Reporter Arrested at Black Lives Matter Protest Shares Warning For Democracy | MSNBC

An Iowa jury acquitted a reporter arrested at a Black Lives Matter rally in May 2020. Des Moines Register reporter Andrea Sahouri joins MSNBC's host of "American Voices" Alicia Menendez to share the story of her trial.Β» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Reporter Arrested at Black Lives Matter Protest Shares Warning For Democracy | MSNBC


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    2. im WACCO, it was probably was already established, but this may have been a way to embarrass the police for use of force.

  1. The prosecutor should be relieved of duty for bringing charges against a legitimate journalist doing her job.

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  2. Pressing ahead with charges is consistent with widespread police attitude of never, ever, admitting fault.

    1. @Richard Christie say what you will. the universities r liberal. as are hollywood, big tech, the white house& all the big cities.

    2. @john wallace Listen chum, nobody but you mentioned universities, hollywood or big tech etc. Unless you directly relate your peculiar responses to things I’ve argued, I’m through replying to you.

    3. @Richard Christie u mentioned institutional culture. iwas just trying to pinpoint which institutions & cultures, but it’s clear now that u r just spitting out liberal buzzwords since u cant name 1.

    4. Look at the goofballs they hire as cops.No education no training just a bunch that like hurting people.

    5. @BostonBruins 88 Only a fool breaks into an occupied residence, they would be at as much a disadvantage as the homeowner.

      Most criminals are bullies and prey on people that aren’t considered a threat.

  3. How about an excessive force case against the cop you used a chemical weapon on her when she was (allegedly) not resisting and fully complying?
    Oh, no wait, cops never face civil liability or get convicted criminally for their *crimes.*

    1. Of course…… she was standing erect, which could be construed as potential flight risk, one step shy of potentially resisting and eluding.

    2. cop ‘qualified immunity’, needs to be treated as conditional, not absolute; as a starter, if cops violate the constitution they have no immunity.

  4. WHAT’S THE NAME OF THIS PROSECUTOR?? I’m so sick of hearing about this neverending collusion between prosecutors and violent criminal cops

    1. That’s the problem the prosecutor and the cops all work for the judges, there is no independence in the justice system, no impartiality except for the jury

    2. @Ricky Bobby Roode even when you a person is killed and you watched it with your own eyes you still think it was George Floyd’s fault when the killer cop kneeled on his neck for almost 9 minutes. If GF was violent in the past it had nothing to do in that moment when chauvin killed him because he was in hand cuffs on the ground. I feel the same we all sick of people like you supporting monsters like them especially when there’s a video that shows the truth.

    3. @Ricky Bobby Roode
      You’re perception is so skewed to the point it’s to your own detriment & you don’t even realize it. Let’s go with your ‘logic’ though. Answer this.
      The man who was actively on a killing spree, known to be the murder, armed & dangerous, identified by his own parents, was taken into custody without any use of force.
      Why, what was different about him???

  5. Des Moines is my hometown and the police need to back off the easy arrests and jump into the hard stuff. Same goes for our local prosecutors that choose to take protestors and even the free press to trial. What a WASTE of taxpayer money.

  6. I wish the cops had that same kind of energy on 6 of January at the capital. πŸ§πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈβœŠπŸΏ

    1. @BostonBruins 88 Democrat political term they’re not police what would you like them to personally done? And please answer one question why was black lives matter protesting because of what? So you was ok with the animals on January 6th over an election that was won fairly but not ok over police brutality?

    2. @BostonBruins 88 you guys always bring up what happened with black lives matter. When you should already know the situation that happened with the capital is way worse then all the riots from last year

    3. @BostonBruins 88 And lets not get it twisted. I’m not saying that you’re knowledgeable in anything dude.

  7. America is no longer the model for democracy! Becoming more of a cesspool for corruption, racism and stupidity!!

    1. That’s why none White’s are flooding the southern border. Full of it can’t have it both ways.

    2. Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜…

      Thank you for calling the
      “White House Crisis Hotline”… πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜…

      For “spanish” press “one”…πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜..
      For “spanish” press “two”…😳….
      For “ebonics” press “three”…πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜…
      For “spanish” πŸ˜³πŸ‘‰ press “four”…
      For “english” πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜πŸ‘‰ press “3854196”…

    3. @IssaRooster-_- wow so is the history of any civilized country. Why dont u keep worrying about the transgressions of ppl 200+ years ago and us sane ppl will focus on now.

    1. @i dont have time 2 reply almost a million people have died? Where have you been on the moon? Go back to mommies basement and play some more world of stupid craft or whatever you do because you cant get even 1 fact right!!! Lool

    2. @mohamed said BS…they did contribute to businesses whom lost income while the right tryed to blanke BLM…
      Get educated.

    3. @Nicolette Marinelli Trump has never been innocent…
      He is a known crook al of his life…
      Only you republicons vote for a known fraud…

    1. God bless the cops they keep America safe and I’m assuming you probably call them when you need help right ?

    2. @know-it-all King imagine actually believing that. You sound like the Karen’s that call the cops on black people having barbecues and pool parties.

  8. I find it funny, Trump was all about the 2nd Amendment during the BLM Protests, but after the 6th riot, he is all about the 1st Amendment. To me that is very telling.

    1. @Muthafucka Jones Not really he picks and chooses the ones that benefited his talking points at the time.Please show me where he is talking about how BLM should have the right to the 1st amendment during the summer protests and I will retract my statement.

    2. @Justice Matters No he doesn’t. Trump is very consistent in advocating for everyone’s right to all amendments. There is only one side that opposed the 1st amendments for that’s the left and especially BLM. All the left does is try to cancel, suppress information, and take peoples ability to speak away. This is a ludicrous attempt at gaslighting. The only way that I can fathom that you don’t already know this would be that you don’t have access to the internet.

    3. @John Poston John people were paid to infiltrate those peaceful protests. Blended into crowds to cause problems for the protesters. Some tried to stop them from damaging property. Where did burning of buildings occur? It’s the propaganda-45 and supporters put out there.

    1. @Stephen Beacham So… why do Demonrats do everything they can to keep inner city kids in bad schools with bad teachers?

    2. @Stephen Beacham Yeah, It’s always sad when Demonrats like Barry and Hillary put politics ahead of American lives and let them get slaughtered. That’s just the way Demonrats roll.

    1. Russia and trump are focussed on two big things right now: Anti-Vaxing, and race hate. Anything that causes large scale Division in America. BLM is a respectable political awareness organisation that MLK would have proudly endorsed. And it’s a registered charity, so respected that it has a New York City Square named for them. But, the trolls target them, because they need an equal and opposite straw man, as the opposite side of their Nazi coin. Their Fascist coinage is all counterfeit, which is why it only works when they preach to their racist choir. Anti-Vaxing has proved a problem for them too. Because, β€œscience,” I guess. And increasing experience. Also, many who support trump’s fascist agenda still need to make money, and need to go along with the facts, just to get back to work, or reopen their businesses. The haters are always busy, while we sleep, churning out new narratives, to see if any stick. The art of never losing the game? Don’t play ✌️

    2. I hope her employer values her enough to sue the police for this? They need to put out the signal that they protect their employees interests and value them?

    3. @Theia : A state prosecutor has the power to decide if a case, β€œshould,” be prosecuted in the first place. Whoever made the decision to go ahead, they were A) The Prosecutor. And, B) Without Morals.

    4. It’s amazing they didnt succeed proving the trumpturds that Declared War on the US πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Capital are Scum!hmmmmmm I wonder why not? SMFH.

    5. @Stinky Piece of Cheese Yes, some folks in each and every profession are “scum”. It is unfortunate that “cop” is a job where those sorts stick in folks’ minds…

      But then a snooty cashier is less memorable than a shooty cop.

      Get rid of immunity of any sort for law enforcement officers and offer rewards to citizens who can document offenses. Prosecute to the fullest.

      All the 🐷 would get out of the business, leaving us with a force we can be proud of.

    1. @Rob Dillon sorry brosef, she was acquitted Β―_(ツ)_/Β― meanwhile, more maga freaks are arrested for their role in the capitol riot every day!!

    2. Waaaaaaaah waaaaaaah

      Meanwhile 46 and sh!tting on this country and paying illegal immigrants $600 out of our stimulus πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. Those officers and the Judicial System in Iowa don’t seem to care about the First Ammendment at all. The ACLU should have been all over this case.

  10. Journalists now getting arrested in the United States. Already picking up some speed down that slippery slope.

    1. Not the first time – many have been tested recently and in the last 4 years. It is fascism and dictator behaviour

    2. The Trump Administration was doing that to journalists returning to the US after covering events in foreign countries. It’s all looking very fascist.

  11. First rule in fascist playbook, control the press. Pepper sprayed while surrendering, that’s not riot control it’s abuse.

    1. @KTG Network Don’t have to change anything you might assume I’m black and your correct. I don’t have nothing against the police oo

    2. @Boyd Bryant nope I never assumed anything. just because someone is black dont mean that they hate cops. I’m not all about the stereotypes. I believe in individual people. I honestly didnt mean your movement.

    3. No the first rule of a facist is to silence the opposition and play the victim which she is doing.

    1. XPH AKU, you misread me, I said the same thing, but 93% of the BLM protests not 99% were peaceful. You misunderstood me.

    2. Flugsven, I was responding to another post, to clarify, the BLM protests were93% peaceful. The Capitol insurrection was not. Anyone who breached the Capitol should be tried for sedition. Clear enough?

    3. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜….

      …and Jill and I are enjoying
      my “sound” defeat πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜πŸ‘‰ of

      Jill ?….😳….

      Are the cameras still rolling ?…😳…

      Just “play cool”….😳…

    4. @flugsven

      HELP !!!… I’M JOE BIDEN !!!…πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜΅…

      I’VE FALLEN,
      AND I CAN’T GET UP !!!….πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜΅…

    5. @flugsven I say facts as they are, without spinning an unreality. Disturbing realities are best left blunt.

  12. Arresting journalists and charging them with crimes is what authoritarians do, the cops and prosecutor should all be investigated for corruption and for abuse of power.

    1. When the person who held the highest office in this country said repeatedly that *The Press is the Enemy of the People,* and he also told police *”don’t be too gentle when arresting people”* THIS is what happens.

    2. and meanwhile, the MAGA crowd is going absolutely bananas bc people are still being arrested for their role in the capitol riot — including the two guys who just got charged in connection with Officer Sicknick’s death….

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