happens on that day. We can read the badly veiled threats upon our country from the radical right. Which our then president did nothing to combat, because all he cared about was himself. We can then watch him telling the very people who threatened our democracy that he loves them, that they are special people, and then tell them to march on our nation’s capital.

      That is all irrefutable fact.

    1. But JaredWifeDoer (aka Jared Father_in_law) did worked with Jared uncle (Jared convicted daddy pal) Biwi to change Jerusalem as US Embassy site and more

    2. @Michael Berry Yes and no. Of course Jared and Ivanka will take credit for their “success”. The Middle East won’t be seeing peace any time this century.

    3. While Jared was in the middle of his ”peace” talks Israel bombed Palestine for 8 days in a row. Really peaceful, huh?

  3. Sooo true, why is my tax dollar going to a country who is violating human rights for decades. This is sickening.

    1. @Thank Q I gave you an uptick despite your name, although the extraordinary paradox between your name and your comment suggests you should get some self awareness pronto.

  4. โ€œThe January 6th insurrectionโ€œ ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚ Blue anons are writing for MSdnc.

  5. HELP ME UNDERSTAND WHY OUR TAX DOLLARS are GOING TO ISRAEL? yearly $3 Billion in foreign aid; $8 Billion guaranteed loan and $38 Billion in Military Aid.
    Israel has National Healthcare and Free Education and Americans are in debt. Help me understand it.

    1. @Castle C Human civilization has been around for 10,000 years. There isn’t a single country or religion on Earth in the modern age, that hasn’t taken what they now own from those who lived there before. Both Trans-Jordanians in what they call Palestine and Jews in what they call Israel have competing claims to that land, based on biblical and historical texts, and current occupation on the ground. Only one of them is going to win. There are plenty of other Muslim countries for the Trans-Jordanians to go, if they can behave themselves … not like what they did to their Jordanian rescuers during Black September 1970 (google it). The Jews? The only other place they have is the sea.

    2. @Gilad Mittelman How can I be an anti Semite when I am a Semite and married to a Jew? No, please do not confuse ANTI ZIONIST with anti Semite, that would be idiotic! You are anti HUMAN!

    3. @Gilad Mittelman No, I don’t like Nazis that’s why I don’t like the new Nazis in the form of ZIONISTS!

    4. @ExtrovertedCenobite I don’t think you know what is a Nazi. When did Israel round up 6 million Trans-Jordanians into boxcars and send them off to be gassed in Death Camps? Instead, Israel shows maximum restraint. Any other country would have eliminated the Trans-Jordanians or expelled them by now. Jordan did exactly that, in September 1970. No country tolerates rocket attacks on its cities, stone throwing, Molotov cocktails and burning kites against police, suicide bombings of its civilians. You show me ONE other country, besides Israel, that tolerates this without a maximum 100% reprisal reaction. No country can afford to allow anarchy and violence within its borders; that is how all countries operate.

    5. @ExtrovertedCenobite nice rhetoric. Did you learn that from the Fascists or the Islamists in the Democratic party?

  6. She would never get away with bashing her native country if she was there. She knows it and should be grateful for all of the opportunities the greatest country in the world has given her.

  7. Diversity is Israel’s greatest strength. Here in the USA Jewish people celebrate diversity. The Jewish people in Israel could really learn from the Jewish people in the USA. They should celebrate the Palestinians in Israel and help their community grow. Maybe one day they could even have a Palestinian president

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