Report Finds That Sports Owners Use Their Teams To Avoid Millions In Taxes 1

Report Finds That Sports Owners Use Their Teams To Avoid Millions In Taxes


ProPublica reports that billionaire sports owners are using their teams to avoid millions in taxes, while paying lower tax rates than their own players and stadium workers. Robert Faturechi broke the new story and explains how the owners can do it all legally.

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Report Finds That Sports Owners Use Their Teams To Avoid Millions In Taxes


  1. Just look a Football (soccer) in europe, specially england,
    where Billionaires like Glazer (ManU), Kroenke (Arsenal) and Henry (Liverpool) invest hundreds of millions …
    it’s all about the taxes

  2. Not hard to imagine, when tax law is written by the rich for the rich. Also in their case(s) the only time
    innocent until proven guilty applies, all other just get a baton in the face or a knee to the neck

    1. no it isn’t you’re not taking into account that there are people who owe money on welfare and has been on welfare for generations you have to pay that back. whether or not you become a millionaire basketball player is irrelevant if you lived in the projects and you’ve had welfare you have to pay it

  3. Rich getting richer who knew? I think rich people need more discounts. I mean it’s only fair. You wonder how Vladimir Putin got rich. Putin’s a billionaire by becoming president. Stole from this country.
    Sad so sad love

  4. GOD’S WORD® Translation
    God is faithful and reliable. If we confess our sins, he forgives them and cleanses us from everything we’ve done wrong. 1John 1:9

  5. This is old news. Why don’t you go back to 2017 when the Republicans passed their tax laws. The extremely wealthy have a permanent fixed rate. Everyone else will rise each year.

  6. Why would owning a sports franchise get someone rich enough to own a team,tax breaks? It’s more bullshty trickle down economics

    1. That’s because it’s really Tinkle-Down Economics. The rich pee on the rest, the ‘golden showers’ that gets everybody else wet and smelly. Then to make matters worse, the non-upper classes have to pay to clean their own clothes!

  7. That is how the riche stay rich by grifting off federal income taxes unlike every normal Americans pay

  8. More importantly, when he reports his losses who makes up the differences? We all can write off the sales tax for cars, business items etc., however the question is the lifespan and for who? Is it longer for the elitist?

  9. Billionaire owners: I’m super rich!
    Also billionaire owners: If you want a new stadium, the public need to pay for it with their tax dollars.

  10. In other news grass is wet and the sun is blue, I’m just glad Victor Zsasz cleaned up his act and got into journalism

  11. Anybody that knows anything about running a business knows that a huge effort is expended in finding ways to avoid taxes, no matter what business.

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