Reporter asks Trudeau: Do homeowners really need new grant program? 1

Reporter asks Trudeau: Do homeowners really need new grant program?


While announcing a new grant program, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked if homeowners really need the support.


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  1. Answer:
    Yes Canadians need as many distractions as possible to divert attention from my multiple scandals and utter failure as PM.

    1. Yep. Take 30 thousand dollars from a mouse , give it 20 dollars back and go “look at what I graciously gave you! Don’t be violent now go and make that money back!

  2. “I’ll keep taxing the hell our of Canadians with my carbon tax in the meantime so your fuel prices, food, clothing, building materials, everything, will cost more in the meantime” What a loser. Resign already pretty boy and shut your trap!!

  3. Why does he always say ‘we know’ in most of his sentences? Strikes me as a knower of nothing

  4. I have a home and my savings haven’t skyrocketed. I have been losing money not running my independent non subsidized business during the pandemic. Especially with all the inflation and legislated utilities always increasing to cover civil servant salaries, benefits and pensions. Going forward I will be billing customers based on the basis of their homes value.

    1. The point is your equity has. Home prices have gone up 20-30% last year alone. If you own property and still have a job you’ve done pretty well in this pandemic in comparision to everyone else. The question is valid, do those homeowners need a $5,000 hand-out? If it was part of the 2019 platform, a lot has happened since 2019. Maybe it doesn’t make sense now.

  5. Reporter: ‘Mr. Trudeau…Mr. Trudeau…Sir……please ….just one question…Sir…..please.. ”
    Justin: “OK ask me your stupid scripted question.”
    Reporter: “Sir how much does your family stand to gain (this time) from your new corporate initiatives?”

    1. @Canadian Peaches That’s…that’s what inspectors do…Wo are ‘they’? You know that you don’t have to let anyone into your home without a warrant, …right?

    2. Oh goodness. No inspectors are great but what he made it sound like is another level of inspectors as in the ones we have already are below par and will have to report to this new level.

  6. The p.m is a joke. Why do we have to pay his wage? He needs a new job and maybe some lessons on answering questions with the truth

    1. Trump worked for free for during his four year term, refusing to be paid, saving taxpayers $1.6 million dollars

  7. Does the woman doing the sign language include the endless ums and ahs from Justin? Serious question.

  8. There is no point in this program for the mere reason of me being UNABLE TO AFFORD A HOME because the real estate prices sky rocketed thanks to this Trudeau government.

  9. A 2019 election platform plank just getting talked about implementation now sounds like an election bribe to me

  10. Reporter states the obvious waste, and Trudeaus response is that it was already committed to in 2019.

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