1. I know when he was talking to Lt. Chris he kept looking at him and his fellow CNN reporter. I could tell he was wondering if the Lieutenant was telling the truth from the Public Safety. I didn’t like twice when he was saying the officers were not sure the shooter was at while in the hallway and after his boss admitted the failure and left people were asking in Spanish he looked at them and made a gesture like be quiet. I don’t care and I don’t want them to do anymore press conference I want to hear from the FBI or DOJ now what are their findings.

  2. As a teacher, this has almost destroyed me. Particularly as our *normal* teacher meeting was the day after the Uvalde incident, and we, as teachers, at the high school shared our concerns over how permeable our building is to bad actors. The next day the superintendent touted our district’s security precautions, and I know, *know* that this is a *LIE*, saying our campus is impermeable when it is *common* knowledge in our campus that a “bad guy” can get into the building by merely knocking on a door.

    I’ve survived my entire teaching career with the knowledge that we may someday be called to suffer this egregious attack on the rights we are granted under our constitution and the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, and knowing that the *system* had our “backs” and keep us as safe as possible.

    When the new Superintendent (coincidentally, he’s from Texas) tells our families that we’re safe, and everyone in the high school knows his words are nowhere near the truth, and the reality of Uvalde, it leaves me feeling a deep level of unease. I don’t think I’ll ever overcome this, and I’m only just a regular ordinary teacher, not one of those effected.

    1. @Danielle Lorraine To be honest, I’m not sure this is something I can recover from. One of my students was being a jerk on Friday (nothing out of the ordinary) but I responded way out of proportion to the behavior. When you know you’re beyond the ability to cope, but have to keep going because you have no choice, it’s a daunting situation. I’m the only one with a job in my family, and my health insurance keeps us going. But I don’t know if I can cope. I just don’t.

    2. @Sasheena I totally agree, get the guns out of the hands crazies. So, yes, gun control first and foremost. An alarm would really help though, I think.

  3. Thank you so much Shimon for being so passionate about needing to get answers and clarification. Nothing was making sense, and the timeline was so convoluted. The amount of incompetence and neglect by the Uvalde police officers and law enforcement, is just shameful.

    1. Maybe the regular small town police officers need to carry bullet proof shields in their car trunks, wear a bullet proof at all times, and also several AR- 15s..

  4. Children will hesitate to trust the police after this tragedy. Repeated calls for help ignored… 😑 Why would kids ever trust cops in a situation like this again?

    1. I wouldn’t either I don’t now n I never would now period. they act helpless!!!! n they act “Chicken”

  5. There are grandmas who would’ve done more than those police officers did. If they were really just standing in the hallway while children were being terrorized by a shooter for an hour that is just inexcusable.

    1. @Billy Batts Don’t you see that this is strictly an American issue? Why does this not happen in Canada? Or Europe? Real gun control works.

  6. You haven’t been given any updates because they are trying to get their stories straight. Why couldn’t they tell the truth from the start??????

  7. I was so shocked when I heard that police did nothing, that they couldn’t go against 1 eighteen year old, and left children defenseless in there. And wouldn’t even let their parents in to at least try to help those babies.

    1. I think the thing that has been the most shocking for me besides the fact that they did nothing was the length of time they did nothing for…
      First they said 40 min, which was bad enough in this type of emergency but by the next day it was up to 60 min, and that evening they were reporting 90 min from the first 911 call until the shooter was killed.
      And the department has the audacity to stand there and go on about how much worse it could’ve been…. But my question is: Would it have been this bad if the cops had shown the same sense of urgency getting to those kids as they did preventing the parents from getting to them?

  8. Thank you Shimon and your entire team for your outstanding reporting. You’ve been instrumental in bringing truth to this horrible tragedy. You’re appreciated!

  9. When self preservation in a situation like this becomes top priority…..As a Police Officer,your career is over,and you should retire,How could any1 (cop or not)stand there hearing kids dying and think”well everyone must be dead might as well start negotiations” All 20 cops should lose their badges immediately

    1. I’m not sure they will because they were following orders. I can’t believe no one said f orders I’m going in…. But I think they have to follow orders. The chief should be fired not sworn in . He probably didn’t wanna risk it by killing his cops but killed little kids instead…. I’m not sure how those officers can sleep at night. I’m sure they would have preferred to do something and maybe get hurt but have a clear conscience

  10. The police were thst incompetent when they were outside the classroom they shouted if you need help shout “help” 1 little girl shouted & the monster shot her why did he do that ??? the poor little boy who witnessed that will have nightmares for years to come & how come news stations are not reporting on this??? 🤬

    1. @༺Ashera༻ the media loves the police 🤣🤣🤣 this is the equivalent if saying Hitler didn’t hate the jaws

    2. I have no reason not to believe the kid’s story here. If true, then the cops had to have heard the shot and knew the gunman was still active right then and that kids were in there. Unless they didn’t hear the girls response of help if she was too faint. But they had to hear the shot.

    3. @Butterfly if you put in ….
      Velshi 5/28/22 FULL 8AM
      in your search bar hear him for yourself wether they heard her or not they cost thatvlittle girl her life 🤬

  11. Those poor babies, my heart breaks for them and their parents. The cops who didn’t do their jobs need to be fired , period.

    1. @Edward Delgado What do Canada and Heaven have in common?
      They both require universal background checks.

    2. I just can’t imagine that not one police officer went in and stop the shooter, that no one went against the commanders orders!! Not a single officer

    3. I can no longer respect the uniform of the Texas police which is the cowboy and boot uniform. I am speechless

  12. “All that is required for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”
    I just never thought it would be police that would be the do nothing people.

    1. I’ve known for years exactly who the police are. Frightening for those whose eyes are just getting opened.

    2. @c r I grew up in the 60-70s…the cops THEN COULDNT B TRUSTED!!!! gets WORSE W TIME!!!

  13. Every time this happens, (and it’s happened a lot I don’t know why we forget, perhaps misonfo prop is just that powerful), we get outraged, t the court says police have no duty to protect, media paints them as heroes, we forget, rinse repeat. “Defund” wasn’t the best slogan but it’s the correct sentiment. Something is very very broken when it comes to our police!

  14. This reporter did a great job in getting to the point and getting the answer everyone wanted to know from the chief! As a former journalism major, I admire his grit!

    1. I just appreciate the fact that our Commander-in-Chief showed up to this event and didn’t use the opportunity to spend 20 minutes talking about himself.

    2. It’s admirable and it was a very tense scene so he did a super job as a reporter. I appreciate it.

    3. meh. an obvious question would have been what the basis of the police’s belief that there was nobody left alive in that room but the shooter was. plus there are good questions to ask about who exactly among the police has been responsible for their lies, most obviously the one about the school ressource officer being present and confronting the shooter before he entered the school.

  15. Every police officer that was there, doing nothing, should be charged as tacit accomplices in each specific murder. Their excuses are irrelevant and unforgivable.

    1. I can’t believe that not one police officer went against their commanders order and just go in and try taking the shooter down!

    2. @N3738 MTZ they were “afraid for their lives”. That’s the reason they give for killing unarmed men AND women. Against an armed person…………fill in your own words.

    3. What sentence do you see fits the teacher who propped open a locked door allowing the psychopath into the school?

  16. Everyone knows that the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is for a good guy with a gun to cower outside listening to children being murdered.

  17. Evil wins when Good does *Nothing.*
    Sickening to know that children were calling 911 for the cops, when cops were Standing outside the very Door to that room, doing Nothing while kids were getting shot.

    1. @evos469 It’s weird that I ask you a specific law and then you just repeat yourself saying ‘they do not have to protect the general public’.
      But here’s my issue: The police like to be thought of in that VERY way. So if you’re going to present yourself in that way, then they should fucking do it. And if they DON’T want to protect the public, then simply stop presenting yourself that way.

    2. @evos469 By the way, when you look at the police not having to protect the general public, does that not make you question whether re-allocating funds for the police might actually be a good idea? That maybe it’s time to stop funding a group of people whose function is more about making profit for their cities?

  18. Children calling the police for help and they police still did nothing becuase they were scared. This is sad!!!

  19. I’ve always thought that when things happen in a heavy way, people’s true colors come out. And this definitely happened in Texas this week. Sadly 😞

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