Report Shows Exact Opposite Of Trump Officials’ Claims On China Election Intrusion | Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow shows how Trump officials repeatedly accused China of running a massive campaign to interfere in the 2020 election even though intelligence gathered during the Trump's time in office (some of which is now declassified) concluded the exact opposite. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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Report Shows Exact Opposite Of Trump Officials' Claims On China Election Intrusion | Rachel Maddow


    1. @Francis Schreurs if there was RUSSIA influence why has not trump been charge why 5 years & no evidence which are criminals is Biden Hillary Nancy Obama…I will be glad when Joe or kamala take away your rights I wanna see you become slaves to the government…the gove say climb up the jump off you will do it. I know you dont have political knowledge or history…learn about the DEMOCRATS agenda study their agenda…. those kids still in cages under Biden so the media can’t take a look….

    2. @Michael Curtis Their not in cages under Biden . but they sure where under Trump. Besides they are free to walk out and back home too Mexico. But they prefer to stay and be Americans . You Trumpsters are all the same brain washed idiots.

    3. @Tiger lily55 Ocean waves “” Oh Please. It’s not the “far left radicals” that have allowed half a million Americans to die” Why not tell the truth for once ? The Virus came from CHINA, per Capita the USA has a Lower death rate than most other Countries and who was it that called President Trump a Racist and a Xenophobe when he closed the Airports to Chinese flights ?? Old Joe Biden, that’s who !

    4. @Michael Curtis America was discovered by what we call Native Americans ancestors after crossing g the la d bridge and by other Asians by boat.

    5. @Guy Funtyme you right the native American Indians, Aztecs, Mayans was all brought over as slaves

  1. No wonder Biden declassified this report. Trump, Barr, et al. were engaged in a deliberate misinformation campaign against the American people. Disgusting.

    1. @dr person That is why Trump thinks he won, because he did by cheating in 2016….He can’t wrap his Malignant Narcissism Illness around…HE LOST…BIG..Even by cheating, disinformation, and classifying documents..

    2. @dr person I don’t understand why Republicans don’t care. Both the politicians and the public. Gone are the days of Watergate where the party says “sir, you did wrong and must resign.” Today it’s deny everything and only winning matters.

    1. You ‘re right. The former president and criminal Trump has won the presidential election in 2016 with great influence and money coming from Putin of Russia. So criminal and big liar Trump said there was almost no influence at all from Russia and there was huge influence from China in order to cover all up and to deceive the American people!

    2. @Yoji Shinkawa yeah, I apologize for the lol. A little angry about it all & typing too fast.

  2. There should be consequences for every single official who is on tape lying to the American people

    1. @Donny Short like the democrats over the last 4 years or the democrats during the entirety of Obama’s term blaming everything on Bush? You’re right, democrats are worthless.

    2. @Dustin Caso Again, you won’t deal with the question preferring to cite other things as if that gives your people a pass. Just stop it…

    3. @Donny Short you don’t get avoid the question and say a bunch of whataboutisms for the last 12 years then go around and tell people they can’t do that.

    4. @Dustin Caso they blamed the recession on Bush as it would have if any one else would have been presidents……isnt that what republicans do…..create recessions. None seems to happen under democratic presidents.

    5. @Charles L Jones slowest economic recovery in history under Obama. Yeah, they occur under democrats buddy. Remember the Carter years? We’re about to be in a recession because of Biden too, less you forget.

  3. There’s individuals in prison doing long bids for way less than what these crooks, cons, and criminals have done to this country with all their lies and criminal behavior. This is pathetic and shameful.

    1. … Much like the Administration that Pence & Trump kept breaking, and expecting everyone else to have “a paperclip, rubber band, and gorilla tape” to fix it for them, though they were actively firing those that did there job!
      But, 2 F-kn Limpeachments later, and the ongoing disinformation that “Pandemic is only ‘one year old” (while the Woodward interview was done early in the first year of Trump in office, back when there was a U. N. Special Security Taskforce on COVID-19 from Obama’s”lame duck” era of Presidency) has been taking the back seat position of a driverless vehicle in motion – for how many years now?
      I mean, I shouldn’t complain. I got by yard cleaned up from using the fallen twigs and the garden hose to clean off the bottoms of my sneakers – after every Trump Presidential address to America because: yeah, it blankets the Nation…

    2. @Daniel Evans remember when Gary Hart went on a boat and a girl sat on his lap long enough for a picture~and it ruined him politically.

      Those were the good old, bad old days.

      I don’t know what they were but both then and now were example of something being completely out of control

  4. How isn’t this illegal? So they can blatantly lie to us about something this significant and no punishment? Can we at least get them under oath and have them admit they lied or otherwise perjured themselves? Wtf.

    1. Same as dtump’s crazy lawyer Sidney whathername trying to defend herself now that’s being sued by Dominion (voting machines). Her defense is that all her claims were just “opinions” that no reasonable person would take to be facts … despite her actually filing lawsuits based on these “opinions”. That’s her actual defense…. _I said it but I didn’t mean it to be taken seriously_ . SMH


  5. It’s fair to assume that every single thing that happened in the last 5 years is the Exact Opposite Of Trump Officials’ Claims

  6. New AG take action now. Do not sweep any of this under the rug. Time for America to turn back to truth telling – hold all these traitors accountable to the fullest extent of the law!!!!

    1. @George Woodard Hey George – I’m just a confused (by US politics) Englishman in England wondering about so called “patriots”- How does it feel to be on the same team as Putin in wanting DJT as president? Do you actually think Putin wants America to have a strong or good leader ? Also – Don’t you wonder why DJT was always saying China when his own security service advisors were saying Russia.It looks to me like DJ Trump’s perfectly happy to live with Russia meddling in US politics when it helps him, Doesn’t it look that way to you?

  7. They can’t claim that this is a Biden report. It was done in the trump administration. Biden only declassified it. This needs to be shared as much as possible!!

    1. @penny sommers be careful, “do your own research” is the mating call of the Q-annoying crowd.

    2. @Admiral General Aladeen
      Sorry Admiral, they — republicans and MAGA people — do care; not so much for retracting the lies, but looking to gaslight the rest of us.

  8. America will continue in a downward spiral as long as they keep letting things like this go unpunished.

    1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE beating a cheater through fair play and hard work…. numnumnum. The look on their faces is just delectable.

  9. There should be criminal charges for a public officials blatantly lying about things like this

  10. The trump administration constantly lied…about everything. So is anyone really surprised?

    “The darkness always lies.”

  11. Merriam Webster just changed the definition of “liar.” It now reads Liar: member(s) of the republican party.

  12. “When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent.” – Isaac Asimov 🖋📃

    1. @Jon J Hancock Hey John – Just a question from a person who doesn’t vote or live in the US – How did you feel when you realised your on the same team as Putin in wanting DJT as US president, And why do you think Putin wants DJT as US president? ATB.

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