Report Finds Ronny Jackson Drank On Duty And Harassed Staff While WH Physician | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The Department of Defense Inspector General plans to release a report that found Rep. Ronny Jackson drank while on duty and harassed staff while serving as the White House physician under the Trump administration. Aired on 03/3/2021.
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Report Finds Ronny Jackson Drank On Duty And Harassed Staff While WH Physician | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I’m a recovering alcoholic of almost 19 years. It’s not my place to call someone else an alcoholic, but sometimes you just can’t help but recognize it and boy did recognize it.

    1. but guys please explain to me, writing from london. texas, i heard a beautiful place, what s wrong with it? who voted this loser in? and its governor now? are they all nuts? is it truly such a racist state?

    2. @Rere Simone Let’s be clear.. All elections in the US are rigged, it’s just that sometimes they’re not rigged enough. The electoral college rigs the elections, just not enough always. Texas is Gerrymandered and full of voter suppression tactics

    1. Millions of single Democrat mothers have babies on my dime. Any chance they can keep their legs crossed?

    2. @Wally Censorship Wow, you’re so clever. Just not quite clever enough to discern that ‘we’ is a word that refers to a group of people; not just one individual. It includes the speaker, but also others. Like, for example, the over 525,000 US dead of said plague.

    3. @Communism is Slavery That’s not relevant. It’s whataboutism. You’re deflecting. We’re talking about this one person here. You either oppose such behavior or you don’t. That’s all that matters. You can condemn this man without supporting all unrelated Democrat-led policies. If you’re not blinded by partisanship, anyway.
      …Though also, you think no Republicans do anything on your dime? Only Democrats collecting state assistance, is it?
      The intellects here are truly *astounding.*

    4. @Communism is Slavery and there’s no trailer trash single parents under the Trump banner?
      Your pathetic and weak, that’s why you LOST the election

    1. @cool kid due…process. It’s under the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. He has his rights. You can’t just take accusations, arrest him, and throw him in prison. If they charge him through the military there’s a hearing to see if there’s enough FACTS and EVIDENCE (not “anonymous whistleblowers”) to charge.

    2. @Frank Castle Hardly perfect but hey then again when in doubt cast the blame on the other side or conspiracy theory double standards from republidunces have always been their forte.

    1. @Trapkos That’s not Trump’s fault, you dolt 🤣 did Trump put a gun to his head and force him to drink? Lmao

    1. In the good ole days it was some kid slinging heroin. Come to think of it, wasn’t that great,..

  2. I had zero idea he was in congress now… awesome job Texas, you really know how to pick them 👍🏼

  3. Sounds like court-martial offense has to me ! And I’m so sick and tired of hearing the Democrats made me do it!

    1. @robert Tsmith of he was told not to drink and did so anyway, it’s called disobeying a direct order. Court martial? No. He’s got eagles. Reprimand and removal? NJP for conduct unbecoming? Totally realistic. And we all know enlisted get eaten when they screw up. If an NCO did this crap, they’d be busted down and booted.

    2. @Eric Petosky with his position, it would have been forced early retirement, and thats about it.

    3. We can blame everything on the GOP though! “What? Why did I hack Ron Johnson’s head off? Because THEY MADE ME DO IT! THE GOP made me do it!”

      Sure, I’m game.

  4. When you were corrupt you surround yourself with people that are corrupt because an honest person is going to rat you out

    1. @Kirsten S If it was known during the obama administration that he was doing this, he should have been fired. My guess is either it wasn’t known or reported to ‘no drama Obama’. It would have been the biggest scandal of his presidency.

    2. @Kirsten S That shouldn’t matter, the point is he changed! I’m sure Dr Ronald McDonald the wasn’t acting disgracefully under Obama. Was he?

    1. Ah yes, because white people are the only people that you get to talk s*** about with no repercussions. THAT’S the privilege you’re talking about? Whatever.

    1. @GusCraft460 Yep, notice the picture/graphic…even though he worked for both Obama’s and Trump’s admin. and yet MSNBC only shows him with Trump while highlight the sexual harassment allegations. lol – no petty manipulations going on there.

    2. @BWolf yeah seriously, read the video description… They leave Obama out. Surprised they said it in the video tbh

  5. So freaking tired of listening to Republicans blame democrats for everything they did or doing!!!

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