Rep. Val Demings: ‘Trump Is Doing Everything He Can To Instill Fear’ | MSNBC


    1. Stev Rex do you even know Biden political agenda? No, you don’t…please join the millions of Americans who will get Trump re-elective !

    2. Evil at work:😈
      Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Malinda Gates, W.H.O Organization, Mark Zuckerberg, High Members of the US Government, False Narrative Through Media,
      Real-world deaths VS Fictitious.
      ( Bet you didn’t witness your loved one drop to the floor and pass away due to respiratory failure. Just in case you did though, I bet they had recently visited a medical facility 🤔)

      If the air outside was truly as vile as they say, would you need someone to force you to stay in the house ? 🤷

      Anxiety/Covid symptoms, Improper Usage of Ventilators, Vaccination Depopulation, Vaccine/ microbiotics, Vaccine/Mark of the beast

      China (CCP) Attack on Muslims, European Government World Control, Frances Constant Meddling in Africa, Tanzania President and Covid Results…..

      And you called him a conspiracy theorist 🤭

      You’re welcome 🤯

    3. @Horace Ward no thank you I don’t want the man I voted for back in 2016 to continue to make American graves appear

  1. If they’re going to rename that bridge, they should have done it today. It would have been a nice touch. RIP Mr Lewis.

    1. Congressman Lewis himself did not want the name of that bridge changed. It is a reminder to all about the histroy of hate, oppression and Racism as it’s past legacy towards non whites fighting for civil rights and the right to vote.

    1. @Sean Pizzo don’t you know she and her family frequent Micky Ds, Wendys and Burger King?

    2. Sean Pizzo oh I think Mr Sean is the Karen here. Are you having cramps
      That are making you bitchy?

    3. Sean Pizzo 🤣🤣🤣Another member of the Trumps itty bitty 🍆 club, you’re pathetic 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #Biden2020 #DumpTrump2020

  2. Read German history regarding the rise of Hitler. History might not repeat it self, but it’s starting to rhyme.

    1. Indeed! Start reading Jan 1933 when suddenly the parliament building (Reichstag) was allegedly set on fire by the Commies…. go figure . We are now in March 1933

    “Well, if I’m going down in flames then I’m taking you and the whole country down with me”. Call it my ‘Scorched Earth’ campaign strategy.”

  4. Anything bad that happens under trump’s watch
    “I do not take any responsibility” donald j. trump.

  5. I will be praying Rep Val Demings is Bidens VP pick – she will carry Florida and she is more than qualified for the job – PLEAAAAASE DEMS don’t screw this up!!!

    1. Cathy Edwards it would be great if she was VP. She was the Police Chief of the Orlando Police Department. She was hated by the blacks in Orlando.

    2. @YouTube Moderatorhe’s a liability for our country’s peace and an embarrassment on the world stage.

    1. @Masemeno Nasaku BLM is peaceful. Trumps secret police are instigating violence to justify more and more secret police. It’s a favorite tactic of all fascist rulers through history.

    2. @Dusty Rains so, that all burned shops and houses in memphis, ny and all other cities were done by trump agents ?
      and that 400 teen which trashed putt putt centre in memphis were trump agents too ?

    3. @Masemeno Nasaku Not Trump agents. Free lance right wingers trying to discredit BLM. Boogaloo bois, if the I recall the name correctly. They have been at every protest, mixing in and doing the damage we see.

  6. Those agents don’t act like Americans, their movements are not like American are trained in combat, however they do move like Rusians or like KKK Mercenaries who have those secret training camps.

    1. Elizabeth Dean Boogaloo Bois. Regrettably, they are American citizens. Those supposed wasp ones.

  7. She is intelligent, articulate and passionate about her job. She would be a fine choice as VP

    1. @Marc F. Nielssen :They say that because she has been mentioned .Better used in something related to law enforcement . She seems kinda no nonsense,

    2. @real american What is a “Real American” and how are you any different than anyone else born here.
      Obviously your a clairvoyant…

    1. @Gandolf the White Joe has passed a test-a test of respect and honor for his fellow Americans! We know “Sleepy Joe” and we love “Sleepy Joe”! He is what we need after this ‘Crazy Chaotic Clown Show!’

    2. @riffle queen and yet you attack Trump for passing that test and yet Biden isn’t mentally capable to pass it even after taking it several times. Biden has said he has taken it several times.

    3. @internet persona according to Biden himself he has taken that test a few times. Dementia? Biden is suffering from dementia. By the way every Prez is given that test as it is part of the physical. Every time they have a physical they are tested for cognitive functions. Why haven’t we heard from Biden’s doctor yet? Right from the horse’s mouth Sleepy Joe himself we have been told he has taken the test.

    4. Gandolf the White it was a setup by the personal physician. He ridiculously heaped praise on the president for passing the easy test knowing he’d crow about it later. Probably the same jerk that kept calling Paradise, CA Pleasure CA instead knowing the parrot would embarrass itself in front of a mic and he wasn’t wrong! Not saying Donny is demented but he seems easily lead!

    5. real american didn’t you get the memo? Biden is no longer “senile”. He is now “corrupt”. Trump is switching up his juvenile name calling. He’s afraid of offending his senior voting Bloc.

  8. Trump is trying to create chaos, just like he has been doing in the White House. It is the only thing he knows how to do. The way to stop this is to start holding cops to the same laws that other citizens are held to.

  9. She lives in Florida and have not heard one word from her about what’s going on in Florida and desantis

    1. Sea King Those Fake federal agents are the “WOLF GANG” another unqualified individual put their by a incompetent president #Biden2020 #DumpTrump2020

    2. @Cynthia Gonzalez I don’t know what you mean by unqualified the federal building is still standing and hasn’t been burned out they seem qualified to me

    3. Pat Jenkins And you wouldn’t you’re willfully ignorant and a fascist 🤦🏽‍♀️ #Biden2020 #DumpTrump2020

    4. If you could only get Trump to withdraw his goons from the two Federal Buildings in Portland, then the rioters could storm the buildings, trash every floor, set fire to the place and hopefully burn it down. That would go a long way toward solving the problems we face. What a brilliant strategy.

    5. @Alex Hamilton Trumps private militia needs to be booted out of the cities and things will calm down. His private militia has instructions to agitate and inflame the situations for his own political gains. A 3 year old can see what he is doing.

  10. “Get rid of the person in the white house, who does not have a clue!” Namely Donald J. Trump…

    1. @Dusty Rains yeah sure he will. What I saw around me . Was a booming economy and most ppl were thriving . What I see now is civil unrest a pandemic that no one could’ve stopped ,except china . I see a MSM who is manipulating a vast sector of the population, I see a political party backed by the MSM doing everything they can to encourage civil unrest ,tank the economy and the saddest part is there doing it not because they care about the ppl ,there doing it for power and if you think they give a hoot about you or me ,you are sadly mistaken .

    2. @Easternsun The key word in your rebuttal is “saw”, past tense. No one cares but looney tune magatards how good the economy “WAS”. How good is the economy “NOW”? That’s why you should stick your head up out of the sand and see the world as it is NOW. I guarantee you, when Joe asks America the big question, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” Trump isn’t going to like the peoples answer. I don’t care about your opinion on the MSM. My opinion is 180 degrees opposite, so, stalemate. We all get the same news, unless you have a degree in journalism and go out and do your own news gathering and reporting.

    3. @Dusty Rains why it’s important to gather your info from all . To many watch one channel for 90% of the news . There ALL playing to a agenda . I don’t think you need to have a degree in journalism to figure it out . Just need the commitment to search for it ,check and recheck . And as far as the 4 generations thing you referenced . Pretty sure you didn’t grow up during the Vietnam error ,when there were way way more protests . but just as much brutality ,that’s when ppl were really destroying federal buildings . This is all just history repeating itself . The youth back than are the adults now, fanning the fires for todays youth . .and thirsty for the power they’ve always wanted .

    4. @Easternsun I am 66. I did see the unrest of the 60s, though I was in jr high, so I had no real political appreciation of what was going on. I do not have cable, I cut the cord years ago. I get my information from WAPO, NYTimes, AP, Reuters, The British paper, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, The Daily Beast. For hard news, I prefer the NYTimes and WAPO, for which I have online subscriptions. I do not trust Fox, breitbart, Newmax, AONN, etc. All are Trump lapdogs, in my opinion. The only real journalist at Fox is Chris Wallace. He destroyed Trump the other day. That interview was a disaster for Trump.

    5. @Easternsun This is not history repeating itself. The protests and violence of the 60s was far, far worse than today’s little tantrums.

  11. GOD looks at the heart not the color of a persons skin. I suggest that people do the same. GOD help this country.

    1. I understand what you’re saying, Shelby, but according to believers, God created us all. I wouldn’t think he would find anyone’s skin color to have less value than another’s, regardless of what’s in the heart.

    1. I’m starting to feel that way too. Kamala is a favorite and I love that she supports HR 40 and our interests but my mother pointed out her history as a prosecutor and feels like she may be out of touch

    2. shelby smith absolutely she is awesome & I m proving my POV to President Biden yep I consider the latter to be my & our President, inshallah

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