1. We know you haven’t, and we know what you’re doing. You aren’t the best poker players in the world, you’re just the best bullshitters… but all it takes is one time to have that bluff called… and you’re messing with the big stack. We’ll call you just to see.

      Cause we have stuff… you don’t.

    1. USA the country with most presidents assassinated in history – – great record for a so called democratic country – – keep your freedom for what’s worth

    1. So do a lot of US politicians. Do all of you people seriously think there is a greater good and greater evil?! Bahahahaha!!!!

  1. That’s right little Vlad, you found out. Can’t solve all your problems throwing folks out of windows.
    Glory and Victory to the people of Ukraine!

    1. It’s more like a tossing them under a bus scenario…and hoping for the worst…if you catch my drift… pilgrim.

    1. @William Cunningham LOL! On April 22nd at 8:02pm, Putin will be eaten by the rabbit of Caerbannog! Now go away, or I will taunt you a second time!

    2. @George Orwell Just out of curiosity, what will you do when Russia is crushed and the ФСБ can’t pay you any more? I hope you have at least one bottle of водка stashed away.

    3. @Traiano Wellcome
      I don’t like Putin or anything that he’s doing in the Ukraine. Putin is trespassing. Putin is trying to steal their land for his own greed. I’m just an old woman who believes that Putin is greedy and conceited. I’m not going to go all the way around the world to derail his train… but I’m not on his side. I’m on Gods side and God wants Putin to leave there land alone. Who’s side are you on? (SATAN’S ?)

    1. @David Clark Russia could easily pulverize NATO too 😂😂🚀🚀, thats the reason why NATO is scared to help Ukraine 😂😂

  2. As the good General said, trains can’t make sudden course changes the way airplanes can. One carefully aimed missile would vaporize Pootin’s train. Hey, there’s a thought!

    1. @AGF fans dude, I apologize, there was a Russian troll that went by @gyf…and then something and I totally confused you which i see as @gff then something… cause I’m an idiot and near 50 and my eyes ain’t as great as they were.

      I apologize… like over and over.

    2. A few thousand nanobots, each carrying a tasteless and odorless poison, could kill most anyone, anywhere. The bots could even BE the poison!

      Or they could be the explosive that nests silently under Putins highchair. Or they could carry the chemical cocktail that kills with a single air conditioned breath aboard an enclosed vehicle.

      We are in the early days of the Golden Age of the Assassins. 👀

    3. @Albert Mag .. There is a huge difference between a banner and a national flag, and according to legend the Danish national flag is said to have fallen from the sky during the crusades as a sign from God at the Battle of Lyndanisse (Tallinn) in Estonia, 15. June, 1219. If you ever go visit Tallinn in Estonia (derived from “Taani linn” which is Estonian for “Danish Town”) , you can visit the Danish flag memorial in the Danish King’s Garden in the Tallinn Old Town, regarded to be the actual place where the flag fell from the sky.

      The banner (not to be confused with a national flag) you are talking about, is that of the Knights Hospitaller (the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem). At times, it did create some confusion way back in time, when people saw the Danish flag, if was either Danish war ships or the Knight’s.

  3. But a train is invulnerable? Trains cannot be traced? Tracks cannot be destroyed? Man. I really wish someone would put him out of our misery.

  4. I really love that they have his train on national TV now everybody knows what he’s driving. Can’t hide putin
    Not on a plane a train or automobile

  5. Putin had an ez way out of this without embarrassment by just accepting ukraine will remain neutral. But Putin wanted more land in the negotiations. Thank god the Ukrainians are brave, take pride and fight for freedom. Its a testimate of what the human spirit can do.

    1. Yes, the guy stepped on his extra-small size you-know-what when he invaded Ukraine. He’d love to get out of this but will only do so gracefully and not looking like he gave up anything. One solution is for the USA to make a treaty that promises we won’t build the four new military bases that are planned to be built in the Phillipines. The USA has 750 overseas military bases! China has 4 military bases in other countries and Russia has 8. What are we doing with 750 military bases in other countries???!!! This is why us USA taxpayers have such high taxes. And we can’t even defend our own country from an invasion of balloons! Our hi-tech military shot missiles that twice missed shooting down balloons last week. Grrrrr………

  6. It’s not just that he’s scared of being tracked, Russia has run out of spare parts for maintenance and the likelihood of a plane falling out of the sky is increased.

    1. That’s actually close to correct. He can’t ride in a vehicle… might get blown up or his driver turns face on him.

      The planes don’t even have reliable radar anymore.

      The God king emperor of Russia would never walk anywhere…

    2. The aircraft should be OK for spares, being Russian including engines. Though some smaller, less obvious components might be an issue.

  7. The train is equipped with some sort of offensive capabilities if attacked but mostly he can exit the train with a possibility of surviving if attacked. If his airplane happens to be in trouble the exit is much more dangerous, difficult. Train he can eject easier and have recovery units placed strategically.

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