Report: Some Democrats In Congress Are Worried Their Colleagues Might Kill Them | All In | MSNBC 1

Report: Some Democrats In Congress Are Worried Their Colleagues Might Kill Them | All In | MSNBC


“Members right now are not talking about, ‘I’m worried my colleagues will get me killed in some indirect sense,’” says NBC News’ Benjy Sarlin. “They’re worried that members quite specifically either participated in the attack itself or future ones.” Aired on 01/14/2021.
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Report: Some Democrats In Congress Are Worried Their Colleagues Might Kill Them | All In | MSNBC


    1. Democrats: “Republicans were aiding the rioters!”

      It looked to me like the Police just LET them right in! I guess that means the Police are in on this conspiracy, right?

    1. A lot of them are so scared of their own shadows they need to take Kalashnikovs – and funnily it’s almost always Kalashnikovs – to the supermarket.

      If you can’t leave the house without an AK-47, you got bigger problems and you need a straitjacket.

    2. for the exact same reason Trump maintains his own personally paid private security on top of the secret service.

  1. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”
    –Abraham Lincoln

    1. @Anthony Campagnolo But our democracy was in such crappy shape that people still decided to spin the roulette wheel, hoping he might be a different sort of politician. Unfortunately the result was basically losing that bet & then some.

    2. @Hakura Chii that was the part I never understood. Why do these people think that a so called billionaire is better than a politician. I mean the guy bankrupted a casino. That takes a special talent on its own.

  2. You don’t have tours of the capital days before an insurrection! It was planned from within! No need to play it down!

  3. Anyone who side steps the metal detector should be arrested immediately and removed from the Capitol Building for maximum time before you have to charge them, then release them

    1. Well India would have to be the greatest democracy in the world. Depends on what you mean (the guy in the video) by ‘greatest’.

    2. When Bush (R) left office in 2008, the USA was in 117th place on the Global Peace Index. When Obama (D) left in 2016 the USA had improved to 109th spot. Under trump’s (R) leadership, the USA dropped to 123rd spot in 2017, 124th spot in 2018 and 128th spot in 2019. All of trump’s numbers put the USA in the most violent 1/3 of the world. Statistics are not yet available for 2020. What’s your guess?

    1. @Radrook makes me think they’ll try the same thing with The White House. wE cOnTrOl tHe WhItE hOuSe, So TrUmP sTaYs In OFfIcE

    2. @Radrook This is precisely why Trump and his nonsensical followers are sooo dangerous.

      In HER mind, and in THEIR minds, the outcome of storming the Capitol would give them what they wanted…….and nobody can convince them otherwise.

    1. @Stephen Smith — just because QAnon is a fantasy doesn’t mean that millions of deluded fools don’t believe it’s _reality._

    2. Yes, she is on my list of suspects. Mo Brooks of Alabama. And, the representative from Arizona who is Qanon. We need Maximillian Robespierre (the French Revolution) to conduct the interrogations. He will find the members of Congress who are the seditionists and traitors. The death penalty can be applied to traitors.

    1. @Pat Riot Like cops and doctors do over there? Pretty sure cops have double standards in applying their oaths and doctors in the US flat out go against their Hippocratic oath by taking part in US’s healthcare system which is based on ‘people with money get to live’.

      Aside from dubious morality, I didn’t just mean that capitol officers and the army should of opened fire to the people there, even if that’s what would happen in any other country and rightfully so, what I mean is that other countries should bomb US for it, like Karma, remember how the US supported insurrections on other countries based on usually false information that they were abusing their power and pretty much destroyed those nations? Why shouldn’t the same thing happen to US? Why shouldn’t Iran liberate you?

    2. If this was happening in a black/brown country where US had any interest in oil or some other resources, they’d have supplied arms and ammunition to the rioters and supported overthrowing of government. Hilarious how tables turn.

    3. @nomi J depends on the country. i can’t think of a single country the US bombed that didn’t need to be bombed. Or that wasn’t improved by it.

  4. The lady who were giving out instructions should be tried for treason, No quarter or mercy should be given to these so called “patriots”!!!!

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