Reporter To Billionaire Dem Bloomberg: Are You Trying To Buy The Presidency? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Reporter To Billionaire Dem Bloomberg: Are You Trying To Buy The Presidency? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


We talk to two New York Times veterans – Mara Gay and Azi Paybarah – about Mike Bloomberg, the latest billionaire to throw his hat in the Democratic ring to face off against Trump in 2020. Aired on 11/25/19.
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Reporter To Billionaire Dem Bloomberg: Are You Trying To Buy The Presidency? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Where does he stand on getting money out of politics ? On climate change ? On immigration ? On the minimum wage ? How does he show he has grass roots support ?

    1. @Jamila Monaco Yes, I know, but he seems to be better than most. I’d rather him than anyone who pretends to be ‘of the people’ and has millions in corporate donors.

    1. Why do you poor people hate billionaires so much? Most wealthy people are self-made. It’s a lack of financial education and over-spending that’s the real problem among Americans. If you want to stay poor then be my guest and vote for Sanders but to hate a man just because he did something what his life and you didn’t is foolish.

    2. I am not poor. I am a finance director of a MNC covering a regional area, hence covering many countries. I am upper middle class.

      A billionaire will only cover their interests, not the majority which is the poor & middle class. He is trying to buy the election. His charities have funded a number of organisations with the express purpose that they will support their boss Bloomberg. If he wins, his press organisation will likely be a state media. He said oddly positive things about China because of his huge interest. Does all this sound very familiar or you find Trump’s corruptive behaviour acceptable & even laudable?

      Money has corrupted the US Govt in frightening ways that alienate majority of the population, no need to put gasoline to the fire by electing a billionaire.

  2. For a billionaire you’d think he’d be smart when it comes to wasting money. Come on Bloomberg. You aren’t passing Kamala Harris let alone Bernie. Btw MSNBC Bernie “emerged” 4 years ago. He is still here. He is still the best candidate for the same reasons he has been since 2015.

    1. @Michael Ehmann If I had my choice it’s Bernie. I have my doubts about his performance in the general election. What’s funny is I believe Bernie has the better chance in the primary but I believe Bloomberg has the better shot in the general election.

      If Bloomberg didn’t have money and still had aspirations to be President then I’m sure he would have approached the primary more traditionally.

      You should stop assuming no one wants him because that’s the kind of statement that comes off as a projection of your own feelings.

    2. Ryan Sproviero Not assuming. Everyone here in nyc that I talk to hates Bloomberg. I think he would offer more status quo and get us another trump. Like I said I think Bernie is it in the bag. At least we kind of agree on that?

    3. @Michael Ehmann I’m in Jersey and I’m finding the opposite here. I have friends that I wouldn’t call Trump supporters but certainly conservative. 2 of them registered as Dem yesterday in order to vote in the primary because they support Bloomberg.

      As it stands I’d agree Bernie wins but I’m assuming Bloomberg has a strategy that we may not understand yet. It’s just hard for me to assume he’s set to spend as much as he is without a gameplan that works for him.

    4. Why do billionaires wanna be POTUS? They can easily buy a country and play king. Bloomberg is the 8th richest man on the planet. If he really wanna help he could buy FoxNews and transform it into a kids channel. But it looks like that he really tries to blow up the crowded dem field so he can prevent a progressive and keep Trump in office. We all know that Trump is really nice to people like Bloomberg.

  3. My prediction:
    Bloomberg to Trump addicts: “I’m a real billionaire, unlike Donald who squandered his dad’s fortune, then went to Russia for more.”
    Trump at his rally: “I was just joking when I said I was a billionaire. We all hate billionaires, don’t we?”
    MAGA crowd: “Lock up billionaires.”

  4. This is a remarkably charitable discussion of Bloomberg as if he’s a serious candidate. He has zero chance of winning. And he actually makes a Warren or Sanders presidency more likely. I like that he’s in the race as a progressive myself, but this media spin always hurts progressives. They love centrists, and the love the establishment.

    1. kingsboro1 The New Democratic primary rule changes make a brokered convention highly unlikely. That was one of the concessions that the Sanders campaign achieved in the rules session last year.

  5. I, for one, welcome our Billionaire overlords.

    Oh, wait, no I don’t.
    :: blows raspberries at Mike and all the other Billionaires running for President ::

  6. Billionaires who don’t pay a cent in taxes and then use their billions to force the middle and lower classes to pick up the slack on their taxes shouldn’t be president thank you

    1. Kevin Parsons only dumbasses pay a large portion of income/corporate tax. Educated people know how to “avoid and reduce” their tax burden. Don’t be mad at them for being fiscally responsible. Trump on the other hand. actually commits tax fraud.

  7. Bloomberg thinks the establishment is still in charge and he can buy his way to power… perfect example of why Bernie is the only one speaking truth to power, and a severe threat to the wealthy and their hold on government.

  8. Right, another billionaire who will ensure NOTHING fundamentally changes for corporate media and the top 1 percent. Thanks but no thanks! #Bernie2020

    1. I think its hilarious how all these Bernie supporters do not know he is a millionaire now thanks a book deal he got due to his 2016 campaign

    2. @Timbone Yes we know and it’s great. He wrote two sucfesful books in his late 70s and made 2 Million dollars after living his whole life as an everyday man. I support Bernie, he is wonderful

  9. He contradicts himself in the same sentence. He says he uses his resources for the things that matter to him and then he says he used it all to give back to America. He is so deluded he thinks his interest and America’s interests are the same thing. He is just a more wealthy Trump.

  10. Of course he is trying to buy the presidency! He tosses his wealth around dangles it in front of people who can’t pay for medical care!

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