Whistleblowers: We Were Told To Downplay Covid Outbreak Among Kids At Migrant Shelter

Whistleblowers have come forward to allege that HHS told them to downplay hundreds of Covid infections among children held at a migrant shelter in Fort Bliss, Texas. 
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    1. @A k do some more research on your invalid beliefs before reaching such a conclusion.
      Joke is on you

    2. @A k I don’t think you can prove what you just said. However, the dims that left Texas and went on a joyride to Washington (no masks on the plane, remember?) and spread it within the administration aren’t guilty of what you accuse Trump of. What about them. Why aren’t you trying to ensure that your party sets a better example? You are just as guilty as the Texas dims because you don’t hold them to your high standard.

    3. @Terry Sprague “look over here”

      Republicans everytime they get caught.

      Oh what about bidens laptop? What about immigration. Blah blah blah. Same old dont look at what we’re doing focus on something else.

      Did trump attend rallies while contagious with covid-19? Yes or no?

      Did trump say the virus was a hoax yes or no? (Spoiler it’s on video)

      Did trump literally say outloud ” of course I down played the virus”

      You’re done bro. Delete your account. You’re an embarrassment to your entire cult.

    4. @Lane Funai ah so you’re in denial. Or did your friends get arrested? You’re a traitor to America.

    1. Because the amount of people under the age of 18 that have died from covid 19 during the whole pandemic is under 300 it’s not a problem

    2. @Ru Rome nothing Trump did is stopping the Biden administration from doing what they please. He erased all of trumps immigration policies ,which is why we have the problem that we do at southern border. 1 million came through since obiden took office. And that’s just what was caught. Biden will go down as the worst president ever. He’s allowing sick illegals to be spread out in America.

    3. @Ru Rome … You guys have to stop with the Trump insanity.

      Trump’s BUDGET worked just fine in combination with Trump’s POLICIES. Doesn’t matter if you agree with them, or if they hurt your feelings.

      Biden changed the POLICIES immediately, but didn’t do anything to account for how those policy changes would impact BUDGET or INFRASTRUCTURE. He also didn’t seem to care how putting thousands of children into internment camps would pan out in a “humanitarian” sense. This coverage isn’t even the tip of what Biden is responsible for, as it has been sanitized for MSNBC viewer consumption.

      These kids are suffering physical abuse and sexual assault on a regular basis, and the “El Paso” location is a joke. It is happening at every intake facility all along the border, to a degree that makes this footage look like a day spa. All Chris Hayes is ALLOWED to talk about is COVID and masks.

      Your argument, which is complete nonsense by the way, is that it is somehow the obligation of the United States to not leave Mexican citizens “sitting on the ground” or to offer them “shelter” for any length of time…

      It is not.

  1. Hey, where’s the hard hitting story on “unaccompanied minors” super-spreader “gathering”?🤔

  2. And you blame China for hiding information… Already said, when you point your finger at someone, you’ve got 3 other fingers POINTED back at YOU!!

    1. @Googlebanmetoomuch 2 China docotr came out with a book 5 years ago talking about how they could weaponize covid 19 in a ww3 scenario. Y’all held the military cames in wuhan knowing the virus out and alive and still invited all nation to come. Y’all bought all of Ppe supplies and sold back the busted ones to the world. When we question how it all started. Y’all threaten nations with nukes. And ahhh the funding of dr fauci lol

    2. @Googlebanmetoomuch 2 and bro no hate towards these Chinese people but the government not the people. They are just like us in the USA along for the ride.

    3. You are REPORTING this NOW? The whole world knew this MONTHS AGO!!! What else are you covering up for this administration?

    4. @Steven Sohlstrom MSNBC is not the only new sort in America Fox News has been reporting on this for months now we already knew about it

    1. @J Ryan I commend you for admitting that, most won’t. He’s definitely racist for saying that and other things.

    2. @randomdoodification Biden doesn’t have a racist bone in his body? So when he’s on record voting against bussing black kids to schools with white kids and is on record saying ” I don’t want my kids going to a racial jungle” you don’t think that’s racist? Or when he was running with Obama and said” he’s the first Clean, bright and articulate African American” All you need to do is look it up and it’s there. How about him ending school choice that allows minority children to go to better schools, regardless of their zip codes to get a better education. I think you need to wake up. Pathetic you people just ignore the crap that these people have said and the policies they put in place that intentionally hurt African Americans and other minority groups.

    1. I wouldn’t count on it…just a ploy to get more viewership before for they unleash the ultimate lie.

    2. It is the narrative: OMG covid is so bad even among kids which of course up until now kids didn’t get covid p.s. get your booster shots.

    1. The BBC covered this awhile ago, US media is playing catch-up. How strange that we have to rely on foreign news to get information.

    2. @Deborah Buechel That
      That is true for all countries. Nobody wants to look bad. Anything negative they try to hide. But yes, we found out about the “housing crisis in America” back in 2007 when we were in England. It was another year before Americans knew about it from the news.

    1. Why is this Biden‘s fault .where were you complaining when Trump was in office. You only care now because Biden is the president. Why don’t you go down there and help. Of course this is horrible but we didn’t start the fire it was always burning.

    2. This is to give cover to Biden when he empties the migrant centers and move kids into red states. There’s a method to their madness.

  3. Why isn’t AOC down there screaming
    and crying over migrant kids in cages?
    Oh, I know… her new “cause celebre” is
    eviction moratoriums!🤣

    1. @VMini91 he locked the border down and discouraged them from coming! The moron Biden extradinaire invites them all in! Including during the campaign of 2020

    2. @VMini91 They’re blamed on the virus that was unleashed on this country because it was deemed racist and xenophobic to ban the travel. The virus was here after he could not stop the travel. The deaths in a nursing home in Oregon had nothing to do with Trump’s actions.

    3. @jeffa1961 the policy of putting people where they always go has not changed how they are transported with masks has changed. They always put them in the same place is what im saying.

    4. @VMini91 .. Trump didn’t encourage people to come here illegally for votes. Trump had a great policy to remain in Mexico until all asylum claims are investigated. Biden removed that policy and during the election was talking about everyone has a right to come to this country, him and his party were talking about tearing freezing all construction of the border wall. He was inviting and this is the chaos you get. And then to make matters worse you go and put Kamala Harris in charge of the border what does she know about the border and to fix it? Biden and the democrats caused this situation and now they have no idea what to do.

  4. Oh Sh!T,,, Now it’s the contractor’s fault… I see where this is going. They going to be Epstein!

  5. When MSNBC tells Americans the truth today, Americans should always ask themselves, how will MSNBC twist this to fit their narrative tomorrow?

  6. Wow, MSNBC is actually reporting on this? How long did it take before you couldn’t ignore it anymore?

    1. Yes they d always covered the truth as opposed to pseudomedia fox that covers only what is helpful to their party. The difference between dems and repubs is we care, regardless of who is responsible, we don’t have cover up dna running through our veins and not born with blindfolds

    2. @Geraldine C They do it all for profit and don’t have a concept of the truth. Anything the liberal lapdogs will eat up to make the socialist elites rich.

  7. This is old news for us that already knew what was going on. It’s a shame that your coverage of this is a little too late. Damage has already been done. You’re too late to the show and we all know it.

    1. Yeah, and now I question the actual reason they’re even breaking this story now. It’s either to save face or it will be used to push an agenda later like “all these kids at this shelter have brought in new variants etc, back to lockdowns and masks”

    1. @Angela Siegfried You’re nuts and if you think GOP is doing mental gymnastics look over at the repeating gold medalist Democrats who have gone off the rails on everything. I’m actually cheering for the Dems to go even further into looney land so it’s even more recognizable to the slow and dense out there. As I know right now, some basket cases are simply unavoidable.

    2. Television is run by the government the same government trying to get you vaccinated what you are witnessing is a mockery they got caught and now they could careless

    1. Can’t do that, cameras would be involved and that would show the total failure of the Biden crew. NO WAY!

    2. They will use this to start calling for emptying the migrant centers into the heartland. Everything they report is done for a purpose.

    3. They know exactly what’s going there , they’ve always known , but THEY need these people and THEY need their tragic crisis so they can try and be the hero and get the votes. The create the problem and the resolution !!!

  8. “Unaccompanied” children will one day demand their parents, or it’s called child trafficking and/or kidnapping.
    There is a set-up here of epic proportions!

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