Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Bush, Pressley Slam House Failure To Extend Eviction Moratorium 1

Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Bush, Pressley Slam House Failure To Extend Eviction Moratorium


Eviction moratorium extension efforts failing in the House are slammed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Cori Bush, and Rep. Ayanna Pressley on The ReidOut. Ocasio-Cortez tells us, ‘When we have a Democratic majority that is capable of passing legislation, we cannot hide behind the Republican Party in the lack of ability to extend the eviction moratorium.’
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  1. The cost of rent is what keeps renters from becoming homeowners. It’s virtually impossible to save for a down payment on a house when you must spend 60% of your take home pay on rent.

    1. @jose ortega Inflation always plays a role, but arguing to control a-once-in-a-lifetime pandemic has hit US really hard! It has left our economy screwed!

    2. @Jennifer Lehnherr
      What government did in response to the pandemic is what screwed the economy.

      And this was deliberate. Democrats used the pandemic as an excuse to obliterate the US economy ahead of the 2020 election. Now they’re trying to use it as an excuse to force the “Great reset.”

      You will own nothing, and they will be happy.

    3. @Nameless Progressive Clone 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Jokes on you. My parents have been dead for a long time and my education is unfathomable. I have more solutions floating in my head than the world has problems. You most assuredly live up to your username.

    4. @TheZarric

      Yes, it’s unfathomable that you were educated and if I were your parent, I would die too.

    1. @Charley Folkes Me triggered?? Aren’t you the one who replied back…🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣

    2. The house of Congress controlled by Democrats failed to extend the moratorium not the senate what does manchin or sinema have to do with the moratorium not passing the house?

  2. The fact that states held on to money specifically assigned to them to help those who need help with rent should have a lot of governors in prison.

    1. @nneo100
      Yes, instead of to landlords. Nobody intelligent ever believed the government could run an efficient program that makes any sense.

    2. @nneo100 Here in New Jersey, it went to the State and then the Counties. Statewide, only 25% of the funds have been distributed. The estimate of back rent owed statewide is $1.1 billion and I believe our state got just under $400 million back in March.

  3. Such BS. If they wanted to extend it, they could have done it a while back instead of leaving it for last minute. People knew when the moratorium was going to end and yet they waited last minute. Also the states should’ve had more than enough time to distribute those funds, they’re just holding it onto it hoping no one will notice if a couple dollars disappear.

    1. @Eric R 1 bedroom 1200 a month you can not pay rent on that with 15 dollar/hr wage. If minimum wage kept up with inflation it would be 24 to 32 dollars per hour. Maybe higher now.

    2. @Venanzio Calise Get a roommate if you can’t afford rent. We’ve all been there before you ain’t special.

    1. Now trying to save face for not being proactive. They are all on vacation now, remember who you voted for.

    1. Landlords would be compensated with the passing of the infrastructure bill. But Republicans REFUSE to pass it and help these people

    2. @brian oleson My one example is what is happening to many small-time landlords. The rest of your comment makes no sense.

    3. @MegaTamarra Are you sure that is the case? I’m in New Jersey and there are over 75,000 eviction cases on file since the start of the “pandemic”. If landlords are due money, they are not getting it and going forward with evicting people.

    4. @Adam Baum Where in the infrastructure bill does it say landlords would be compensated? I’ve read a good portion of it and I’m not seeing it.

    1. Nameless Progressive Clone just bush.trump was helping Syria, the mad man that rules that country.

    2. @Nameless Progressive Clone finished? do you think that getting troops out of Afgha is free? How about the folks that are being brought to the US? Is that free? No, the expense continues.

  4. A quick note to the people who can afford rent but aren’t paying and plan to bounce when the moratorium is up. You’re making things more difficult for people who actually need it.

    1. Not to mention that nobody in their right mind will ever rent to someone that thought it was a good idea to not pay rent for over a year……..I’m sure the government will swoop in though with “free housing” for whatever person decided to go the “deadbeat route”…….

    1. Letting people squat for over a year was a moral failure.

      Shutting down businesses was a moral failure.

      Giving people bonus unemployment was a moral failure.

      The only reason any of this was done was to obliterate the economy ahead of the 2020 election.

      Absolutely no foresight was put into any of this.

  5. I feel bad for these tenants and also for the landlords who are paying the price for this moratorium. WH should get these Congressmen and women back to work something out for all parties.

    1. Look the landlords are not paying any price whatsoever! America operates under a system of debt. Where property owners get to either sell or borrow against that debt. They are not losing anything. And America itself isn;t losing anything because America controls its own currency. Meaning the FED controls the amount of cash in the system. The only people that lose are the tenants!

    2. Do not feel sorry for some of th these landlords like Hannity Kushner and Trumps. Hedge fund realty guys are the problem.

    3. @Will Wright
      You failed to become educated. Miserably. You owe the taxpayers however much they wasted on the attempt to educate you.

    4. @Will Wright No, landlords are still paying property taxes and utilities on THEIR property while the tenant is living off the government with money they got from people like a landlord.

  6. the funds are there to stop this from even being needed. so it’s time as representative bush said, to realize how many democrats aren’t willing to make DEMANDS except on paper if it’s regarding the poor, actually past time!!

  7. Look at the bright side, all those people locked down the last year will finally get out of the house.

    1. the supreme court made their ruling weeks ago saying congress can extend it, NOT the president…. she was saying the president should just do it and not act “reckless” …. here we are months later anddddddd nothing. she’s more interested in tweeting bs than actually legislating and this is coming from a staunch Democratic voter.

    2. They want people to depend on government. They more they take people down a few notches, the more power they have. They are the elite. You are becoming serfs.

  8. “I should be allowed to live in your property for free and you can’t kick me out”😂 What is this mentality?

  9. When will they ever get the Landlords side of the story? Non of our bills stopped or been put on hold during this unlawful moratorium. We have a nation full of people who expect to live for free. Nothing is free in America, either you pay on the front end or you’ll pay on the back end. Now, starting August 1st, it’s time to pay.

  10. “And then we’ll show up on thanksgiving, to shelters with a turkey for a photo op but you put them there let’s remember that” exactly.

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