Republican Bills Attack Protest Rights; Wink At Running Over Protesters | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Republican Bills Attack Protest Rights; Wink At Running Over Protesters | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at new bills from state Republicans across the U.S. that aim to discourage protest by broadening the definition of riot, increasing punishments for protesters, and offering new protections to motorists who hit protesters. Florida State Senator Shevrin Jones joins to discuss Florida's leading role in the Republican attack on First Amendment assembly rights. Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Republican Bills Attack Protest Rights; Wink At Running Over Protesters | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. And they say the “Left” are taking away your civil rights and liberties lmao

    This new “law” could literally set the percedent to turn your country into a vigilante-type society. It could pave the way for a lawless society.

    1. @Cheryl Jones actually he was a Democrat from August,2001 to September 2009. Then he changed back to Republican in September 2009. He’s a wishy washy, floppy floppy as he changed to Independent in 2011 and again in 2012 he returned to the Republican party. See his interview in 2004 with Wolf Blitzer, then he identified more as a Democrat. But he’s actually neither. He’s a white supremacist nationalist and authoritative fascist who had no business being in Our goverment. He tried to destroy democracy. He’s a liar and A thief and soon he will be in cuffs and in federal prison . I’m stocking popcorn to see him cuffed and put there

    2. It’s baffling to me, that anyone, with any reasonable amount of education would propose, promote or defend this attack on free speech. I was a better student than I thought I was, after all…and I hated history classes!

  2. It’s a pretty obvious play actually, Florida revokes your voting rights if you are convicted of a Felony so if they inflated opposition to their agenda to the status of a Felony offense so that anyone who voices opposition gets their voting rights revoked.

    1. @BMO JO I had a feeling you’d say something like that. Some people think they know what life is all about, but they don’t.

    2. @BMO JO I’m just making the point that not even convicted felons think all convicted felons should be able to vote

  3. Wouldn’t that be a violation of our 1st amendment? and Cancel Culture? Talk about casting stone while living in a glass house…

    1. @Mimzy Jinx There were also many documented arrests of RWrs all over the country for things originally blamed on BLM , including murder, so stop making excuses for your fascist friends. And try to keep up; the topic here is FL RETHUGLICABS TRYING TO CREATE UNLAWFUL LAWS, and IT WILL NOT STAND.

    2. @tom mas What is it with you trying to legitimize and defend murder with a deadly weapon which a car becomes when it’s running people over? News flash: there is no defense.

    3. foxy, foxy, foxy. silly foxy. it’s only cancel culture if they see them selves as the victoms. othere wise they are protecting the cuntry.

  4. don’t let this distract you from the fact that Trump sowed the seeds of this legislation every time he encouraged it

    1. you are incorrect …Democrats like Maxine Waters are always encouraging violence and so did KH when she said they shouldn’t stop ..she help bail out people who already had a violent record …then they went out to do more crimes ..Terrorists who cause billions of dollars in damage are not protesters ..they belong in prison

    2. @Doug Green yes, but the people she bailed out where not people that where arected for arcen, or property damig, they where people that where arested for braking cerfue to pecefully protest. i do think it is inportend to seperat rioters, from protesters. i stand buy that for BLM and MAGA. also sorry for the bad spelling.

  5. In sane countries a governor signing this “law” would find himself in prison that same day for violation of the Constitution, and it would be a very long time before he got out.

    1. @Gerald Grenier ‘ the American war of independence was over by 1776, so the 1807 Slave Trade act wasn’t a factor’ The founding fathers – who between them owned thousands of slaves – might have noticed that the Somerset Case (1772) ended legal slavery in Britain decisively. There is a book on the topic by Alfred Blumrosen: ‘Slave Nation: How Slavery United the Colonies and sparked the American Revolution’. But you probably won’t find it in any school libraries.

    2. It is unfortunate that Florida doesn’t have a recall option. With the incompetence, racism and criminality these Republican Governors exhibit, it is understandable. What a complete and utter disgrace. I knew some Republican politicians who were interested in doing a good job for all the people..some were very engaged with changing the inequality they learned about by listening to the community. Some of these people are still alive. I imagine that many of them are very ashamed of the current Florida Republican elected officials. And so am I….what an embarrassement, and complete disgrace.

    3. @Gerald Grenier mostly doesn’t work for freedom….England by and large did not keep it’s promise to those freed Blacks, as they were never integrated into society and many turned to begging…..

    4. @Elaine Burnett I merely stated England kept its promise more consistently than the Americans, not that they work perfect in it.

    1. @Jason Moy It looks like I-C Group was just sharing some truth. It sounds like you are triggered though.

  6. These new anti protest laws with motorist immunity is nothing short of state-sanctioned murder.

    1. @Mimzy Jinx felony to protest near a road is against the constitution, so what is wrong with you?

    2. @kefkahkefkah That’s not a response. Explain why protestors do NOT have to be peaceful and have the right to shut down roads and mob people in vehicles? Regardless of your current age, you prefer lies and disinformation. You are a perpetual child. Brainwashed and well trained NOT to think.

    3. @kefkahkefkah She was in Fredericksberg, Virginia. You can google it and hear the audio yourself. Now that you know the truth do you still support mobbing vehicles?

    4. @Elaine Burnettyou only call it stupid because it doesn’t fit your agenda. The bigger problem is that you sheep blindly follow your masters and refuse to think for yourselves or even put the slightest effort into actually reading a law. Just believe what you here on the news and run with it. Kind of sad that people who are so easily misled are becoming the majority.

  7. Given that the driver is now protected, and given that FL is a “stand your ground” state, anyone in the driver’s seat of a car near a protest can legitimately be shot dead on sight as an existential threat to the shooter.

    1. @Jose Ville Wrong! It has been applied to other places as well by Russian Republican judges. You have them to thank for that.

    2. @Eddapults Tab NOT at all….EVERYONE has a right to protect, themselves, family, and property…There use to be an old saying….If you shoot someone, you better drag them inside….with the STAND YOUR GROUND LAW, you don’t have to worry if they fall out the window…

    3. @Jose Ville No- stand your ground applies everywhere. Even outside your home. I believe home defence is protected under something called Castle Doctrine.

    4. @Thienbao Ngo yes, but things like feeling threatened by a hoodie shouldn’t be accepted as reasonable. same for loud rap music no matter how obnoxious it is and I don’t like most rap music. You can Protecting yourself from a credible threat not just because their black.

  8. As a citizen of the rest of the world, living in another country, the USA right now is like watching a slow motion car crash into the fascism school bus.

    1. @Scott Parr there was a time when I enlisted at 17. The russians and the Chinese had more people incarcerated then any country now the US has more people incarcerated then russia and China combined. Most political or rascist reasons. The time should fit the crime not the colors of your skin

  9. now remember officers, if you dont want to end up like derek chauvin just make sure there are enough people there to plow into them legally

  10. Mass shooters just got a chance to change their MO and get a get out of jail free. Leave your rifle at home, jump in your car and find your nearest “riot”. Unbelievable

    1. @Billy Pardew last I knew you were to leave holding people accountable for breaking the law to the police. That’s why we have 911

    2. I don’t curse so I am limited in my ability to describe how vile deSantis is..I’ll just simply state, he is a fool.

  11. After all we have been through for the past 5 years I can barely listen to this but I have to just so I know what’s going on.

    1. Agreed but we cannot look away. That’s what got us into this mess. That’s how these evil men got into power….cause no one was looking. Well, we are looking now!

    2. I think all Americans who love their country will feel duty bound to vote 99.97% of Republican candidates or elected officials out of office!

  12. I have finally gone all the way through the looking glass and find myself in a dark alien world. Republicans’ don’t walk, they slither.

    1. Just wondering. If Biden does something that makes Republicans take to the streets in protest, like the Tea Party and MAGA protests, does this mean that BLM can get in their cars and bowl them down?

    2. @Metalosopher the Rallies those orgs had did not include pulling people out of their vehicles and beating them near to death or death as blm does. I saw a tea party rally once the people did spill over onto a lightly traveled road, and they immediately complied and got out of the road , and it was just a few people. Nor did those rallies included burning anything down, stealing tv’s to sneakers .

    1. Nah the mother ship landed then took off in gibbering terror completely traumatized.
      They swore to never speak of this planet again.

  13. I can’t wait for the next Klan rally. I’m gonna make an awesome 80s mix tape, polish my car up real nice, and do some serious GTA larping.

    1. @Moises Ortega don’t forget you’re supposed to hang out on the Kona cute craps and drink Old English

    2. Well don’t be late for your job at the QuikTrip asking people for $5 cuz you’re broke down around the kona

    3. @Rose Jackson tell that to Chicago’s mayor aren’t you guys still seeking Justice for juicy LOL

    4. @3dfreak2000 Heck yeah. I’m on a mission from God too. Might be helping some orphans and nuns. I don’t know yet, but I’m 100% positive that there’s an infinitely-repeatable side quest that involves emasculating as many hardline bigots as possible. God has been plenty clear about that bit.

  14. “Your Honor, I’m sorry I drove into those people who were partying in the street. I thought they were protestors.”

    1. When you add this law to the Stand Your Ground Law, Florida has recreated the South 1850 style….or Russia 21st Century! It ain’t a bit close to American democracy.

  15. Modern republicans are the only organization in human history who are dedicated, with passion, to insuring that human survival will be impossible, because of their nihilistic attitudes…(Noam Chomsky)

  16. “Sorry I ran over that white family, but their three kids were horseplaying in the street and blocking traffic. I was ostensibly afraid for my life and my property and you can’t prove that I wasn’t, so I guess I’ll be seeing you next week, judge.”

    1. @Scott Clarke when it comes to racism, every lie, beating, hanging and murder is funny! Careful you might laugh yourself to death….suicide is illegal in parts of this country….

    2. @Elaine Burnett onec agin i apoiges for my comit. i did not realise that his comit was coming from a place of racesom, but amed to point out how the racest seem to value the lives of animols more then some human lives. i didn’t relise he was being seryies. also sorry for the bad spelling.

  17. If feels like a curse was put on our country. I think it started around the fall of 2016. Like we’re fighting a disease.
    God help us please dear Father in heaven.

    1. We are trumpizide, but actually just republicans, getting the USA people to blame trump, when it is them…

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