Reporter explains the Twitter files and what they mean

Twitter has announced it's disbanded its trust and safety council. It is the latest shakeup of Twitter since it was purchased by Elon Musk. Musk's supporters say the new policies and recent release of the "Twitter Files" documents are needed to provide better transparency about how the company operates, particularly after controversies involving the company's content policies during the 2020 election. Critics are saying Musk and his allies are misrepresenting the work of Twitter's former management when it comes to policing content on the social media network. CNN's Donie O'Sullivan reports.
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    1. @Paul WOLSTENCROFT There’s stories of the world ending due to global warming as far back as the 60’s. Guess what? We’re still here.

    2. @Tina Levan Sure Tina, you’re still here. However there are hundreds of millions who have died in floods, droughts, fires, heat exhaustion and severe storms who arent as lucky as you. do republicans ever think about anyone else but themselves

    3. @Paul WOLSTENCROFT No one is saying its okay. We are just saying the climate has always changed. Humans have survived ice ages and droughts over thousands of years. The sahara used to be a rainforest ffs. We will adapt. There is absolutely no way we can stop it from occuring.

    4. @Tina Levan Yes, we are still here because people took action based on the threats the research showed at that time. You know why we no longer talk about the hole in the ozone layer? It’s because governments and industry took measures to prevent further damage, and it worked! We are still here because smart people listened to other smart people.

    5. @J D Yes, the climate is always changing. It’s the heightened speed of that change that is causing concern.

    1. @Ironiclol by that logic you’re working for CNN and biden and the CIA 😆 reporting on what’s true is journalism.

    2. I can see right through your comment. Clearly, you only support transparency when it suits your own partisan political views. How’s that for an ironic twist?

    3. @Conrad Neill lol have you heard of the projection, that’s your prejudice, you cannot derive that from the statement .

    4. @Michael Dwyer
      Very different. Trump was president. The request to censor came from the trump white house.

      That’s illegal because the first amendment prohibits the government to silence and censor.

      Biden wasn’t in the government at that time, it was trump.

    1. Yes we can, the problem is that alot of people will use twitter and other platforms to get their news. If it is being controlled by a political party it can change elections.

    2. Mind Begs the Question:
      If whoever controls Media
      Controls narrative,perception,censorship
      Giving somebody Media Monopoly

    1. And Facebook, and Myspace, and AOL, and Roblox, and Tik Tok, and Parlor, and even Truth Social. Even 4chan has shadow bans. You’re complaining about normality.
      Excommunication has existed for centuries, and you didn’t get any chances to be allowed back in.

    2. @Guillermo El Nino Little Bill. Do you recall the horrid scandal of the IRS ‘targeting’ tea party and ‘freedom caucus’ conservative organizations? People remember it just as the story was told by Fox et el – but a few months later it was analyzed by the GAO and found that if anything left wing orgs were targeted more than right wing, but it was roughly equal.
      It’s going to be the same thing here except Musk controls the data and will never let it be independently analyzed!
      If it does turn out more right wing stuff was not amplified, do ya think it might be because the right is where you find racists, bigots, anti-Semites, Nazis, teabaggers, and other unsavory Puta supporters like tuck’ems carlzon? I do.

    1. @Ted Marley Cover the Twitter files and canceling the free speech of people that libtards don’t agree with. CNN ran from it for a week while everyone else covered it. Kind of like MSNBC, just yesterday, learning we have a border problem.

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    3. @Conrad Neill You’re kind of a simp, aren’t you, Conrad? Speaking of, that’s not your real name, right? I mean, nobody names their son “Conrad”. Or is it Connie now?

    4. @Shlep Messing You’re gonna have to do a bit better than that. That’s kindergarten material, at best. It does, however, provide an insight into your deluded view of the world. Your misuse of the word simp is the icing on the cake.

    1. Mind Begs the Question:
      Hitler used Media
      To falsely Demonize Jews
      To spread Nazi Propaganda
      More reliable – Corporate Media,Independent Media?

    2. Poor job……..THey skip, ran over, intentionally dropped a lot of information out of the segment……….like what James Baker did or the weekly FBI/CIA meetings or What Psaki said about tagging/flagging items for removal or, that there were around 15 former FBI, CIA, agents as employees or they conveniently skip out the FBI and CIA interactions with pre-Elon twitter then, try to justify what pre-Elon twitter did, it is all in the files that were dumped, including discussions that they had when banning. They also conveniently skip over why they fired a prominent former FBI counselor. I think twitter will be a much better place to have discourse now that Elon has taken over……..etc, etc, etc, the list is long and damning. However, unlike mob rule, there is due process and that will come when Jan arrives.

    1. I notice all the people throwing shade at CNN are the same ones liking everyone of Trump’s Truth Social post. Lol shut up hypocrites. Shut up

    2. @Jay Cee Considering all that democrats do know, would you be surprised nothing would change their mind? Not even ch ild p orn?

  1. Now we need to see the Pfizer files, the Catholic Church files, the Conagra files, the Exxon files, the Kroger files, Walmart files, Amazon files, Fox News files, RNC files, Tesla files, HCA files, and so on. I’m not sure why people are acting like Twitter is a government agency or something that should have a different set of standards than every other company out there.

    1. It’s pretty evident you’re a Democrat . And Democrats hate the Constitution and love killing black babies….. They don’t want you to have guns, and if you’re white Christian and successful then you must be a racist.
      The Twitter files are just another example however the last 6 years starting with Obama weaponizing the FBI to go against Republicans, the DNC Hillary Clinton campaign making up a Steele dossier or what you would call the Russian collusion delusion total false. Except for the fact it was funded by the DNC I could go on and on but I’m not wasting my breath Democrats politicians are evil pieces of donkey Doo.

    2. Not disagreeing with you per se, but for your info, the Twitter files reveal Twitter employees conferring with the FBI, and at least 1 member of Congress, etc. So the govt was involved in this. Hence the treatment like a govt agency.

    3. @patchinator7 so you don’t think these other organizations don’t interact with government agencies? Spend millions lobbying members of Congress? Have billions in government contracts? Also, the FBI conferring with social media companies shouldn’t come as a surprise or necessarily mean anything nefarious is occurring.

  2. Everyone needs to like and share this. CNN is at least covering the story and we have to give them props for that and show them that this is what people want, more honesty

    1. I think I’ll pass until I see three REAL stories. They need this pressure or they wouldn’t be changing their tune.

  3. Fact is, Twitter (Pre-Musk) was caught doing the same thing that Facebook and YouTube have been doing that past few years.

  4. I love it. The last talking head boils it down to: “Well, we had to take actions against conservatives, because, after all, they were wrong and we were right.”

  5. “The Twitter files have revealed a chilling censorship regime at the social media giant. Which no doubt is replicated across big Tech including at Facebook and Google.” ~Amanda Devine

    1. CNN could have a video of Barack Obama & Joe Biden raping the corpses of children they just murdered and CNN would insist it is a “nothing burger”. The world will be better off when they are no longer in it.

  6. A final plea.

    The solution to Twitter is an AI joke generator developed by comedians today to neutralize bad tweets with brilliant comebacks. Bad tweets can then stay up as punishments in themselves that they really are, while Twitter can seat itself upon legitimate moral high ground. Imagine how fun Twitter will be if the AI jokes become great. The problem however is turning out to be Elon himself who, based upon his Tweet history, would likely get destroyed by fantastic AI jokes almost every day. More reason to go with this particular idea.

  7. File 1: “why is there a ton of CP in here?”
    File 2: “why is the FBI in here?”
    File 3: “why is the government in here?”
    File 4: “why is political censorship in here?”
    File 5: “why is Trump being banned in here? He didn’t break any rules.”

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