Velshi: What Did The Fox Say?? | MSNBC

Women’s History Month is dedicated to celebrating women’s contributions to history, culture and society but a certain host from another cable news network thought it would be a good time to anchor-splain how President Biden is making a “mockery” of the armed forces with his efforts to recruit and keep women in the service. Women have been proudly and honorably serving in the US armed forces since the Revolutionary War in every capacity and there has never been a question about their commitment or their abilities. Women’s History Month is an opportunity to look at some of our biases and to make some changes, do better.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi: What Did The Fox Say?? | MSNBC


    1. @Diego A Looks like Sucker successfully implanted the image of 8 months pregnant women on the battlefield inside of your head.

    2. @Diego A, Just to clarify, I post because it is my job. We are a fact check organization tasked with monitoring this platform, applying a multi-tier fact checker to comments, flagging posts that fail as false and/or misleading, track users, and provide reporting to cyber security.

    3. @Diego A, This post is flagged as false. We are an independent fact check organization, not affiliated with any political party or ideology, tasked with monitoring this platform, applying a multi-tier fact checker methodology to all comments, flagging posts that fail as false and/or misleading, tracking users, and providing reporting to the cyber security team. This is the exact opposite of perpetuating propaganda.

    1. @Cecil_Branford46 _ When worldwide journalism outlets are compared, BBC CBC Australian , Western European, they all are closer to the same conclusions of facts. None of these nations have viable Fox News Networks. You have to go to dictatorships to find the complete propaganda that IS Fox News.

    2. Oh, Fox “sees” half the world’s population. They *see* them barefoot and pregnant, standing in the kitchen, making everyone a sandwich. Isn’t it funny how Americans working in the teaching profession are paid less than others who have the same level of Education? The very same degrees and certifications? Why would *that* be? Surely NOT because the largest percentage of teachers are *women?* >.< America. 27th place in Education and 1ST place in incarceration. Truly, the "Land of the Free". Now, THERE'S a "big lie" for you.

    1. @David Cohen Leftists? Seriously? They may have borrowed that label, it doesn’t make them so. There’s nothing Russia or China did that serves the real interests of people, or could be described as “social”. They are actually fascists, totalitarian, far-right régimes. That’s why Trumpee loves them so much.

    2. @Anne-Marie Sharaiha Your lack of facts is astounding, since you haven’t produced an example of anything he got wrong. Which can be explained by the fact you never listened to what he said, just what bald poodles like Velshi said that he said
      Also, January 6th is unrelated to this.

  1. Get in the ring with one of those women you claim are making a mockery of the US military Tucker, YOU’RE SOOOOOOOO BRAVE 🤣
    …I’ll bet $500.⁰⁰ that you get your bell rung.

    1. You know that most women in the military aren’t in front line positions. But if you want Tucker Carlsen to fight a Nurse then…ok.

    2. @Thomas De Quincey No, I want him to go head to head with one of the women who recently graduated Ranger School.

  2. The best (& most ironic) part of this is Tucker Carlson being on Dancing with the Stars wearing a women’s blouse. 👚

    Wouldn’t that constitute him “feminizing himself?”

  3. Remember?
    Fox is making money from this crap …and hate/fear/division= good for advertising ….

    1. Also Fox is owned by Murdock who is heavily invested in China and is working to dismantle the United States. Why do communist governments support Republicans in our country? Why?

    2. @Star Observers – Errr…. Faux News is owned by The (AUSTRALIAN and very much capitalist-oriented) Murdoc<--H--> Corporation who are invested in many countries regardless of their political stance.
      AND If you’d actually read anything by Marx or Engels you’d know that China doesn’t have a communist government anymore.
      The U.S.A isn’t YOUR country. Its DEBTS are OWNED by others like China, the U.A.E.,etc.. They’re just benefiting from Republitards destroying themselves.
      And before you accuse me of being just some democrat/commie/hippie/whatever – I’m just explaining why other countries are helping some Americans make their “own” country make themselves (globally) poorer while enriching their (very selfish) selves….

    1. @Mossy dog – Errr… eMail really isn’t free. How do you think it’s paid for? Try reading Robert O’Harrow’s 2003 book “No Place To Hide” to understand data collection/scraping.
      How do you think Google got so big without really advertising very much? Go find out how Amazon can offer their services so cheaply.
      Regardless of how much I dislike the vitriol spouted on Faux News; I understand why they do it.

    2. Vanity Fair: ‘A major black eye for the CNN ‘: Washington Post media columnist calls out CNN – on CNN – for the ‘love-a-thon’ between Chris and Andrew Cuomo 

      * CNN’s media show Reliable Sources discussed Cuomo coverage on Sunday
      * Erik Wemple, Washington Post media critic, called out CNN for their approach
      * Chris Cuomo frequently interviewed his brother Andrew during the pandemic
      * Wemple said that it was a conflict of interest and a poor decision by CNN
      * He criticized the ‘wonderful love-a-thon interviews’ Chris did with his brother 
      * Chris Cuomo has told viewers he can not cover his brother’s current trouble even though he was allow to cover his brother during the pandemic this past year.
      *They discussed should Governor Cuomo return both his Emmy and the profits on his book on leadership during the pandemic
      * Andrew Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment by seven women and one of the 7 is claim forceable touching which is a felony under New York Penal Code § 130.52 .▶️🔂↔️↔️↕️

  4. The only claim to fame that bowtie wearing Tucker Carson ever did was to get voted out of DWTS in the first round..

    1. Let’s see, this Velshi clown isn’t know for anything, except having a big mouth. Tucker Carlson is paid tens of millions a year & has the most watched show on cable news networks. I’m on TEAM TUCKER! I like winners & people who are successful at what they do. Only Fox News has hosts & news anchors who are at the top of their game & are paid tens of millions of dollars because they deserve it. Why do you lefties hate successful people so much? Is it because you are the freaks & misfits of society, rejected by everyone & are not successful? I think so.

    2. It takes a _REAL_ man like John P. Flannery to wear a bow tie, not a ruff tuff cream puff like little Tucker.

  5. I just love Ali so much, THANK YOU Sir and to all the women in our military a big thank you to you as well🙏🇺🇸

    1. Send that soft gutless silver spooner born into a wealthy family with a priveledged life head over to the Middle East and Insult the Peshmurga – The Kurdish female fighters that scared the pants off ISIS and were a major element in defeating them

    2. @Party Grove it’s not childish if you actually had the balls to serve.

  6. “… the news anchor in question has as much military experience as I have curling my hair.” Priceless.

    1. Yes! Indeed priceless I LOL so loud folks in another room heard and wondered if I had finally lost it.😂😂😎☮

  7. Unlike Tucker, these women have the derring-do and cojones to stand in harms way to help keep this country safe and for that I have tremendous respect for each and every one of them.

    1. @Prize Collector with your childish replies i’m assuming that any prize collecting you do is at Chuck E. Cheese

    2. Tucker supports a tRaitor and campaigns to destroy decency and democracy. He’s as much a cowardly, treacherous, domestic enemy as they get.

    1. The best way to deal with Tucker is don’t listen to his him the more comments you make the more you listen to him better he likes it

    2. @Konrad Yearwood It was Faux “News” Channel’s dream back about a decade ago was to be brought up on all the other real news channels, just so they could gain legitimacy. This entire F-ed up long-term plot of Rupert Murdoch’s is straight from the KGB/GRU playbook. That playbook is called “Active Measures”. (Which shares the name with a very insightful-to-our- -present-situation & thoroughly entertaining documentary)

    3. @Brett S. That is interesting. Something I would like your opinion on relates to the First Amendment. Not directly but as the subject. Legislation is important and when designed and enacted it usually refers to and reflects its time in the growth and development of a nation. However, there are two things regarding legislation, the actuality and the spirit of the law. In the case of Faux News it is clear that they blatantly and provocatively push the boundaries to the point where the legislation itself starts to seem ridiculous in that it protects one right (that of the individual to say things) while allowing harm to be meted out on others by dint of inaccurate commentary (in this case female service personnel). In short Faux News have not been respecting the spirit of the legislation and have made an industry of exploiting said legislation, and very lucratively. My question is how do you curb the latter without impinging upon the former? Surely there needs to be protection for the individual laid down in law that is at least as rigorous as the First Amendment but it would seem to me that many lawyers are proud at being adept at finding loopholes in the law and as that seems to be their main motivation it leads to a proxy war of legal interpretation being fought out in the courts.

    4. They breed guys like Tucker in secret labs somewhere. I’m pretty sure all of them have some of Limbaugh’s DNA.
      You can make every Alex Jones, O’Reilly, and Hannity obsolete, and they will just get more failed actors & clones lined up to take their place.
      Hail Hydra.

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