Reporter confronts Putin: ‘What are you so afraid of?’

Russian President Vladimir Putin took questions from international reporters following his meeting with President Joe Biden, including a question from ABC News reporter Rachel Scott who asked Putin about a recent law that banned individuals designated as "extremists" from running for public offices.

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    1. @YUNGRED I believe you’re quite, quite mad and also completely wrong. All the evidence I have seen reaffirms this. Reality itself reaffirms this and no evidence I have seen contradicts that opinion. Given all these are compatible with one another, your claim of cognitive dissonance is laughable, as is your woeful attempt at an intelligent conversation. Try understanding definitions before using them, cupcake.
      Now, hand the phone back to your carer, so I can get back to helping NASA edit the next lot of fake Moon and Mars landing footage. It’s looking seriously cool. 😎

    2. @Liam Roberts what evidence? And what’s the definition of cognitive dissonance without pulling up Wikipedia first if I’m so wrong 😂

    3. @YUNGRED cognitive dissonance is the rather uncomfortable situation where someone holds two or more beliefs which are contradictory. Given none of my beliefs or opinions on what we have discussed are in conflict with any other, I am not suffering from cognitive dissonance.
      As for the evidence, I refer you back to your succession of rambling comment posts, which can best be described as the rantings of a lunatic. I believe you’re crazy and all the text evidence supports that suspicion.
      I would humour you further, but the last thing I want to do is feed your delusion. It would be wrong of me.

  1. That was an easy question. When are the American reporters going to ask Putin the hard questions, like what flavor ice cream he likes.

    1. @Not the Spaghetti lol I swear it’s a real flavor look it up. It’s chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips in it… hence the double chocolate in its name.

    1. @Charles Wellington IV yeah, tell me…. What color is the sky in your world! Pfffft! You’re proof positive that hate blinds people! WOW!

    2. @sandella11 Forget about Trump for a minute. Putin had no respect for Obama and even less for Biden. Did you not see the photo of Macron from France pointing at Biden while getting in his face?

    3. Because he knows he can only rule through fear: admitting what he’s afraid of demolishes that illusion he depends on. A strong leader doesn’t have to strike fear into the hearts of his own people. They support him because they trust him, and they know they can criticize him without fear of repercussions, because he will seek to be more just, more understanding, and more adaptable to the changes which no one can avoid.

    4. @sandella11 Ron Klain who was part of the Obama Administration admitted the Administration did everything possible wrong on H1N1, and that it was pure fortuity that more people didn’t die.

    1. well Biden and USA forbid or yell and dont allow Russian or otehr journalitsts to ask Biden questions but hey CNN wont show that nor it will give full context but as always like SHEEPS follow your dear CNN,

    2. @Greg Gaming trust me I’m no fan of CNN or any major news network. I just watch to see what other Americans are hearing. But you’re right. No ones allowed to ask Biden any hard questions. Only ones his handlers pre approve

  2. Cant believe Putins smart enough to know from way over there that allowing riots every night makes for a bad economy and that 20 to 25 years prison is a bit harsh for wandering around in a congress building as well as shooting/killing an unarmed woman. What happened to that guy even?? Nothing???

    1. @Mrnoodle7guy Why Is this reporters thinks she tough?? Her insults is powerless aganist Putin and Xi Jinping LMAO

    2. Since CBS was proven to have edited it’s interview with governor DeSantis it’s become a popular thing to do.

  3. Reporter: What are you afraid of?

    Putin: I’m afraid… … that you will not live to see tomorrow.

    1. Is that the same like all those people reporting on the Clintons and then feeling so bad they kill themself?

    2. @B.J.R why is it everyone else’s responsibility to worry about your problems when we have problems of our own?

  4. Now when is teleprompter biden? When is he going to address a press conference without a list of reporters to answer to?

  5. Is this translator saying the same thing that Mr Putin is saying? It seems as if the guy is struggling .

    1. Putin was probably really calling her all the racist and misogynistic names he could think of!!! Poor thing!!! 😂😂😂😂 this is why translators are needed!!! 😂😂😂

    2. No, it is a common propaganda tactic used by all nations around the world. As a russian speaker he is a poor translator, and when russians broadcast Biden they use similar tactics

  6. Hell I would think you all would be sucking him off seeing Biden is after anyone who does not back him 100% including those in the military so maybe ask yourself that question.

  7. The look in Putins eyes, especially after the second question, suggests that reporter will not be dying from old age.

    1. No, they were laughing AT the Trump family.
      They’re laughing WITH the Bidens.

      There’s a difference, and it boils down to the fact that the Trump family were the kind of spoiled narcissists who think that because they ran their daddy’s business, they could do things like “solve peace in the Middle East” better than actual socio-economic experts with decades of foreign diplomacy experience.

  8. Moral of the story : Americans can’t never mess with Putin’s head like you’re doing with Americans

  9. Question: What’s the over/under on how many months before there is an attempt by one of Putin’s minions on that reporter’s life?

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