Rep. Tom Reed Announces Retirement After Sexual Misconduct Accusation | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

Rep. Tom Reed, R-N.Y., announced that he will not seek reelection in 2022 after he was accused of rubbing a woman's back and unhooking her bra without her consent in 2017. Reed apologized for the incident and said he was seeking treatment for alcoholism. Aired on 03/22/2021.
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Rep. Tom Reed Announces Retirement After Sexual Misconduct Accusation | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Call / write / protest your representatives and demand that Tom Reed does NOT receive “retirement” benefits.

    1. Please wake up and smell the coffee, whatever you do or want, Tom Reed will get his retirement. Congressmen have been convicted of bribery, still they get their retirement! What is a truism, the Congressman gets his retirement, despite being a bad boy with women and no witnesses! Now, the Congressman brings the Disgraced wife and children to say he’s sorry. The end, la fin. No Congressmen will deny a brother Congressman their retirement benefits. It’s the Washington DC two step game. What happens in Washington, stays in Washington. They have more Power than you can even imagine, over us Joe punch clocks. You better believe it!

    2. @Mr Popeye
      So what! Who cares? Nothing will happen in Washington! It’s the culture of the political class, bad boys, bribes, fast women and ladies of the night, drugs, and the excesses of being elected in a hotel near you. Have you been to DC and seen the madness? If not, check it out. Anything goes in DC in a town controlled by lawyers and madame’s. Don’t be shocked by the hypocrisy of the political class. It’s like finding out as a kid there’s no Santa Claus! How disappointing is that! Just this Republic and the American Way have you believe it’s so moral. But at the end of the day, the money class, the oligarchs run it! It’s corrupt in a world of scoundrels!

  2. At least he has the guts to admit it unlike Cuomo, so I respect him more for owning up unlike Cuomo

  3. This is a teachable moment, what did he say to himself to think it was allowed for him to touch someone else’s person and garments? We tell the children put your hands in your pockets, and keep your hands to yourself.

    1. Right, but can you believe any of these allegations anymore…it’s fallen the way of “racism” and “Nazi” so inappropriately overused it all becomes meaningless.

    2. @Rhetoric Not for me. I work in the courts, so I often see which people juries decide are guilty of sexual harassment or misconduct. Such cases are not meaningless, and they continue to work their way throw the court room as they have been for several decades now. Improving professional and work life for everybody imho. Even the defensive men who seem to think they’re being singled out for injustice on this topic.

    3. @1984 THEBEGINING Randomly calling me a *loser* is not a proper objection, Your Honor, despite whether my learned friend thinks it’s a winning argument. Sustained? Thanks. I’ll continue.

      So you don’t think men should keep their hands to themselves in their professional lives, Mr. MiniTrue? This does not bode well. I could end up taking down your testimony some day mah friend. Where you would end up being the defendant 😮

    4. @Immortal Asirpa still trying to justify your loser internet claims
      No matter how you try to spin it only losers make claims on the internet of who / what they are because they know nobody will know the truth.
      Now keep up your loser claims 😆

    1. how tf do you unhook a BRA without consent? is she a helpless child that she just stands there and allows it??

  4. Great that he could take full responsibility instead of do whatever he can to sweep it under the rug. More people need to just own up to what they did…its easier for everyone to move on and learn from.

  5. He’s my congressman. I’m not exactly happy about what he did, but, I’m glad he owned up to it, and that he’s leaving office.

  6. Reed drew attention to himself when he said he would run for governor after Cuomo was impeached . Another Rep jerk with no self awareness and no filter !

  7. Haha YES! about time we got rid of that RINO. He wasn’t getting another term anyway after his recent voting record. I know everyone in my county was read to oust him.

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