Reps for Ex-Georgian President, a Putin foe, say he has been poisoned

Georgia’s former president, Mikheil Saakashvili, appeared briefly in a remote court hearing, raising concerns for his health. His attorney says testing finds evidence of heavy-metal poisoning. #CNN #News


  1. He looks like the other guys that Vlad Pootie had poisoned. Next thing he’ll have a little “accident” 😉

    1. @lulu in hollywood Always funny to see defending a Bunch of goons(US and NATO) who brutally attacked Small little Iraq and Libya and destroyed those countries forever.. Nobody from West stood ” I STAND WITH IRAQIS ” nor helped Saddam or Gaddafi but defending Crimes of Zelensky and his Nazi Hitler Regime…..

    2. ​@Сергей Александр There is nothing great with Russia, never was. They just showed the world that their technology is not better then that of a third world country. Most of the people relied on foreign markets selling goods in Russia because their goods like the Lada is inferior to anything outside of Russia.

    1. @хорошая жизнь Except you forgot about Canada. I don’t know why it’s so hard for you guys to get along with Americans. It’s like there is so much jealousy and envy that it blinds you.

    2. @хорошая жизнь “Flirting with the United States has not ended well for anyone yet.”
      Pi$$ing the United States off never ends well for anyone. Putin pi$$ed us off. You are done Orc. We may show your great grandchild a little kindness… If he isn’t as stupid as his great grandad. He will be though, because Russia is third world.

    1. @Сергей Александр it was not so good as Russians point it… May it have been forrussians but for the rest Soviet Union was a very big tragedy full of suffering and missery… 😑

  2. I would like to hear about a hero that is not scared to die and take out puttin . If there close to him, they will end up dead like the rest.

    1. Russians will soon despise Putin for still “not pressing the red button” to remove this satanic entity overseas.

  3. People, who are suffering from poisoning often react aggressively, so this should not be seen as some reflection of his character, which is clearly how, whomever filmed him wanted to portray him.
    Being from Georgia and being in politics, I cannot imagine the man being a pussycat, but still . . . they should let him go and allow him to get medical treatment, perhaps in Germany. I believe the Germans did a good job of saving Mr. Navalny’s life. Perhaps he could be sent for medical treatment there?

    1. ​@Сергей Александр You mean the ones that needed help from the west to get rid of Hitler cuz they couldn’t do it alone? The ones that made a deal with Hitler so he didn’t attack them? Oh yeah, so much glory there. Hush up Bot. You’re gonna be out of a job soon.

    2. Mental changes, aggitation and paranoia etc are common in brain injury which can be due to certain poisonings. He’s not a perfect person, sure, but if he spoke out against Putin’s genocidal war on Ukrainians and this is of Putin’s doing, then I thank him for his human decency and courage to stand up against it.
      God bless and protect Ukrainians and ALL WHO DEFEND UKRAINE

  4. Who else could be behind any evil, if not Putin. How cruel and ungrateful the Georgians are, obeying Putin’s criminal orders and killing their former president who gave all of himself to rescue Georgia from inhumane putin’s regime and show them a civilized democratic and successful life. Help Michael Saakashvili!

  5. This is why the Russian war against Ukraine must be a long one with the goal of Russian defeat and retreat. There wasn’t a proper response to Russian aggression in 2008, 2014. Now Russia must be stopped and contained for the long term.

    1. @PaperCup Active hostilities began on the night of August 8, when Georgia subjected the capital of South Ossetia to massive shelling, after which it attempted to establish control over South Ossetia.Having arranged a clash with the peacekeeping forces of Russia. On the afternoon of August 8, the President of Russia announced the beginning of a “peace enforcement operation” in the conflict zone. Significant Russian forces were brought into the region. Within a few days, Russian troops, together with South Ossetian armed formations, ousted Georgian troops from South Ossetia, as well as, in cooperation with Abkhaz forces, from the Kodori Gorge in Abkhazia, temporarily occupying a number of areas adjacent to the conflict zones of Georgia.

    2. @хорошая жизнь There was a ICC decision and a 8 year investigation recently that just revokes all the nonsense Russian propaganda you’re talking about. Sheep.

    3. @хорошая жизнь ROFL Of course. Everyone else attacks Russia. Russia never attacks others. Russia is the victim here. The world should feels sorry for poor Russia. And I mean real poor.

    4. @хорошая жизнь Dude, its the same old story. Some group of people all of a sudden want to separate from their country and become independent, there is a referendum and Russians just happen to be there supporting the separatists. Then a war breaks out because “Russia is protecting the Russians there”. Same fucking story for every country Russia invades. Time for Russia to get a new playbook.

    1. But he has been discarded. By his own people. We can make him a hero because he does not like Putin. 😂 His people barely care. Look at their media.

    2. It is amazing how cynical the lies of the Western media aimed at discrediting Putin are. They operate on the principle that all means are good, no one will figure out the details anyway…

  6. I really appreciate that you cover things like this, and in-depth segments about Putin’s war, etc. It’s not just Trump, Trump and more Trump. Thank you. 👍

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